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hello, your theme is great.

I have a problem. I want in section PORTFOLIO All images are thumbnails in late at url of imagew in -450×335.jpg, how can I remove it; so I have the image in its full size; as thumbnails??

I purchased this theme and tried to install it but I get a message from wordpress: Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again. That’s it, nothing more. I am new to wordpress, how do I fix this?

Hello, Very nice them. I´d be willing to buy it but it seems you´ve been loosing momentum on answering comments and questions. I´ll see how fast you answer my comment and the other ones still open before buying. My moderate level of IT will probably require one or two emails along the way, so support is key. If you can respond, the first question would be how to simply eliminate the top bar with login, cart, etc. Best regards, Olivier.

I’m liking the theme but I am having issues with the slider not loading. I just get the spinning wheel. I’m only using three images for the slider and they are relatively small. I’m not not using any conflicting plugins as well.


Do you have a demo version? I would like to see the back-end of this theme and what the options are. If you could provide me with a link that would be great. I am very very interested in this theme.

Just updated the theme to 1.8 – However, in the dashboard – Appearance – Themes – it still says version 1.7

After updating to Wordpress 3.5.1. almost no link is clickable… weird. The them has been working without problem with a few plugins up until WP 3.5. After upgrading to 3.5.1 this behavior started. I have seen WP 3.5.1 upgrades bringing trobule to many WP setups.

Hi, I’m using the Home Page Simplified template, set to use 3 blog entries. The entire post is showing. I can’t make the entries show excerpts for the posts, even though I have entered excerpt text in the post editor and set the main WP option to show a summary of the feed. What could I be doing wrong? Thanks.

Before I buy this template I would like to know whether or not it is compatible with WordPress 3.5 and WooCommerce 2.0? Thanks!

What is the timeframe on compatibility with Wordpress 3.5.1 please? – my client keeps on asking about updating it…

i have installed the theme and am having problem in gettin the slider to work on the homepage i have added images and i just get the loading circle in the middle of the slider it does not seem to load the image.

sorry for all the questions pretty new to wordpress and still trying to get to grips with it please dont worry about my last message i have managed to sort it but i have having problems with the contact page displaying as a profollio after i removed the terms and conditions text box from within the settings are this is not needed on my contact form.

also on your videos you seem to have more options on your overwrite default page layout why is this.

How to get rid of “Hello and welcome stranger! This is propulsion, a responsive business portfolio and eCommerce Theme” main page. It drives me crazy!

hi i want to purchase put i have 2 questions

is it a good theme for sell digital goods such graphics ?

can i make it for tutorials with membership ?


I have a question for your help. How to remove “Welcome to Propulsion – a sleek wordpress business and ecommerce theme. You can purchase it on themeforest.” tab for first time join website.

Thank you

Wow congrats! Your theme is being used by they were on Shark Tank here Definitely a great selling point for your theme! Spoiler alert: they got a deal!

Is this theme fully compatible with the newest version of WooCommerce, 2.0.1?


I have already uploaded a compatibility release to themeforest. It will be accepted within the next 24 hours and should then work without any issues ;)

Thanks for the quick update theme!

I’m getting the following error on my website under the product details page.

Warning: uasort() [function.uasort]: The argument should be an array in /home/content/t/u/r/turgin01/html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/woocommerce-template.php on line 792

Here is the link directly to the page.

I’ve done some research and nothing I can find online helps me pinpoint the issue and what file I should change.

When I put text in the content area on a WooCommerce product, it displays it, but then repeats it again in the box below, with “Product Description” and “Reviews” .. Should it be this way, can I make it appear in just one or the other? Thanks.