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Hi Author,

i’ve already installe the theme but (www.gethome.ph) how to setup the google map and the menu just like the example shown.

hi support, base on the sample theme shown in this plugin. may i know how to display the MAP behind the MAIN MENU? and for the RENT/SALE SEARCH is just between the map and the Realia – Real Estate Plugin info (based on your example layout)?

furthermore, can i interchange the arrangement of the RENT/SALE SEARCH…instead of RENT as the 1st tab it will be the second. so it will be SALE / RENT Search.

one more thing, the PROPERTY OVERVIEW can i hide or show it depending of the property?


- I am not sure how do you want to display the map behind the main menu exactly?

- the rent/sale tabs can be changed by overriding template file in your child theme.

i have a comment and has not been replied upon for 2 days now.. please reply to that comment

as for your reply.. ”- the rent/sale tabs can be changed by overriding template file in your child theme.”

may i know which template specifically? filename???

hi properta support. please answer my inquiry… its been 3 days now no response….

Hi, floor plans and video will be available in the next Realia plugin release next week.

Rent/Sale filter template is located in the wp-content/plugins/realia/templates/widgets/filter-rent-sale.php


margobb Purchased

Good evening, How many will cost installation of Your theme on my website? Thank you in advance for answer, Nikolas

Hi. Feel free to send me a private message regarding this. Thank you.


grieugene Purchased

Hello, just bought this theme (properta), during instalation an error has occured: file style.css missing in the archive. What would you recommend? Thanks.

Hi. You are probably installing incorrect .zip file.

There is a way of display prices bellow the bubble on the map? Like Trulia and other sites?

Hi, what icon do you mean exactly? Can you post a screenshot? There is a price of the property when you click the map marker.

Price on the map marker, on the bottom of the map marker, like trulia. The important is the user be able to see the price and the small photography while browsing the map. Being able to see the price will give us the direction to personalize it with more features. https://snag.gy/rM7QGt.jpg

Thank you for the screenshot. It is possible to achieve that by custom template file in your child theme. If you don’t know how to do it, feel free to send me a private message regarding this.

Hello please am having had time with google map and also am having issues with the register page it doesn’t work.

Hi, please respond within an account you bought our item and support from. Thank you.