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Hi , i got 2 question . 1) how to make as my main page ? 2) how to make my page like with rows . how to add rows ? please help . thanks

hi ,

i tried installed woo commerce and want to edit the settings but i can’t . it keep on asking me to install bb press forum which i do not want to . how to solve it ?


Thanks for the quick update!

Question/Issue: .I’m trying to sell the physical copy and the digital copy from the site on the same product page. I can not get the download function to work properly. Do you have a support site or somewhere that you prefer I get support on this issue?

I tried making a product a ‘variable product’ this didn’t work. I also tried making it a ‘simple product.’ Neither of these worked. Thanks Kriesi for our attention to my problem.


WHen I update my wordpress to 3.5.1, I have now a strange code in my detail page: Warning: uasort() [function.uasort]: The argument should be an array in /home/opchoco/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/woocommerce-template.php on line 792

you can see in this page:

Can you help me please Regards Bruno

Your theme is very nice, but I found a very bad issue:

When I add any item to cart and proceed to checkout, I found no items in cart with message “Your cart is currently empty.”

my site is


hello does anyone know how to download the updated files as the theme has stopped working on our website when we updated wordpress to 3.5.1

Hi, i just found out, that on tablets the submenu does not work. I can reach only the main menu, not the flyout. Besides this, I am very happy with the theme. Regards, Rupert

Will there ben an answer???


I have page with 24 Products short code: [product_category category=”men” per_page=”12” columns=”4” orderby=”date” order=”desc”]

example page

This page should displayed with pagination. I have a problem displaying pagination. Please help. :)

Theme is great, but support is very frustrating. There is a bug on tablets and no answer since a week. :(

I just updated to wordpress 3.5.1 and when I view the homepage it says ‘You need to install and activate the WooCommerce Shop Plugin to display Products’. The WooCommerce plugin seems to be missing but when I try to install it says

Downloading install package from… Unpacking the package… Installing the plugin… Destination folder already exists. /websites/123reg/LinuxPackage22/ju/st/ca/ Plugin install failed.

If I look woocommerce plugin seems to be there in plugins folder but it doesn’t appear as plugin on dashboard.

How to I get the WooCommerce tab to come back along with all my products.

Website is if that helps.

Thank you

Would this theme work with a membership management plugin to restrict access to certain areas? I want to set up a site with sections that people need to pay to have access to.

Dont see any problems with that, should work fine :)

I used your theme for one of my own sites and love it. I also have another friend that used a different theme to build a site. Here is my question… we both like the way your theme show “Add to Cart” / “Show Details” when you mouse over the product. Is this just some kind of additional plug he could add or is this something special you programmed?


He! Unfortunately its something that is built to work only with the themes I have created. making it work for another theme would basically mean to write the whole code new again…

Ok. Thanks.

Interested in this theme. Is it possible to have a list view?

Hey! Currently not sorry…

Is there a way to disable the responsive behavior?

i have posts created for each apartment on they use featured media for the gallery of pictures but when i click on the smaller thumb nails it shows all in one slide show is there a way i can split this up so one displays one 10 for that apartment and is they a way to order these without re adding pictures in the correct order i have tried dragging and dropping in to the correct order but this does seem to change it when the page is updated and saved.

I just bought this theme even when the support seams to be a pain in the ass sometimes (reading the comments here). I hope Kriesi is not laying back counting just the money he earns and then leaving his customers alone in the dark.

Why I say this? Because other template developers just left Themeforest, shut down their website and left their customers behind with an outdated version of the template.

Looks like there’s a cosmetic bug in the template.. haven’t even purchased yet (this is in the live demo)

thanks for the notice, will fix that with the next version ;)

Hello, please can you tell me where is the text of the home page, because you and searched the template and can not find it and I need to edit. I put an example image of the text. thank you very much


Its located in propulsion->tempalte builder. Here is a screenshot:

Hello, I’m trying to access the section of TEMPLATE BUILDER and sends me the APPEARANCE section. Because I can not get into that section TEMPLATE BUILDER? the server is windows, can be the problem?

thank you very much

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)