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Hi Aviator,

Can you please help us to remove the WHITE space between the currency symbol and numbers.

Looking forward forward for your immediate response. Thanks.

Best, Arnold

Secondly, how we can enable the decimal point even for whole number like $23.00

Hi, the decimal point (separator) can be set in the WP admin > Appearance > Customize > Realia Currency. The white space can be removed at line 90 in the file class-relaia-price.php.

Hope it helps.

Solve Issues. Thanks:)

Hello Sir, Thank you about this good theme, we want to purchase it but want to ask about some points before purchasing

- Can we add extra fields to the property submit fields and show or hide the newly added fields to the search form? Also can we delete or edit any field from the default ones?

- Can we make the fields conditional, for example, if we want to show specific field to the form if specific option selected in other field (drop-down menu)?

- Do you have any page builder in this theme (if not, how we can add/edit sections like the demo)

- Can we show properties according to specific categories (taxonomies) like page show “For Rent” or other one show “For Sell” properties

*- Can we show/hide any data about the properties (either from the default ones or the newly added ones by admins) from the front end view of the single property page?

Looking Forward For Your Reply


Also Please, can the user which register for free and have the role subscribers submit properties from the front end with full options

Hi, answers to your questions:

1. default and new property fields can be added only by modification of original source code. There isn’t a field manager in the theme. If you plan to add many custom fields, you may be interested in our Superlist theme instead. It contains field and metabox manager.

2. Chained dropdowns ale not available in the default theme functionality.

3. Hi, whole website content is build upon widgets so you don’t need any third party plugin. It is possible to install demo content using included One-Click Installation Tool.

4. Yes, there is a “for rent” and “for sale” filter field.

5. You can hide some fields from single property page by overriding template file in your child theme.

6. Yes, there is a frontend submission available.

Hope it helps.

Need help. After deleting menus, and adding some. My nav bar is all screwed up. How do I fix??? Thanks in advance.

Uncheck it from “Anonymous” and “Authenticated” Theme locations at the very bottom.


geocastro Purchased


I Appreciate the help you’ve been. I’m new to this. I have another issue setting up the sites navigation. I included a SS.

For issue 1: I’m trying to change my home page (hohmes.com, hohmes.com/index.htm ) to point to the property map. I tried renaming links, moving pages around etc to no avail.

For issue 2:

How do I remove that, I have no clue how that got there.

Also. Regarding the pages that come with the theme. IS there 20 in total. I may have deleted a few by mistake.

Hi, check WordPress and Site Address in the WP admin > Settings > General. Which pages are you missing?

Is it possible to change the form “Create Property” and deleting “Reference” and “Statuses” but the can entered in the admin section?

yes www.resto-immo.ch

You have some weird characters in your style.css file. Fix it.

.cmb2-id-id_propriété {display: none; }
.cmb2-id-propriété-status {display: none; }

Its ok thanks

Hi, how can use wordpress custom field in the creat property? And how it display in singel?

Hi, it is possible using CMB2 library.


wiantmor Purchased

In real estate, add or edit, location, type a location, not working to research, only works the latitude and longitude fields, I have to open Google Maps and copy the x-y values to register a new property. What can I do? in Properta – Real Estate WordPress Theme by aviators.


wiantmor Purchased

Dear Author,

Just does not work in the registration menu, print: https://db.tt/n2bpOSLO My homepage http://www.coquetelimoveis.com.br/

Thank you!

For the lookup / autocomplete to work, you need to enable “Google Places API Web Service” API for your project in Google Cloud Platform Console.

More info: http://stackoverflow.com/a/38297390


wiantmor Purchased

Thank you so much! Perfect!

Dear Author,

Thank you for the great template. The map on the homepage can’t load. Can you have a look at it? http://www.opslagruimte247.nl/

Best regards,


Hi, I see a map at your website.

as translated into Spanish search fields ? (For Rent, For Sale, Price from, Price to, etc, etc)

Hi, you need to translate both Properta .pot file and realia plugin .pot file as well.

Hi, where are these files?

On languages folders of theme and realia plugin.

Hello again. On the main page, on the map are marked all the propertyes, but I set myself the task to make the search box. That is when you enter the search string in the streets, it displays those propertyes on the map that are on this street. For this, I wrote AJAX-query that accesses Realia_Post_Type_Property :: catch_template ();

But it gives an error when the first line.

if (get_query_var ( ‘properties-feed’))

Fatal error: Call to a member function get () on a non-object in …/wp-includes/query.php on line 28

Can you help me with the implementation of this task?

Hi, the error is not related to the line you are referring to. Look into stack trace more deeply please.

In the console, browser errors do not.

I can’t help you without the line number of the Realia plugin where the error occurs. Currently it is wp-includes/query.php which is not in the Realia plugin, but the WordPress itself.

Hello where is the documentation ?

Hi, this theme is build upon realia plugin which documentation is available here: http://wprealia.com/documentation/index.html

If you have any troubles, let me know.


macromar Purchased

as I can change the menu color and others?

Hi, we are using Sass compiler which allows custom variables definition. All .scss files are stored in the theme assets folder. Read more about Sass here: http://sass-lang.com/guide If you don’t want to use Sass, you can still overwrite the CSS code in your custom .css file.


macromar Purchased

can you tell me what the file and where I should modify it to change the color?

You can either use your own stylesheet or you can recompile theme scss files using sass preprocessor to your custom css.


macromar Purchased

where under manual ?

This theme is build upon realia plugin which documentation is available here: http://wprealia.com/documentation/index.html

If you have any troubles, let me know.


macromar Purchased

where I find documentation of the theme?

This theme is build upon realia plugin which documentation is available here: http://wprealia.com/documentation/index.html

If you have any troubles, let me know.

Hi Aviators,

Need your help. We have 3-locations in our contact us page and apparently in the simple map widget it only show one location marker. How we can able to add 3-locations with 3-marker at the same time that shows using the simple map.

I tried to edit the simple map widget template and had successful to add new fields for additional two locations but i haven’t had success in showing the two additional marker which still only show one marker (the 1st location only). Please advise. Thanks in advance.

Hi, it is not possible using default theme functionality. You will have to write your own custom javascript to achieve that.


chiwat Purchased

Hi Sirs I am now bussy for one year asing the same question with no proper answer.

I can’t use thecoustomize buttom

THis is the error message I am recieve

De pagina op hiwatvastgoed.com werkt niet ( Dutch language))

hiwatvastgoed.com kan dit verzoek momenteel niet verwerken. HTTP ERROR 500 ( dutch language)

Were can I send an email with the sreenshot of my home page, becuase when I add a property the About page is not on the leftside from the property discription but it is listed as follows

Picture of the property than the about page Than I have a poenspace on top of my site. If I can send you an email with a screenshot this will helps




error with number 500 is an internal server error. There will be the exception message in your server logs. Find out where are your error logs saved (ask your provider), retrieve them and post it here. It would help to investigate the issue.

You can upload screenshot to some service, like http://awesomescreenshot.com and paste URL here.

Btw. please extend your support for this item. Thank you.


chiwat Purchased

Dear sirs this is the screenshot of the errors: http://prntscr.com/c962iy

And for the other issue is this the screenshot: http://prntscr.com/c8xih4 This is in dutch but you can find the translation in Google

What am I supposed to see at the first screenshot? It is just a list of all error codes. The exact error message will be in the server error log. Request it from your webhosting provider. I can’t help you without that.

Btw. please extend your support for this item. Thank you.


How can I change the name of “Statuses” “Amenities” and how can I hide some options from the form?

You can rename existing fields using .po file. To hide some fields, you can use few lines of CSS.

Thank you Aviators, Do you have an example of the CSS lines?

Try this:

#property_front .cmb2-id-property-status { display: none; }
#property_front .cmb2-id-property-amenity { display: none; }

Hi. This is very cool theme. Especcially I like form Create Property Can you explain me, will be it work in russian language? I mean wiil be work all site in russian? And admin panel too. Thank you.

Hi, theme is not translated to the Russian language, but you can translate it yourself using .po file.

Hi there, please, how do I add the properties carousel to a page?

Hi, add “Property Carousel” widget in the WP admin > Appearance > Widgets into one of the predefined areas (Top or Bottom).

I have an issue with the property carousel again I’m afraid. It wouldn’t display the garages icon and number. The code contains it, however. see here: http://www.alcbusiness.ro/z/