Discussion on Propertya - Real Estate WordPress Theme

Discussion on Propertya - Real Estate WordPress Theme

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Hi, i would like to ask if there is the possibility, after doing a search of properties and navigating to second page or third page of search results and selecting a property to view the details and after that clicking the browser back button either on Pc or mobile, that it does redirect to the second or third page of the search results where I was. I have noticed that it is a ajax load, so the url isn’t affected to get back to where we are. Can this be fixed?


Currently, when user click on the back button it redirects to to the page one. However, I’ll share it with the development team as a suggestion.

Hi, this theme have APP too: it is possible to add the APPS logos on homepage of WP theme too? (usually in footer or somewhere else)?

Yes, Apps are available you can check demo here

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.propertya https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1535422219

You can see a section in the homepage about apps available to download: https://listing.propertya-wp.com/


i am looking your app now: but the left arrow above and the logo, nothing happen when click there ….impossible to back homepage after a filter search

Hello Sir, is there a way to hide/mask the agents email on their profile, so itis not showing the private email in public/portfolio?


Hi To hide the Agent Email from the agent search page, please choose another layout that doesn’t have the Email option. Select the search page layout from the Propertya option > Search pages > Agent Search page. https://app.screencast.com/WfJocgG84ZhE6 To hide the Agent contact info from the details page, please turn off the contact option from the Propertya options. Propertya options > Dashboard Settings > Agent detail page. https://app.screencast.com/hX14OR0X22rGk

i want full refund. ever since i bought this theme, it become useless to me

Hi Please create refund request if you are eligible. Thanks

Hi, I like the theme, its great and contemplating to buy this, is there any way to see leads in dashboard?

You can use these credential to check dashboard

Demo Site URL: https://listing.propertya-wp.com/

Demo Account: Email: estate@gmail.come Password: 123

The website is not responsive, it does not adapt to the mobile, what happens with that?

just checked and everything is working fine on mobile devices. Can you please check again or send us the link which page is not responsive? Regards

The virtual tour does not work in the demo of the application or the website

How can I try the virtual tour?

Didn’t get your message can you please explain your query. Thanks

I need this contact information to always be the same, to be my commercial office information


That’s possible ?

Will have to customize it as per your need. Currently there will be each Agency contact details. Regards

Will we be able to put the same contact information on the agent page?

I want that when a client wants to communicate with an agent to receive information about a property, the means of contact is us as an agency, not putting the agent and the client in direct contact. That’s possible ?

Yes, we can please contact us at scriptsbundle@gmail.com Thanks,

I mean the phone call and whatsapp number

Can we put the same phone number and the same WhatsApp number on the agents’ page?

No sorry, we get the contact information from the post author.

Hello, I come back with a question. I would like to know from /Dashboard /My Properties / Published / Action (edit, expired, deleted) from the published free ads how I could send to the Premium Featured Ads packages (try to promote the premium packages) for the already published ads? Thank you

Hi, Please communicate with support team at https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com They will guide you. Regards

When I search in the Advanced Search section, the search results do not appear. It just keeps on searching. and the Compare option does not work.

Web site: https://anahtarsenin.com/

Please submit your ticket here at https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com our support team will assist you. Thanks

Why is it redirected there when there is an answer here, then why does it exist here?

We provide support via our support forum. Thanks,

error occurred while installing application

info Running jetifier to migrate libraries to AndroidX. You can disable it using “—no-jetifier” flag. Jetifier found 1615 file(s) to forward-jetify. Using 4 workers… info Starting JS server… info Installing the app… FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.
  • What went wrong: Could not initialize class org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.InvokerHelper
  • Try: Run with—stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with—info or—debug option to get more log output. Run with—scan to get full insights.
  • Get more help at https://help.gradle.org BUILD FAILED in 660ms error Failed to install the app. Make sure you have the Android development environment set up: https://reactnative.dev/docs/environment-setup. Run CLI with—verbose flag for more details. Error: Command failed: gradlew.bat app:installDebug -PreactNativeDevServerPort=8081

Hi, Please submit your ticket here https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com/ our support team will assist you. Thanks,

Hello, I have analyzed your theme, and I would like to know if the (search propeties top right) button can be changed to (add propeties), i.e. a short code or something to go to the page for adding ads and effectively to ad packages. Thank you.

Hi, Yes, Change able from back end https://www.screencast.com/t/F6pyrzTAx

Propertya options > Theme settings > Header settings.


The application does not work and there is no detailed explanation please help

Please submit your ticket here https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com/ our support team will assist you. Thanks

RTL options are available?

Hi, Yes RTL option is available.

Hello, the documentation about the app is very short. only has 4 points. I’m trying to configure it but I get many errors in the process and it asks me for content updates. Do you have a more complete guide?

Please submit your ticket here https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com/ our support team will assist you. Thanks,

Is it possible to download all the properties info and agent info and put in another theme?

You can do that using WP All Import/export

Hello, before going ahead buying the script I would like to know if Arabic version is included in the purchase. I need both English and Arabic. Please confirm. Thank you

Can you share how to add Arabic Language and also about localization. Ignore my previous messages.

I need multilingual EN and AR to switch between

Hello, Please create a ticket and send details to our support team at https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com/ they will be guiding you. Regards

Good day,i was the first set of persons who bought this theme,i strongly believed in this theme features, when i could not see location settings like country,state,city and town,i ticket no body responded to me via the email address i used,i abandoned my project,but now i can see someone who developed a website using the theme,i will nneed the latest version,how possible is it,does the version i have automatically update itself if i put auto update via envato market? help me ,i am yet to do the project,its now 6months plus i bought this theme i want to use it to replace another theme on a live website with atleast 2,300 property listing.

Hi, Good day, you can download latest theme from theme forest and upload it. regards

Good day, the theme was purchased to target Nigeria audience, can i have property location Country- state-city-town-street in this order ? thanks

Hi, You can use custom location country city state and towns as per your need.

These problems exist and do not need to be checked. Please fix and provide an update.

1 – The location of the properties is not saved 2 – It does not show favorites 3 – The WordPress user role does not work.

This case is reported

Please communicate with support team they will be guiding you. https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com Regards

These things have nothing to do with the ticket The template needs to be updated and there is a defect, you can link us to the support. This was reported

We need to look into this and then can guide you as this is fine at our end. Please send details to our support team they can guide you we may need your WordPress login details to check the issue. Please cooperate with us to resolve this issue on your side. Thanks


Its sad that I have to make this repostt different from the existing trad on this issue. its now two years I purchased this script thinking the ETA will be completed in two months as u promised.but nothing has happened yet. Rather script bundle has gone ahead with other new project whiy abandoning this project and the bussineses dependant on it. pls can we now have an ETA for this project as stated below by your team ?

1.. App payment integration. 2. IDX Brocker Integration, 3. IDXpress Integration, 4. Custom Fields With Relationship, 5. New Listing Detail Page Layouts, 6. Energy Performance, 7 iHome Finder Integration, 8 New Agency & Agents Detail Pages, 9. Mark Agency/Agent As Featured With Payments, 10. Font’s Typography, 11. OTP Login/Registration System, 12. Location Search Filter (COuntry->City->State->Town), 13. WP All Import plugin (Support), reCAPTCHA support for enquire form, 14. QR Code Scanner On Profiles,

My questions are: 1. Pls is this project abandoned as i have waited for two years? 2. Should we still have hope for 1,5, 8,9,11, 12, 14 or there is no more hope? 3. is there anything I can do to have this numbers integrated in my project ?


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