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Hello, please help me to translate all words of theme into Russian language or advise for this some plugin

Hi, you can translate the theme easily using .pot files. Don’t forget to translate all realia plugins as well.

Documentation not included in Package

This theme is build upon realia plugin which documentation is available here: http://wprealia.com/documentation/index.html

If you have any troubles, let me know.

Btw. please extend your support for this item, thank you.

where can I download the demo version you can provide?

Hi, what demo version do you mean?


Is properta Version 3.1.1 compatible with last version of wordpress (version 4.6.x) ?

Hi, yes it is.

hello 1.my homepage map isnt loading..i think its coz of API 2.Can i have revolutional slider?

thanks aloot 1. map is working perfect after adding API 2. If i add revolutional slider, will i have to add it in a code or i can set it direct from admin panel? 3. Also i cant see the place to add the property video in the add property.

i managed to add the revolution slider but i couldnt manage to append the class to append-top

Revolution slider uses its own settings I am not familiar with. You will have to ask its support team how to append custom classes or attributes.


I have a problem I am unable to remove the block “valuation” in the content-property.php. Before updating its functioned. Now I have to remove this block how I do

Hi, why are you unable to remove that block?

Hello I think I really have a problem now since I arrived has more delete “Valuation” on the form (while not in exsite in “content-property.php”) in addition I redo the translation the theme and nothing is taken, I have deleted my history and made a refresch, but it does not.

Hi, I am sorry but I don’t understand you issue. Can you be more descriptive please? Thank you.

it is no longer in “content-propriety” but I do not know why we always see and even when I change a translation that does not charge. it happens since the update

Have you updated both theme and realia plugin?


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Some Form box fields not visible but accepts input. Seems to happen mostly with mobile website. How do i fix? Hohmes.com>Sell property to see

I see error message: “The image you are requesting does not exist or is not longer available.”


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Hello, can you tell me where can I change the main two colors of the theme. Customize only has the option of changing background color.

Thank you!

Hi, we are using Sass compiler which allows custom variables definition. All .scss files are stored in the theme assets folder. Read more about Sass here: http://sass-lang.com/guide If you don’t want to use Sass, you can still overwrite the CSS code in your custom .css file.