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google maps are not working !!! probably because of the api key how can i change it ? and could you fix this issue ?

please check the link www.hvc.sa

when i add property i can’t choose a location the typing box because its not working

You need to enter your own Google Browser Key in the settings and set your website URL correctly in Google Developer Console. Read more in official Google documentation:


For the lookup / autocomplete to work, you need to enable “Google Places API Web Service” API for your project in Google Cloud Platform Console.

More info: http://stackoverflow.com/a/38297390

It is also already mentioned in the documentation:


Hi avitors How do I become aware of the property registered in the dashboard? Thank you.

I will add it into my TODO list, thank you for your idea.

is there any way that send notification email after adding a new property?

Not using default theme features. Maybe there is a third party plugin for that.


indsign Purchased

Hi, to make the site for rent of properties only, does it need code modifications or is it done via the settings? Thanks

Hi, it can’t be switched of using default theme features. You will need to override source code.


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Hello, great theme.

So am very new at this, and I need to do a couple of things.

1. I want my first page to show a list of all properties, is there a code to do so?

2. I want to remove location, valuation and Public facilities from all my properties in which file can I delete them?

Thank you!

Thank you so much!!

Hi and thank you for your message.

1. all properties can’t be shown at homepage, but you can use “Properties” widget instead. It will work just like in our demo.

2. theme uses CMB2 plugin for custom fields definition. I don’t recommend you to modify original source code, because your changes will be lost in the update. Use WP hooks in the functions.php of your child theme instead.


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Hi, I use Google translate.

Purchase code: d2ac1cef-77ef-4790-85e2-cbf409e36dbb

Please, i want to install the google map on the home page, and i have not been able to.

I did some research, I got a key API from google, I have validated my site with google, but nothing.

I want you to send me the step by step procedure, thank you.



LIDICOM Purchased

I want the google map of the home page to display without errors I want to know how to solve this problem step by step

Thank you


LIDICOM Purchased

I did not receive anything from you

Have you set your website URL for your Google Browser API key in Google Cloud Platform Console correctly?

Read section “Registering authorized URLs” in official Google Documentation please:


It is already mentioned in the documentation as well:


I purchased this theme and it will not install, it keeps crashing.

Hi, can you describe the error please? I will need more information to be able to help you.

As I am told by three different services, when the realism plugin is activated, the theme disappears. I’m tired of paying individuals and the same issues happen each time or the theme crashes. Seems like you are aware of issues but still selling it to make money. I now have a theme I paid $59 for and cannot use.

Apparently, you may be the only person capable of installing this theme with success and others get errors

Hi, can you describe the error please? More then 1600 customers were able to install it without any problems so I believe the issue is at your webhosting probably. I can help you to solve it, but I need more information from you. Do you see any error messages? Either at frontend or in server logs? I can’t help you without more details.

Hi, I cannot change anything on the “features” widget ( when I click on 1. 2. or 3. nothing comes down on the slider.) I think it worked fine a few days ago. The thing is I cannot leave the orignal text from your demo on my website but I want to put my text in these areas. How can I do ? (I have a maintenance page for the moment, let me know if you want me to disable it and post you the link) Thanks, your theme is working well otherwise, I like it.

Yes I have. When I try to change the widget I cannot click on the parts to change the lore ipsum text.

And I have another problem : when accessing my website, users cannot access to the ” Déposer une annonce” page ( formerly “realia-submission”). They get the following message : “You are not allowed to access this page.” My page is set to “public access” not “private” or “password protected”. Ho can I Solve this problem ? Here is the link of my website : http://www.takethesuite.fr

User needs to be logged in to access submission page.

Hi there,

I was wondering if you could help me with the following:

1) Does this Theme support search, where they can search by ZipCode or Postcode internationally

2) Can it create it’s own custom property type ( such as a room for rent, beach property, land for sale)

3) Is there full support for alternative languages including German, Swedish, Dutch, Arabic, Farsi

4) Can one site feed multiple child sites ?

5) Is it possible to remove or add custom search fields ?

6) Can it be used as a directory allowing landlord, sellers, real estate companies to post directly to the board.

7) I am looking for a banner image to sit above the search box of the same size in width as the search box but about 300 pixels in height – is it possible to do this within theme or will I need the assistance of a developer



1. unfortunately not

2. yes you can

3. theme can be translated into any language using regular .po files

4. I haven’t tried that actually, but it should.

5. default search fields can be removed/hidden in the filter widget settings. New custom search fields can’t be added without using own source code.

6. yes, frontend submission is already implemented, you can check it out in our demo. Registrations are open to public.

7. you will probably need to hire a developer or me to achieve that. All theme features are shown in our demo.

Hope it helps.

Hi Aviators,

My Site is built by Properta Version is 2.x not 3.x.

I have two problems: 1) As you could see, the map is displayed for a second then disappears. Why? How to solve it? 2) The add property is giving Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference in /home2/yourkeyo/public_html/realestate/wp-content/themes/purchased_properta/aviators/plugins/properties/properties.php on line 1099

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home2/yourkeyo/public_html/realestate/wp-content/themes/purchased_properta/aviators/plugins/properties/properties.php on line 1176

Regards Mahmoud

Any help please !!

any help !!!! How to convert properta 2.x map to properta 3.x

Hi, Properta 3 is not compatible with version 2. Use it in your new website installations only.

Hello Aviators

in /my-properties/?action=add , I found the following warnings: Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference in /MYWEBSITE/wp-content/themes/properta/aviators/plugins/properties/properties.php on line 1099 Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /MYWEBSITE/wp-content/themes/properta/aviators/plugins/properties/properties.php on line 1176

How to avoid these warnings

Hi, what are your properta theme and realia plugin versions?

How I can translate in italian the “ForSale/ForRent” form? thanks

You can translate the theme like any other WordPress themes using regular .po files.

You can read more about localization in official WordPress documentation:


Hello there,

i have just buy properta theme. My problem is when i try to filter my properties, no results. But i choose filter to have results. How can i do to make it work?

Hi, have you set contract type (either rent or sale) for your properties?

Hi, I installed the WP Rentals´ theme and i have this error when i want to upload a foto for a property: P1020343.JPG (5.9 mb) 100% Error: -200, Message: HTTP Error., File: P1020343.JPG It seems that the foto is uploaded but it doesn’t appears in the page. I don’t find the solución to fix this problem. Thank for your help.

Hi, please respond within an account you bought our item and support from. Thank you.


Graffisk Purchased

Hello, I need my site in spanish just the realia template part. I Edited the .po through PO Edit. Uploaded the files in wp-content/languages folder and nothing. Do I need to do something else?

Just need to translate the general description, the search part and send message. I know its not recomended but where can I do it manually? Thank you so much!