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Wow. So many options, and so refined. This will sell phenomenally!

Regards, Jar(ed)

Ty, i hope so :)

Privet. Klassnaya tema. Priyatno videt zemlyakov na etom saite. Udachi v prodazhah. Denis!

Privet Denis, spasibo! i tebe toge udachi :)

The flash on the homepage is having some issues for me… I just installed this onto a new wordpress installation and giving me the same issue. The flash is being pushed up and the shadow is not fully showing… any thoughts?

Dear qsquared, yes we had a wrong attribute in prosto_3d.php, as i already wrote you in email, all you need to do is to change height from 350 to 420 in js/piecemaker/prosto_ 3d.php

We already uploaded a new sources and waiting for review.

Sorry olegnax – Nothing has come through on my email yet…. I will re-download the source files. Thanks man.

Great template – Very clean and easy to use so far. Thanks!

you don’t really need to download all archive again. Just change one number in js/piecemaker/prosto_ 3d.php from 350 to 420 :)

Wow, very clean and elegant. Great job!


Ivor Envato Team

This one will give you the black and/or hopefully the silver paw :) good luck!

oh ye hopefully :)

Nice work! Great use of color!

Very beautifull work Olegnax! Just one question :) When setting up the Connect widget, My site URL is placed before The Facebook and Twitter Link, how can I change this?


Hi JorritK, thanks for purchasing. Glad you like the theme.

You need to write your full URLs, start with http:// i.e. http://twitter.com/yourname

Perfecto! Good Luck!

Tnx, good luck to you too :)

Hi Olegnax,

First off, I want to commend you on creating such an amazing WP Theme. As soon as I viewed it, I intstantly knew I had to use it for my website.

I have a question, is there an option to place an embed vimeo or youtube video as the main page picture?

Please let me know if this is possible. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.



Hi Ivodator, Thanks!

Sorry, but there is no option in admin panel for this. But you can make it with hardcode.

For more drop me a mail please.

Nice theme! :)

Two questions: - is “translation ready”? - I want to put the “featured” slide with many non featured images in all pages with more small height px than now. Is possible that?

Ty Oviliz!

1. Not yet, but we are planing to make it in our next updates. 2. It isn’t possible from admin panel, only with hardcode. We can talk about this by e-mail, if you want.


GREAT JOB ! I see now, the theme have the localization. So I already buy it! Thanks! :D

Hi Olegnax,

It looks that linebreaks are getting wrapped around with paragraph tags this isn’t the case when I activate other themes.

Hi Ed73,

I’ve checked other themes, they are also do wrapping around line break. But it can be not so noticeable on some themes.

In our theme we added padding for paragraph, this is attribute of the design. If we’ll turn this off, then content going to have terrible formatting.

Thank you for purchasing!

Ochen’ horoshij start u tebja, Ivor pravil’no skazal, bystro serebrjanyj bejdzh poluchish’) Pozdravljaju!

Ploho chto u tebja net tvittera( Sovetuju poskorej zavesti, pomozhet s prodazhami)


Spasibo, nu budem nadeetsya na serebryaniy bejdzh s etoy temi :)

Zhelau udachi i v tvoih prodazhah!

Hi there, I just purchased your theme, it looks great but i’m running into a few problems with the slider.

I want it to display the latest post on the homepage slider, and they can click either the title or the learn more button so it goes to that page in the portfolio/blog telling them more about it. How do I do this?

I’m struggling to even get it to look like yours in the preview, although I have followed your documentation.

This is what the code looks like so far, am I doing something wrong? I’m sure i’ve followed it exactly to what you have typed in on the documentation.

[slide_pic_small] <img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-82" src="http://myimageurl/image.jpg" /> [/slide_pic_small] [slide_description_bold button_link="http://mylinkurl.com button_text="Start <br />Experience"] <h2>Prosto</h2> Professional blah [slide_description_bold]

Hi Mattio,

You are missing quote symbol after mylinkurl and you didn’t closed slide shortcode.

Here how the code should looks like:

[slide_pic_small] <img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-82" src="http://myimageurl/image.jpg" /> [/slide_pic_small] [slide_description_bold button_link="http://mylinkurl.com" button_text="Start <br />Experience"] <h2>Prosto</h2> Professional blah [/slide_description_bold]

Thank you for purchasing! Cheers

Ah awesome, works great thanks :)

Is it possible to have the slider to display the latest post? So when I post something new, the homepage will change so that it has my newest post with it’s image on. So you can attach a permalink to the button and it’ll take you to a page where you can learn more about it. Something I could edit in home.php ?

Sorry, but no, it is impossible to make this at the moment, because we made slider the way it use posts from specified category. The only possibility for you atm is to create slide preview for each post (or which you would like to see in preview).

To make it the way you wanted, we need to add some attributes to blog posts in admin panel, for slide generation. Maybe we will add this in our next update.

Just purchased the theme and am setting up all the options. I’m having a problem though with the RSS feed. I left it at default when setting up the Connect Widget. When clicking the RSS icon, it displays an error. I ran the RSS feed through http://feedvalidator.org and it does not validate.

It references line 16, column 16 and states “lastBuildDate must be an RFC -822 date-time:” and there is nothing provided between the <lastbuilddate></lastbuilddate> tags.

It is a fresh install of Wordpress 2.9.2 and I do not receive this error with the basic themes provided with Wordpress.

Hi Jarhead,

Please check if you have posts that will be shown in RSS . If you will look at our preview, you can see that rss is valid. In preview we are using clean WP version 2.9.2 without any addons, except dummy content.

You can send us your website url and access to admin panel by email and we will check where the problem is for you.


Thank you for purchasing!

Duh! It would help if I had content posted. Thanks. Fantastic theme!

trying to create a project page and i cant get the image to go in the top image space. so i have a post with title and image and text in the body the thumbnail preview does not show an image even though i have the image url in the box plus i added a post thumbnail but still no thumbnail, the lightbox image does show though. but when you click view to see the large image i see the grey image placeholder and my image bellow?

iv looked at your project page viewed the source to make sure i had the correct class as you do on your post image but still the image loads below the grey image placeholder – this is on the full portfolio layout page.

any thoughts? thanks

Hi Ecomatt,

If you have created post, set thumbnail for current post and thumbnail can’t be seen in thumbnail preview (at the bottom in right column of the post page admin) then please send us access to our WP and will try to find out the reason.

If the thumbnail is can be found in thumbnail preview, then its can be a problem with file permission for script that we use for images in our theme. Check this please: Timthumb script needs permissions of 755 or 777 for image cache directory (/prosto/functions/cache), and for the directory that holds the script (/prosto/functions).

Thank you for purchasing!
Hope this is helpful.

also when you add the url for the lightbox preview and lightbox on the portfolio small medium or large can you deactivate the lightbox feature and just make it so when you click the image or the read more it will just take you to the full post page? i dont want lightbox to activate.

Sorry, but you can’t deactivate lightbox yet. We are going to make this in our next update that is planned to Monday.


Thank for your the kind theme. I have a problem with sidebar menu links order. I made a new sidebar and added some pages into it. Sidebar is showing menu links in random order. I would like to use page order value. Cheers. www.tartutennis.ee

Hi Tartutennis,

To sort by “Page order” in default widget “Pages”, set a specified number (i.e. 1,2,3 ..) in “Order” field to your pages.

Note the difference between Page Order and Page ID. The Page ID is a unique number assigned by WordPress to every post or page. The Page Order can be set by the user in the Write>Pages administrative panel.

Thank you for purchasing! Cheers

Wow. This is insane! How long did you spend on this? Wondering what it takes :)

Regards, Lance

Ty! Can’t say for sure, because we were making it in between of our main work, but pretty long :)

Theme looks really NICE !

Having said the above, please forgive me for asking questions about the only aspects I consider negative about the theme. The only reason I am asking, is because I think the theme looks great, and I want to buy it!

1. The main menu submenus seem a bit sluggish. There seems to be some delay before the submenu appears when rolling over an item, and the animation is a bit slow. Is it easy to make the menu more responsive by editing some javascript?

2. I miss some HOVER style and ACTIVE style for the main menu items. I guess this would not be hard to add myself, but I thought I should mention it …

3. There is no Breadcrumbs module? That means finding another plugin, and getting it integrated properly …

4. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to integrate some spam-prevention for the contact form? This contact form needs to be entirely substituted with a 3rd party plugin in most cases, because you simply cannot have a form without some captcha(or similar).

5. It wouldn’t hurt with some more shortcodes … I miss having some featured boxes(for sidebars especially, something with rounded corners?) and maybe dinamic jquery elements … Wouldnt hurt with some refined widgets either

6. Is it just me, or is there a bug on the frontpage jquery slider? The 3 small circles at the bottom right that represent the current slide are all empty. I mean, they do not display what slide is currently displaying … https://dl.dropbox.com/u/746603/screenshots/Screen%20shot%202010-05-13%20at%207.13.32%20PM.png

7. The frontpage slider is of importance to us for SEO as well as display. The rendering of the text into a cufon font, I presume it does no damage to SEO , as there is a “cufon-alt” text?

I don’t mean to sound negative, this theme looks great! I guess the above is a mix of questions, comments and suggestions.

Great! I already bought the theme …

I did notice an unimportant bug you may wanna fix for Monday: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/746603/screenshots/Screen%20shot%202010-05-13%20at%2010.52.23%20PM.png

When there is no main content, and if the screen is very big(24” here), the main footer area creates a glitch in the form of a white area ….

Perhaps something else you wanna fix for Monday – When I roll my mouse over the main logo, the link area is inconsistent. The mainmenu row seems to interfere with the logo link somehow … at least thats what firebug shows me. I am experiencing this on firefox+safari on Mac …

Should I be reporting bugs here or sending them directly to you perhaps?

Thx again, we will fix that glitch.

We already had an issue with logo click area and we fixed it, going to be in monday update.

It would be great if you can report them directly to us by email.
Thanks for helping us improving this theme :)