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One of my worst Experience with Wordpress, The theme is charging soo much more for what they are offering, there is nothing in the theme they are only using widgets, Support just tells you that that’s how it is. Documentation is totally useless it tells you nothing. there isn’t a single thing that is useful in the documentation. I wasted my money on this theme. DONT BUY THIS THEME.

Hi. It’s definitely not true. Theme offers a full real estate solution.

If you have any difficulties with the theme configuration or its functionality, feel free to ask for help in our support forum:


We’ll be glad to help you.

Yeah, I did ask the support and the attitude I got was “you should be already familiar with when you are using any WordPress theme.” The theme is missing very basic features like email ID check and other basic stuff. I feel like its a total waste of money.

The publication page of a new ad is not responsive design.
It is almost impossible to add a real estate ad from a smartphone with a small screen.
Can you fix this problem please?


If you have any difficulties with the theme configuration or its functionality, feel free to ask for help in our support forum:


We’ll be glad to help you.

Hi. I am sorry, but I don’t understand your question. We are the official and exclusive author of Properta theme.

is it possible to give an admin user/pass to testing property submit pages?

These authors, dont seem to get back about their products, been waiting for a support problem to be fixed for over 1 month???

Where is the team support for this company??

Used Megareal theme and no response???


toralb Purchased

how can i find the instructions on how to update the theme? thanks

Hello, i have some problems with amneties on my website. I don’t arrive to show properties with same amneties. It is the same with locations, type. Can you help me ?

Before we were able to click on the properties on the map (home)...now we can only zoom in and out ? I’m on safari…your demo also cannot be clicked.

​We’re using WP All Import to import property details and I’ve added our API key in the Location Geocoding section but the properties are all being imported with no location. The postcode (Zip) is populated but the lookups are not working.

If I add the location manually by editing the property the lookup works so our API key must be ok. It has the Google Maps Javascript API and Google Maps Geocoding API both enabled, but according to the Google API console it’s not making requests.

I’ve tried using just the postcode and the whole address, nothing works.

Can you please advise if there is already updated version for the template of Realia and its included plugins that will compatible perfectly to the latest WordPress version and moving forward as have noticed the plugins and template are outdated which create issue on properly displaying the property achieve pages such as location, status pages and so on. Looking forward for your immediate response.

On the homepage, the pins on the map can no longer be clicked. Also on your demo..it cannot be clicked…so the map is now useless…we can only zoom in and out but we cannot click on the pins to go to the desired property :(

Hello Author, I am another one on the list that would like to see some updates on the theme. While I do understand you are not responsible to provide free support for ever on the theme, I do believe that it will be great if you could update at least the theme so it is fully compatible with the latest versions of WP, Jquery and Gmaps.

On the other hand it is not fear for other people to come and buy the theme when it hasn’t been updated for over 1 1/2 years.


Hello there,

Will a new version of the theme be released? Because it shows incompatibility with new WordPress versions.

Page (Create Property) Not compatible with mobile screen

Page (Create Property) Not compatible with mobile screen

The columns and map are not shown in the middle of the page


chiwat Purchased

Goodmorning I have a problem with my Theme, I have update a few plugins and the website is not working properley anymoore. Can you help

Hello Aviators, are you ok ? You have been missing for many months

OMG Author decide to stop support for this theme. Pls read before buying the theme…I think author has been kidnaped !!! or fallen off a cliff…nobody knows

Hello, we are going to purchase this theme, but we would like to know, if author plan some new version or update (last was in April 2016)

STAY AWAY from this seller, absolute rubbish code, absolute junk practices, don’t walk away … RUN