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Hi, I am think off buying this theme and I am just wondering one thing: I am from Sweden and want my site/shop to be in Swedish, is that possible?? Thanks!!

Hi Kreisi

I love this theme! One of the cleanest and easiest themes I ever used. If anyone is interessted in how it looks like: Lenz Treuhand AG

Gruss nach Österreich!

I would like to buy this theme, but I think navigation it’s kind of slow. Is there anyway to improve this?

hello again.

I purchased your template and I have no support. There is an error on my forum account support, and I can not access I tried to contact you many times and have never responded. please contact asap


OK. I have spent hours and hours customizing this theme only to find out that image selection for variations, so that the product image will change to the selection, IS NOT a function of this theme even though it is basic for woocommerce. The support forum says this is never going to be updated?! I would have appreciated a disclaimer on the description so I could not have wasted my time and money. Buyer beware!!!!! WTF

Hello, I am very interested in buying this theme but I am wondering is it possible to allow for different currencies depending on what country the buyer is viewing the website?

After theme install my page page attributes are not showing. I cant st a page as a homepage.

Hi Kreisi,

Can I ask some questions about the Propulsion Theme please? Does this theme provide any advanced shopping cart functionality? And how many products/photos can I put within the shopping cart? My client needs a powerful shopping cart for her wholesale fashion website, and she needs to put in many products and photos inside.

I hope you can reply soon since this is REALLY URGENT and I need to get back to my client very soon.

Thank you so much for your understanding. Appreciate it very much!!

Theme crashes the admin panel when trying to activate Woocomerce plugin. When I buy the most expense Eccomerce theme you have to offer I expect it to work….I’ll try to find a resolution because I love the theme…but WTF .

Hi! Your theme is just awesome!!! Just a few pre purchase questions:

1. Is it possible to turn off responsiveness of this theme?
2. Is it possible to get rid of the widget area on the individual product page?
3. Abundance Video Demo No 5 shows of a different layout for the individual product page ( ) than the one on this page -> ie. add to cart not at the bottom of the product images can we move around the objects on that page easily using the template builder?
4. is it possible to make use of the full width for the individual product pages? and not have the bottom part of the content somewhat indented?
5. is it possible to get rid of the current search bar and make the woo commerce search bar appear on the topmost header instead? (where register/login/cart links are located)
6. can i create as many sliders as i want and use a specific one for any specific page?
7. can i create as many sidebar as i want and use a specific one for any specific page?

Thank you in advance! :)

just fyi your theme is used on this site: tokobungaria com

First, congratulation for your theme wich look amazing.

I am planning to buy it and I have some questions : – Can we have pages (homepage and others) with pictures in fullscreen – Can we use differents backgrounds images for each pages (and not 1 background image for all the website) – Is there a zoom system for the products’pictures?

This is for a new website, which will purpose about twenty luxury hand made products. The ambiance will be minimalist, dark colors, and overall differents high quality pictures as background in fullscreen.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Hi! I really like your template and I’d like to buy it. Just two question: is there a possibility to build a multiply language website? And is there a way to divide the clients in major and minor seller?

Many thanks.


is the theme compatible with the last version of woocommerce plugin? Thanks.


Hi. Is this theme compatible with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin? Thanks

I have a couple thousand products to showcase and was wondering if your theme has the following capabilities: 1. I won’t be actually selling the products right now. I just want to showcase the products with images, descriptions, etc. without the “buy now” buttons. Is this easily possible without custom coding? 2. Do you have a system in place to upload product descriptions and other meta data from my spreadsheet? In other words, I don’t want to build each page/post separately and manually. 3. Can I upload a batch of images that are tied to the products via a column in the spreadsheet; and then they get loaded with the meta data to create the product page?

If this is not possible with your theme, do you know if Wordpress can even handle this level of automation of products?

Thanks, Joe.

Hi, I’m having the same problems as mfarra407 and Esau977. Like mfarra407 when I activate woocommerce the admin panel crashes, I’ve tried lots of different versions but no combination seems to work. I’ve even wiped everything down, losing everything I’d put up, and started from scratch but still can’t get rid of the conflict.

And like Esau977 I can’t access the Kriesi forum as after registering no log in details were sent through and I have also been in touch several times about it but no reply :(

Hi, I am having problems translating your theme to spanish.

Error: The actual loaded translation content does not match the textdomain: avia_framework. Expect, that any text you translate will not occure as long as the textdomain is mismatching!. This is a coding issue at the source files you try to translate, please contact the original Author and explain this mismatch

Translation is not working. Can you help me with this please!! Tanks

Hello. Nice theme. Is it possible to remove the login-cart-checkout strip at the top? Thanks.