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hi and congrats for such an elegant design!

Thanks nmmateam!

Thanks :)

Looks great, best of luck with sales :)

Happy to see you mate, many thanks :)

Very nice… I would buy this if it was a WordPress theme

Awesome! glws mate! ;)

Thanks Peter!

Nice Work Again :) GLWS

Thanks :)

very nice, thanks

i downloaded and index.html shows 2 errors:

1. “NetworkError: 404 Not Found – http://localhos/demo/template/Proshark/HTML/cyan/img/nav-item-divider.png"

2. TypeError: $(“time”).timeago is not a function $(‘time’).timeago();



1. Are you trying to install it anywhere (like with localhost). It is plain HTML / CSS template.

2. It is related to twitter time and do not affect display, but still if you do not want this, drop me mail through profile, will send you the modified twitter js.

Thanks, Tansh

hello, again

I am not trying to install it on any joomla/wordpress, am going to implement on my own CMS for a friend’s website

the twitter error doesn’t bother me at all, neither error bothers me really, i just thought that nav-item-divider may be some image that should be shown, and an error in firebug is an error so i thought i’d let you know :)

Hello, it seems that /img/nav-item-divider.png is missing in website package. Can you provide missing file via email?

Thank you.


I missed it :) . At the last moment, decided not to keep divider for dropdown, as menu looked good without it. Removed image, but forgot to remove path from css.

Drop me mail though profile page, will send you the image. Thanks for pointing it out.

This theme looks great. Was wondering if you had done any news/blog pages for it?

Hi, theme currently do not have blog page included. Unfortunately no plans to add any, in further update. Thanks.