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Greetings Super Kriesi :-), once again…which files should I specifically update for the latest version to take effect?

Hi there :-)....a minor one: is there some custom css I could implement to reduce the height and width of my logo and also that of my slide images on the portfolio item pages?


Yes of course. Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)


Please add a link to your site and describe the changes you need to be done and we will see if its can be easily done :)

Thanks Kriesi…I had already resized and re-uploaded the images: that worked perfectly.

Keep at specifying which files to update when there’s an update :-), else I’ll bother you with that usual question.

Great service…bless you!

Hi, I couldn’t install the theme (Propulsion 63$) to my site. It shows the message that The package could not be installed”The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet” Could you help me with this?

Hey! You are trying to install the wrong folder, judging from the error message.

You need to first unzip the folder and inside you will find the actual theme folder called propulsion. thats the one you need to upload :)

Is 2.6.1 the last release? Where can I find a changelog update?

Working with 4.3?

Installed theme. Header message appears “This is Proplusion theme, available at Themforest—Buy here”. I have entered my API key. How do I make this message go away?

The exact message is: “Welcome to Propulsion – a sleek wordpress business and ecommerce theme. You can purchase it on Themeforest.” How do I get rid of this?

This appears as in the top menu of them at http://addictiontorehabilitation.com IT’s very annoying

Hi friends,

I assume updating the following file and folders will be sufficient for the update: style.css, framework, includes/admin?

Hear from you..

Happy holidays

An answer to my question above would be very much appreciated…

Is this theme compatible with woocommerce 2.5? Thank you!

I am interested in purchasing this for a redesign project. I need to build this on my dev enviroment, and later transfer it to a my main server. If I keep the IP’s the same can the licensing pass from a dev domain to my final domain?

Yes, thats no problem at all. Themeforest even allows you to build the site on a live testserver and then move it to another and delete it on the first one. no licensing problem here ;)

Which version of the theme is the last update (18 April 2016)? Is it version 3.0? Why do I have to guess whether I have the latest version or not?

Which version of the theme is the last update (18 April 2016)? Is it version 3.0? Why do I have to guess whether I have the latest version or not?

Hi Kriesi, thank you for this update.

I’m having an issue with featured images not saving for products. When I set an image and click update for the product, it disappears.

I figured it out, thanks!

Hello, is it possible to add “Instagram” icon and link to the social icons? Thanks!

I purchased another theme from your guys. I posted a question/bug on your support forum. Nobody helped me to fix the problem for 2 days. And even worse, my post has been closed without an answer! Why?! I am so disappointed!

It does not forward mail with new orders to the assigned address (version 4.7.4-es)


Does this theme use the same Content Builder as the ENFOLD Theme?

Is it compatible with current Wordpress and Woocommerce versions?


Hi – I bought this theme in 2012 and would like to update the theme. How do I do this? Can i just update or do I need to rebuy the theme or renew support for it or both? many thanks


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Hello, is this theme still supported? Is it compatible with the latest Wordpress and Woocommerce Version?

Hi Kriesi,

i’m web developer (both wordpress and frontend) having experience of 7 years – i have done lots of projects for themeforest – if you need an web developer please mail me at this themezane@outlook.com

“I’m sorry if this comment distrubs you”


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Cannot add pictures after wordpress update