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Nice as ever!

thanks! ;)

Very nice theme… can we use our own background images? Also I see your shop does not have any categories, can you demonstrate how the categories are viewed on the sidebar. I would like to see the boxed version use a full page single image background that has an option of fixed and scrolling.

These are important to make the final order of this theme.



1.) Yes. 2.) I have updated the shop sidebar and added the category widget ;) 3.) the “fullsize grunge” skin has a single image background that is fixed. you can of course use any predefined layout as starting point. you just need to upload your own image and select the css from the backend (fixed,scoll,alignment etc)

Hi Kreisi,

Thank you for making those updates so I can see them in action. However, the categories menu looks very basic, doesn’t seem to do much for such a great looking and responsive theme.

Can you somehow make that category menu look great just like the theme? Because this is an eCommerce theme, I think the categories menu is so very important to look the part.

I am not certain just how it should look, but I just know it needs to look great to go along with the theme.

If this can be done, it is next on my purchase list.

Well I certainly would help with a category customization if you show me something you like, since I have pretty much no idea what you would consider “great” looking :)

Hi the theme looks great, just three questions:

1) In single portfolio, is it possible to add a caption to the images in the slider?

2) What is the width for the images in the single portfolio slider?

3) Is there a limit to the number of images I can have in the single portfolio slider?

1.) Yes 2.) The fullwidth slider? 930px x 440px 3.) No limit, any number possible

Thanks, is there a way to change the height of the full width slider in single portfolio according to the images being used? or will that require a developer?

if you want to upload smaller images just do so, the slider will adjust automatically. if you want to upload bigger images you need to make sure that wordpress doesnt crop them to the size I have specified.

You only need to change one line of code in the functions.php file where the image sizes are defined. dead simple and doesnt require a developer ;)

This theme has it all! Super nice.

thanks a lot :)

Great one, I like the resize function. :)

thanks :)

This is too good! Getting it first thing 2012 ;D

go 4 it! :)

Just amazing! :) Might get it.

Umm, in the slideshow, when I click on “Next slide”, it scrolls to the top. Chrome 16, Windows 7.

thanks for the notice ;)


Are there any related posts under the Articles, could only discover this when Portfilio


Yep related posts for articles is also enabled, based on the tags you use for a post the tehem will fetch related articles with the same tags.

I don’t know what you can invented more …..VERY GOOD WORK AS all your works !! I will buy sureeeeeee !!!! aha haha :delicious:

thanks ;D

You saved my life :) Thanks for template, this is something that i was waiting a long time. Wish you many sales with this!

Thanks a lot! And happy customizing ;)

Another amazing theme here! Love it :)

Thanks a lot! :)

I agree with the earlier posted that you need to do some more work on the Ecommerce Categories. Categories should be available from the the main navigation and not only from a widget in the shop section. Perhaps a megamenu might be better than the generic Wordpress menu you have currently.

This theme seems to be a great Wordpress blogging/forum theme with little thought given to the Ecommerce functionality. I am a fan of your previous work, but this theme does not seem suited to Ecommerce. Where are the best seller/ featured products modules for the home page? I see there you have a latest products section, but this appears to be broken as it paginates the home page when there are more than four products. A home page shouldn’t paginate like this, perhaps a sliding/rotating section would be better suited to this area.

I love your themes and I can see you’re a very talented designer, but this theme defintely needs some improvements to the Ecommerce side of things as it just looks very basic currently.

Hey! Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it :) But other than the other ecommerce themes I have created this one has a focus on digital products and should serve as a starting point for people who want to sell digital goods.

I basically built the theme the way and with the features I would want to have, if I would start my own theme shop tomorrow :)

So the theme is probably not suited for people who want to host a store with tons of subcategories, but I am ok with that. With the 2 plugins there are already more backend options available than I would usually pack into a theme, and I want to keep it simple enough for people to use, so I didn’t include even more features like mega menus.

As for the homepage: wrong setting in the backend, just had to turn the pagination off, and the product slider on. You can add any number of columns and widgets to the homepage, directly from the theme backend with the template builder. So feel free to display the top seller, latest products and whatnot :)

Hi =) please answer some question +)

1. I can in product post use only one main image on top and move slideshows bottom in description section? See screenshot. second slideshow may be 2x size on height?

2. I can change width x hiight shop items?

3. It’s work with woocommerce 1.4 git version?

4. May be you capture video about options in this theme?


P.S. Sorry for bad english…

1.) sorry thats simply not posible out of the box

2.) you can change the height of images used in functions.php and the shop images in the theme backend, yes

3.) didnt test by now, but I am pretty sure it does. if not i will fix it to make it work :)

4.) yep, will do that once I have some time to spare :)

I want to know is there a way to enable the shipping options, cuz i’m selling digital good, and is it possible for people to buy without registering?

Thanks great theme :)



Shipping options got a settings page and you can enable and disable them globaly, yes. You can also change the registration settings so users dont need to register.

I would recommend to download the plugin on its own and install it so you se which options you got :)

Really nice template kriesi, especially the implementation of ecommerce in it. Congrats on the million as well.

thanks a lot!

It’s very good theme! but think… i cannot customize theme for me ((

Kriesi, may you now working on bookstore (shop) theme? :)

It’s need me =)

I am afraid a bookstore theme would be a little to specific. Also the next few themes I build probably wont have a ecommerce solution.

sorry for that

Hi Kriesi,

Another great looking theme. I was just wondering if woocommerce has quantity discounts? So say the price per product is €10, but if someone buys 5 or more, then the price per product is say €8. Reason I’m asking this is because the other solution….similar to this one, does not have that option. I’m looking for a theme for a customer of mine. I tried to search at the Woocommerce site, but their forum is offline.

thanks a million tdako

PS: you could write a feature request in the github forum. maybe it will be considered :)

Thanks a lot.

Funny though that such an option is not available from the beginning.

I’ll do a request at github.


hehe true :)

Good luck with the request!

This theme looks awesome! Good luck with sales! By the way, Merry Christmas!

Thanks a lot! Merry Christmas to you as well :)

Great looking theme. I was wondering if it was develop with a mobile first approach?

nope, I was going the other way around :)

Do you have an option to add “Latest Blog Entries” to the homepage like you do for the “Latest Portfolio Entries”? Thanks – Greg

Yes thats possible. With the help of the template builder and the column element :)