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this theme have a bug, the condition and type when you want add a property the selectbox shows behind the other selectbox, (i translated it in spanish and it does even in demo, tryed in ff and chrome)

please look at the picture:



I just tried this functionality in Chrome and Firefox without the mentioned problem. Which browser are you using? Thanks

Chosen filter search box is not showing up. However when start typing, filter works. I try to install chosen module itself too but it did not work. What to do?

https://www.dropbox.com/s/04jo3092p1kmw2k/bugChosen.png How can I get more support? where to go?

Also Opened list is having z-index(?) problem. The list falls behind the following filters. please see the screenshot. I check it official demo, same as there.


(Chrome Latest version, Firefox lates, IE 11)

Still waiting.. I also post on the support form.

Hello, we had christmas holiday :) Anyway your questions has been answered on forum.


Hi, i want to use Getlocation module for Aviators map. Please help. Thx.

There is no integration with this module so far, and i have no personal experience with it. We might implement it in future but there is no plan for it so far.


I buy this theme after another theme (Realia) because i think to solve the problem of the role that can post the property (in Realia only admin can post – not other role are ready and there is not backend)

But here in Properta there is very big logic problem. The role user that can post/list property is not a agent or agency! This is out of logic. A user that upload a property must have a custom profile (a role) as agent or better agency… please i wait a reply to understand how to solve because now after 2 themes i have urgence to solve.

Also there is another problem: the photo of all property are not cut (as in Realia). So every images have own height and this is very very bad.

I think this theme must be updated because the backend is great but non-usable. Also the Retina support must be added.

(NB: drupal bootstrap 7.x-2.2 and last mediabox, are not supported why?)

The basic concept is I am not trying to push in the specific functionality, as the solution has to fit as many users as possible. Best practice in my opinion is to create content types, create most used blocks and basic configurations/views. But do not define ‘relations’ between this concept types in any specific ways, so user can do this, without having any problems with removing my ‘relations’. I do agree that for your particular solution, some relations might be missing. But for other clients, it might be confusing when they do not need it.

You see if i do it as “hardcore” real estate AGENCY model, there will be plenty of user who will say – i wanted to build only simple “want ad” portal for real-estate for simple people, not for agencies, how can i remove your agencies from the system…

Right now the answer would be, simply remove the content type and field reverencing to it. But if i start integrating this functional and force relations between agents -> agency -> property, it wont be as simple as this.

Yes, it’s correct. Many thanks. In my case i remove agent content type + his views . I work only with agency.

Sorry again, i see that clean url do not work for agent role (http://drupal.properta.byaviators.com/node/111). Please how solve this?

So i installed pathauto and went to


in field “Pattern for all Property paths” i inserted pattern


then i have logged as a agent and created new property – alias was generated just fine. Note.: Editing and saving already existing content wont create the alias. Only when creating NEW property the alias is generated.


I confirm – it works. I have just do the same settings but i need to flush cache. Yes, works only for new node. Many thanks for the support.

(NB: can i contact you in the next days with mail for 2 freelance customization?)

Yes, you can write to our email info@byaviators.com. Dont forget to use name of theme as subject, otherwise it might not get to the right developer.


Do you have plans to add proximity filter based on current user location?

Since the map comes from googlemap field module, I could not find any solution working with this module.

Why do you prefer using this module over location or any orher proximity filtering capable module?


P.S Stil waitig response to my bug reports.

One more thing: How about panopoly support? Is it too much? : )

Panapoly will be pretty complicated for most of the users, and the implementation with have horrific time costs for us. Currently there is no intention to work with panopoly at all.


what about the theme core code? is it security theme? because all modules and themes can be downloaded from drupal.org official site after test by security team , wordpress and joomla has many hack attack because of modules,themes created by to much amatour peoples and downloaded from owner own website , drupal is good security clean core theme but what about your theme,code,customer submit own real estate module? can we trust your theme for hacking ?

Database dump with same data/configuration as demo installation is included.

i have bought your theme today and tested , but in local and web server version i dont see google map why ? i used your demo site with demo database , site work fine but google map on main page i dont see. what can be reason for it ?


I am really sorry but I can not open new topics in support forum : https://www.dropbox.com/s/8jqxjmvc7n59j45/bug2.jpg


When I deselect all the amenities from a property, It shows a blank list. Is it possible to show all amenities with default (x) icons (indicating that not available instead of showing no amenities)? https://www.dropbox.com/s/v4cf2sn4dyist7e/newbug.jpg

Well the simplest option i can think of is creating “helper term”, something like “no amenities” then you will check it, when no other terms are checked and the field will get rendered, and if you wont like that user can se ‘no amenities’ term rendered, you can hide it using css.


User can still uncheck that dummy option and submit the form. : (

Well you have to make field required, so at least on checkbox is checked, and they will check ’ no amenities ’ when required. Cheers

After PURCHASED the theme, will I get the updated files later if there is any? How long the updates will last for? Will you keep updating it if there is bugs or whatever found later as an error?

Thank you

Hell, basically you would have to prefix it manually because the demo installation has no prefix, so you have to go to database and rename the tables. THen you need to go to settings.php in sites/default/settings.php and set your prefix setting there. Cheers

by adding prefix like, will break any internal links?

No, however , you can do backup before to be sure. BUt i dont think you will. To my best knowledge, drupal query builder always uses the prefix which he found in settings.php so it should be all fine. Cheers

i have bought this theme and tryed in drupal but very slow working and i want to use it in wordpress , i see in demo themplate it working in wordpress also , how we can use it in wordpress ?

Out templates are optimized. If your installation is slow you need to upgrade your hosting, not the theme. Wordpress version wont be any faster. – anyway, you have to buy wordpress if you decided to go with it

When there is one property at a location shown on the map, click and it will show the popup info box on the map; however, when there are two properties at the same location, you click but no popup info box from the map. Please advise.

Hello, This is bit on not – resolvable conondrum, Which infobox should be shown, this is represented as cluster. You might want to consider puttin the markers to very near location, to avoid problems like this. I am afraid there is no easy solution for this logical issue.

That needs work on since if an APT building renting rooms it won be different address. Maybe you can give direction where and how to modify?

Q3: when creating node, only property node form style apply. Can I change the create node form style? I knew now is the properta_node_form controlling the style, could you tell me how to modify so I can apply different style for other node type? Like now when I open and create new agency, it will still use the three columns node from style with the property info title. If you don’t have time to provide details, you can give direction where and how to modify?



To the first question – i am not sure, the best option would be to create some sort of parent marker with submarkers, which will emerge from it upon hover. However that would require some designers work and lot of Javascript, that can take days.

Maybe more convenient option would be to actually create new node type called “appartment building” (or similiar ) Which will contain information – references to all apartments. Then just change filter on map ( node->type 'apartment' OR node->type ‘apartment-building’ && exclude apartments which are part of apartment building) . That might be most straight forward solution i can think of.

The $variables has to contain node itself. Just dump the variables

var_dump($variables) and you will se how is node stored.

Then you need to simple return from the function if the node is not of desired type

if $node->type != ‘property’ return;

On start of the function

The Map appear differently in different browser. By design should be like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jryp6hbvrj32kct/2014-01-19%2022_28_25-Welcome%20to%20Properta%20_%20Properta.jpg but it will display like this in IE10, Firefox https://www.dropbox.com/s/xo27dmgc26smy65/2014-01-19%2021_24_48-Welcome%20to%20Properta%20_%20Properta%20-%20Internet%20Explorer.jpg

After tested, both filter are working fine in Chrome and the horizontal filter working fine under Firefox. They both not working in IE10.

Please advise.


thanks for bugreport.


When a role given “Administer content” permission and create new node, it will show the error message: Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in views_handler_field_field->get_items() (line 715 of /www/sites/all/modules/views/modules/field/views_handler_field_field.inc). Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in views_handler_field->advanced_render() (line 1053 of /www/sites/all/modules/views/handlers/views_handler_field.inc). Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in template_preprocess_aviators_map_view() (line 67 of /www/sites/all/modules/aviators/aviators_map/aviators_map.module).

Use agent or role that do not have the admin permission and create node works fine.

Tested in fresh demo.

Maybe conflict with the admin loaded js.

Please advise.

It is not only a notice but the map is not showing and the property will force to be unpublished. So it is kind of major error.

It seems the problem is un-click the option of “Use the administration theme when editing or creating content” in Appearance.

Please advise.

Well i tryied and tryied but i cant seem to replicate this, can you move this to our support forum byaviators.com? If you have the site online it woulde be great if i can have and access (send to info@byaviators.com and put Properta Drupal as subject) And if you can make screencast of this bug it would be great for solving this issue.



Does this template have the ability to have a ‘enquiry for this property’ button – so visitors could email the seller of the property direct? So the enquiry for that property would go straight to the seller?


No, not out of the box but if you know how to alter form ( beginner programming in drupal) and use the webform module it should not be problem to create such a form


I’ve never used Drupal before however I have used Joomla many times before. Would creating an enquiry for this property button be something I could pay you to do for me?


Well yes but surfing on microlancer may come bit better for you.

Contact us trough email if you want qoute.



Well, no problem :)


Thanks for the theme. Excellent work!

I installed the demo version and working from default datatabase. Since I installed it on a subdirectory, I had to remove the slash on line 287, as the qmax user describes above in this forum, and it worked. Unfortunately, I am still not able to see the map on the individual property page. Can you please advice on how I can fix this?



Is there any error in the console – both maps are generated by the same js. ( Map on detail is represented as a field + formatter ).

Is the installation somewhere online so i can check ?


I’m getting a warning that Google Maps API is loading. multiple times, and getting a 404 not found on node/gmaps3_tools/output.

Thanks! fco.

Odd, can you give me access to your site ? – info @ byaviators.com

Neverthless i will check it a do update on the module, however i wont have time before weekend, so the update will be available on monday if you can wait couple of days



Interested in buying the template, but are there any updates comming any time soon, and if so, what will be in the updates?

Best regards,



And would you like to updatE?



already purchased, but I’d like to know if there are any updates coming in regards the functionality or the design flaws. In the demo version I get overlapping dropdown menus everywhere there is a dropdown menu (the dropdown list part is behind the other form elements) and if you go to change a propery that is listed, a lot of things appear out of place. Browsers this appears on are (variety of Chrome and Safari browsers)

Best regards

Hello, we are bit tight on schedule currently but can you approach our support forum byaviators.com and create your update request there with points you would like to have in update ?


We like the theme and planning to use it, but can this be integrated with Rooms module?


No, there is no integration with rooms


Great them thank you :)

I have brought your theme and have been testing it locally and would like to ask about two issues i have.

1. How difficult is it to have your front page Google map to use the Address field module or similar to show locations and are you able to create the modifications needed?

2. I setup a role called “Tenant” and copied the permissions of role “Agent” so that “Tenant” could add content type:Property. But it seems i get errors when “Tenant” tries to add a property. Is this due to a limitation of your theme?

What i am aiming to do is to have “Agents” be moderators/workers of “Agency” and in the mean time the “Tenants” will add there own content type:Property. While still giving the Agents the option to add and moderate content type:Property if need be. Is this possible?

I hope this make sense.

Thank you for your help

1. The integration is not so easy, you need to make a lot of sanitization. You have to integrate the address field with map (do some dynamic searching ? ) Sanitize the option that user does not actually put the address in right format ? We are not planning to do this, it will create more havoc than good.

2. I am not aware of this, there is no limitation like this as far as i know. What is the error exactly ?