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buy this item on their website but I can not post my doubt is what I want you to help me install the demo on my domain please my user name is miguelmeoqui

something is disturb in this script.its not worked properlly.


this is the HTML template. No business logic.


Please help me about install.please give any video or pdf or link about installing procces.

It is only static HTML template so you can upload all files on your hosting and it should be enough.


Are there MySQL files included or do I need to write those myself?


it is just static HTML template so package does not contain SQL export.



The css icons used on the website template are showing up differently on an iphone. See below:

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

How do I fix this?

Thank you


do you have same bahaviour on our website too?


Hi, no it doesn’t. Must be something I’m missing from the template. I will have a look at my code. Thanks

[removed] do you have database for the site


for HTML template we don’t have database.


how can i set up the listing feature to work allowing customer to register and list their items. is there a cms for html and can the directory theme work like for example a wordpress theme


you need to buy WordPress version. This is just static HTML.


Hey Aviators please respond to my email ASAP. Thanks in advance. :)

E-mail sent.



the preview is broken. Can you fix it?



I have bought your properta real estate template and I am interested in one thing:

I need to insert google tag manager snippet in a specific place in my html code. Using plug-ins makes just that the snippet is being inserted on a different, not-desired places in code.

I would like to access my html code directly (via cPanel or CMS) and to do the following: 1. Erease the tracking code I inserted via plug-ins 2. Insert google tag manager snippet at the right (recommended) place

At this moment I cannnot find my html code in cPanel :( I suppose it has some connection with twig files, but still, there must be a way to access html…

Thank you in advance, I look forward to reading from you soon.

Best regards,

Slobodan Krasavcevic


you are posting your message under Properta HTML Template. Are you sure that you did not purchase WordPress version?


Hi there, I discovered a problem with the map using Firefox. This is how it looks like now http://pho.to/9z9I8. As you can see, it’s not wide anymore and it does not cover the full screen anymore. I made no changes and therefore, i suppose it is a firefox upgrade fault. Can you help me please? Thank you.

#map {
   overflow: visible;


Thanks but… Where should I put this code? I tried to put it both in the properta.css file and inline… but it’s override by some JS code….

In css stylesheet.

grid ???

Hi, I don’t understand your question. Can you be more descriptive please? Thank you.

I wonder if this site there is an administrative panel that allows the user to add new properties, change prices, etc.

Hi, you are referring to HTML template only. If you need administrative panel, WordPress theme solution is the right choice for you:



The top revolution slider, can stay in Chrome equal in Firefox?


Hi, I am not sure what do you mean. Our template does not use Revolution slider.

Hello. This is what i need: A list to my neighborhood and be able to search by businesses category and properties. How works the searcher? It´s ok for me if is html code, but i need to know about the searcher and business categories / searcher filter. Thank you

Hi, it is just a simple HTML template, business logic is up to you. If you are looking for WordPress theme, you might be interested in our Superlist theme. We will implement new job features into it in the next release.

Hi, I know a couple of post has been asked about this issue but no real answer has been provide. I am not getting images to show up for this template when been viewed on a mobile device. here’s a link to my site http://dev3.chicagocutz.com. Solution to this issue is very much need. Thanks.

You don’t see them, because you don’t have them:


Thank you, i think got it how to make it work just create duplicate images with ending name of @2x.fileextension

Hi , I would like to purchase this html version , but I have one question . I want the icons on the map in home page to be clickable to open infobox on the map having picture and info about the property . this infobox is link to the property page . like that one in wordpress version .

Hi, unfortunately, template does not offer this feature.

Why add slider on homepage??

Hello Aviators, is it possible to change the name of filters’ fields (I need a french version) without modifying *.php files. I mean directly from WP? Thanks

Hi, you are referring to HTML template. It does not contain any .php files. If you are pointing to WordPress theme, ask your question here:


Hi, yes I was in the wrong discussion. I already asked in the correct one. Thanks, Ali

we need a help i sent the email did it recive ? We stuck. be our hero thanks