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How can i change property icon in MAP

Hi, try to follow this method for WP version of properta http://wp.properta.byaviators.com/documentation/#how-to-add-custom-icons – “CSS – Adding Markers” section.

Or you can use SCSS complier such as compass.app and edit _map.scss file

is there no icon list where we can choose the icons,i think if it is provided then it will add great value to this theme :).

we really are not experts in html,css.

Can you provide separate icon list similar to other templates.

I just purchased this theme and when I upload the zip it fails and returns this message: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Please advise how to install

Never mind, I just realized that I didn’t buy the wordpress version.

Great :-)

Hi I think you have a mistake in your .htaccess file in the php directory.

There is a line with: RewriteRule ^(.)$ index\.php/params=$1 [L,QSA]

But it must be right: RewriteRule ^(.)$ index\.php?params=$1 [L,QSA]

Then the PHP Version from you will work by me :-)


thanks for report.

I found a new Problem :-) Map “types” Filter is not working. Is that a mistake or is it so?


this is just template. There is business logic implementation.


Does the map with multiple locations work? I would just need to enter new coordinates? And can I just edit this template using dreamweaver?


you are able to insert as much pointers as you want. I’m sorry but I don’t have any experience with Dreamweaver.


can the map display in nigeria?

Yes, this is possible.


does it have administrator section? if no….then how i can i edit the country for it to display the right map i want?


this is only HTML template. You need to change the source code.


does it have a database?? if it doesnt…how can i add listings and where will it be save when i add it?


You don’t have badge “purchased”. If you have bought this template from other account, please use that one to request support.


hey answer me…i need to know before i make payment….


it does not have the database. This is just simple static HTML template. For advanced functionality and CMS please purchase Drupal or WordPress version.


i have paid…now i need support…..will u support noW?


sure we are supporting the theme. Feel free to ask.


how can i change the map to mine


in map widget settings you can set custom latitude and longitude.


the search bar doesnt work????? if u search u should see somethings acording to search criteria…reply asap


do you have public URL?


i dont get u??? i just want you to tell me how to make the search menu work.


you are telling me that your search is not working but this is pretty general information. I need to see your website to make some exploration what is going on. My tip is that you don’t have enabled custom permalinks in your theme.



i need to know how i can change the map to my own country map


in map widget settings you are able to set custom latitude and longitude.


If I bought a regular license to play with and decided to use it, could I upgrade to the extended license?


I think you will need to buy extended license but I’m not 100% sure. Please try to contact Envato support. They will provide exact answers.


Ok, thank you!

you are welcome

Would the map work for countries other than the US?


yes :-)

Hi, the images seem to break when i load the demo page up on my phone- any idea what that could be? Great theme by the way!

Hm, odd, what device are you using exactly ?

It’s an android phone (HTC desire 601). Newest version of chrome I believe. I’ll try it on another device and get back to you.


When I try to open html template on server I can’t see images but if I download and open same template on my local computer it is working fine.

Please check following links to see what the exact problem is?

http://surreydirectory.ca/problems/problem1.jpg http://surreydirectory.ca/problems/problem2.jpg

well then, as you are working in subdirectory, i believe that there is htaccess or webconfig in root directory which is not routing property for fonts files : )

I uploaded files on other server there also I’m getting the same problem.

Well i am 99% sure this is related to server configuration, contact you hosting provider to resolve this.

I have successfully installed the theme on my local computer,I went to list of properties page but when i clicked on the add new submission button at the top it dosent take me anywhere it just keeps reloading the same page.pls help me out

is the revolution slider included?


in aviators/libraries/plugins


I just purchased this template – very nice! However, when you view the revolution slider page on an iPhone (or reduce the Chrome browser to about 300px wide) the layout of the wording over the slider is broken. Do you have a fix for this?

Hm, are you sure you wanted HTML template ? You want to fill in items manually trough html – is that right ?

Well revolution slider depends more on particular situation. Can you link me to your site ? Or you are using exact same rs as we have ?

yes – this is definitely the right one for me. When it’s all working I will be passing it to a PHP developer to build the backend for me. But I’d rather get it working as it should do before I pass it over. I wouldn’t ask, but the details did say it was 100% fully responsive.

And yes, I’m using the code exactly out of the box at the moment…

Oh i wouldnt worry about that, your developer will be fitting this on some sort of framework or CMS system and there will be lot of css changes in the time, he wont be able to do exact copy without tweaking css or html anyway.

And if you are not decided what will you push into your slider i would manipulate the css anyway, as its pretty good chance you will be changing the slides, or not ?

Hi, great job with this template. I am going to translate the site but the first thing I have noticed is that the flags aren’t in the result pages after a property searching. I can see the flags in all pages except when I do a searching. Could you please help me? Maybe I have miss something. Thank you.

Well this problem doesnt appear on a demo, and i dont have any idea right now, the flags are represented as a widget so maybe widget logic disables it for you ?

No it is not a widget, it is the flag banner that is hard coded into the header. If I add a widget it also doesn’t display on certain pages either. It is a very strange but indeed. The site is in maintenance mdoe so can I PM you the admin details so you can see what I mean? Thanks.

Yes, thanks