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Good work bro, but It has too many text


Looking perfect ;)

Thanks mate :)

thank you :) much appreciated!

Does the homepage map dynamically filter when using the form(s)

No, this is just html version :) No filtering functionality is implemented – that depends on framework – cms you will use. However we also have wordpress version which has this functionality and drupal version is comming next.

You can find the wp version here http://themeforest.net/item/properta-real-estate-wordpress-theme/5382388

1Is it hard to remove the searchfilter from the sidebar and make only the homepage full width? Is it also hard to place te searchfilter in the revolution slider?

2I am going to offer three property types and is it possible to set the featured listings in a three way collumn? And is it possible to set featured listings box above in the page in every search pages.

I can change some css code thats not a problem.

How much would 1 and 2 cost to let you guys do it for me.

And do agents pay per listing? Or per month? And how can they set up their listings as featured? Do they also need to pay for featuring their listings on the home page and on the searchpages (in my case)?

Hello, This is html template. It seems you are refering to wordpress version which can be found here

You can find the wp version here http://themeforest.net/item/properta-real-estate-wordpress-theme/5382388

Hi, is it possible to get a proper demo of this ideally I’d like to register as a customer would do then go through adding the agency/properties.

Also a feature requests for next time

1. Multiple images for the property 2. Reviews for the agencies and allow them to turn reviews on/off for properties.

Thanks, John

Hello, This is html template. It seems you are refering to wordpress version which can be found here

You can find the wp version here http://themeforest.net/item/properta-real-estate-wordpress-theme/5382388

Ah sorry missed that… thanks. Did think it was very cheap.

Hello, nice Job. Please could you make a Nivo Slider homepage with images and the search?. If you can do that, please let me know ASAP. I want to buy this template. I need a Nivo Slider instead map. Thank in advance.

Hello, its an html template and if you have a little experience with JS and html it should be piece of cake to customize this : ).

Thank you ;)

Hi, i have downloaded twice but when unzipping i get a bunch of error messages.

don’t know what could be the problem. thanks rolf

i am using winrar for windows. winrar opens all zip and rar-files. if i translate the error message (it’s in german) it means something like “couldn’t rename the impropper filename” i never had problems to unzip something downloaded here from themeforest or codecanyon until now. i buy regulary stuff here.

best regards rolf

Hm, strange

Contact us on info@byaviators.com – but Properta Template – zip file in subject and i will try to send you the package compressed with a different tool. But try to use total commander or some different tool just to make sure :) We compress this way all our packages and this is first time it cannot be unzipped. There might have been some corruption during download – although i doubt it.

Hello, have you sent the email ? I didnt notice anything :(

How many color themes come with this template and how can they be changed

Color combinations are not included inside the theme. However there are sass/compass files, where colors are defined by couple of variables. If you are just a little bit familiar with sass you can just change few variables and color change for whole template will apply.


will you be updating this theme to bootstrap 3 since it was recently released

Hi, not in nearest updates

can i hire you to customize this theme to work with my site? how can i contact you if you do extra work on the side.

Unfortunately, we do not do custom work

Thank you


Is it possible to add an option for the properties, showing from when the property is available for rent. And therefore add in the listing page a select button permitting to filter the properties according to their availability period ?

Thanks :)

Hello, this is only template, there is no background functionality :) If you expect to have some cms behind it download drupal or wordpress version of the theme

Oops, I’ve posted in the wrong forum. I’ve purchased the CMS version for WP ;)

I’m trying, as a newbie :nerdy: , to edit the horizontal by myself in the “filter-horizontal.twig” (located in “properta/aviators/plugins/templates/properties”) file however the “contract-type” filter is not active for now.

The register/login block in the middle of the page doesn’t really the user, do you think that a lightbox in the upcoming version could be possible ? Therefore, is it also possible for the moment to edit the “register-template” within its associated twig file ? If so, where is it located ?

Thanks ;)

Am trying to set the php version of this theme up.

When i attempt to open a property-detail page passing a parameter (/pages/properties/property-detail.php?lid=xxxx), the property-detail page has NO formatting whatsoever, no headers and no footers

Is there something i should have done to enable this theme to work?


Hello, i will check this

Does html version also have this problem? As there is no functionality, just a template, which you probably need to fit on some framework. I am not sure why are you passing arguments. I have built a tiny router in index file but i am not sure how its handling the params. However if you are building complex site, the best practice would be to use framework/cms , and use our html codes for templates, include our css and js files, but building site from raw php template, thats job for long long time :)

Hi there,

I noticed that in the files, some are linking to an img file “assets/img/markers/cluster-transparent.png” but that img file is not with the downloaded assets. Can you provide?



it is just a 1×1px transparent png. You dont need to use it


Good afternoon,

I wonder if this theme supports multiple languages ??and how should I do this, and it automatically or do I have to use another type of plugin.

Hi, there is no functionality for that in HTML template. But you can buy our Properta WordPress, which is supporting WPML. Cheers

Hello, i have trouble with the filter function in the HTML Version. It also doesnt work in the Previev here.

Could you Help ?

Hello, its html template, it doesnt ( it should not) contain any functionality. If you want solution with working functionality , choose either wordpress or drupal versions. Cheers

Ok i thought its some kind of jquery filter function. Could you give me little tip with what I could achieve this with other CMS?

I’m having problems to unzip the files. The error message says some are files with names in invalid format.

Hi, thank you for the report. These files doesn’t have an impact on the template. You can delete them

hi i want to change the icons and list of icons provided.How can i changes the icons in MAP.