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Hi great theme! I tried to use the [list_marked] shortcode in a text widget, but it doesnt show the cute arrow – do shortcodes work in text widgets?

Page reloads after 10-15 seconds.

Can you let me know if this is a known issue?

We are loading about 175 photos on our gallery page… it gets about half way through and then the page just refreshes (Chrome)

I can’t get the background images to display at all on IE.

Is there a maximum image size for the background images?

Is there a maximum number of images to load in a gallery?

Here is a link to the site.


Thanks for your help.

Hi Stockefeller,

You are using another WordPress theme on your website. I think you commented on wrong theme page.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.


when i change the Permalink Settings from default to Month and name then link of those pages doesn’t work.

http://forums.hostgator.com/mod-rewrite-t8549.html?s=b04fb7627efaa563c0740029979aff04& Hostgator (our webhost) has mod_rewrite enabled

It’s an issue with your .htaccess at root of WordPress or mod_rewrite on your hosting.

Theme don’t modify any WordPress rewrite rules.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.


i am not getting “Full Width” page option when i create a new page “Template” section shows only 4 options except “Full width”

waiting for your reply

Thank you

Hi Mazar_magic,

“Default template” = “Full width”


Hi Oleg, I love the template! Great work. Will you be building an html5 wordpress version of this theme? Would be awesome to have the future proof html and ease to pass on control to a client (with the wordpress interface). Cheers, Alex

Hi Richoson,

Maybe we convert this theme to HTML5 at next update, not really sure about it for now.


Hi when I add images for a gallery, each image shows up 2 times in the lightbox gallery. I have noticed, when I put in the .jpg url into “Alternative URL instead permalink” (so that it opens the lightbox instead of going to the post page, thats when I get double images in the gallery ) http://www.sichabasadeh.com/gallery/

Hi Yardena,

You got double images at lightbox gallery, because you added same image url to “view project” link as you already have for thumbnail link. You need just avoid duplicate urls for thumbnail and for link below it.

Bets regards, Kostiantyn.

Hi thanks for the response!! 1) But when I “Check to disable lightbox for preview of this post.” then on the gallery page if I click the thumbnail I only get to view the image as a JPG in the browser instead of viewing it in the lightbox.

2) Also when I click on the title of each image for ex. “Honey combing” it opens up that image in lightbox but doesnt display all the pics in the gallery – is there a way for it to display all the pics? http://www.sichabasadeh.com/gallery/honey-making-gallery/

To summarize, when I click the thumbnail, the image title or the “View Project link” I want to get the lightbox gallery – how do I do that?

Hi I realized I need to distinguish between the main gallery page (http://www.sichabasadeh.com/gallery/) and the individual gallery page (http://www.sichabasadeh.com/gallery/honey-making-gallery/). My most recent comment above was for an individual gallery page (http://www.sichabasadeh.com/gallery/honey-making-gallery/).

On the main gallery page can I have the thumbnail and the “View Project link” link to a page (the URL of the individual gallery)? Thnaks


how to remove “Do you have something to say?” section form the bottom of every pages?


It’s comments. Just disable discussion for pages. You can find basic WordPress information here : http://codex.wordpress.org/Getting_Started_with_WordPress


that was quick reply thank you :)

Hi i need to fix the video in the coin slider any help please to make it happen? thanks

Hi Dizen,

Unfortunately, coin slider don’t support video. Use jcycle if you need video.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.


I want to run a small upgrade to my front page:

Currently I’m using a slideshow there – which I want to keep. Above it I want to also show a custom text header. My problem is that currently when I check the text header it appears instead of the slideshow.

Can the theme be set up so that slideshow stays in place and above it appears the custom text header?



Hi Apto,

It’s impossible at this theme to show both header variants at same time.

Change code at title.php for your needs.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.


I have a problem : the title which shows up on the homepage is the title of the last box. And when I refresh the page, it’s the good title which appears… If I clear my cookies, and refresh again, the wrong title is showing up…

You can test this on http://www.promotion.terracites.fr/


Hi 512banque,

Maybe it’s a problem at configuration of “All in One SEO Pack” plugin?

Can you send via email your admin login for WP and I’ll check your issue?

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

you were right, thanks :)

I need to change the size of jCycle slideshow to 800×300 as the default size. How can I change it?

Hi Mattgreaves,

It’s complex thing. I can’t say you at few words how to change it, because sizes are in CSS and PHP files. And images used as frames for previews.

Best reagrds, Kostiantyn.

This theme is ultra gorgeous and eye-catching! I love how the font doesn’t assume you can see ant-sized words like some themes I’ve came across.

Just a question about the portfolio. Would it be difficult to insert a menu category on the portfolio section with this theme? I’ve seen that feature in other themes where, while browsing the portfolio section, one can select what appears based by selecting the category at the top of the page below the breadcrumbs.


Hi Calafair,

This theme does not support filtering options for portfolios as you ask. You need do/order customization to add this function.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

Hi I am stuck on the home page as I do not see and edit button so I can not add any text to my home page can you please help me thank :confused:


Hi I am stuck on the home page as I do not see and edit button so I can not add any text to my home page can you please help me thank my url is http://umarabid.cixx6.com/ please pm me so that I can give you access to back end and then you can see what I mean. I need your help assp

Hi Syfer1987,

You need read included documentation and WordPress Codex ( http://codex.wordpress.org )

Also i don’t see a purchase badge on your messages. Did you purchase this theme actually?

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

I would like to post my appreciation and high recommendation for this wordpress theme and its creators. The design itself is clean and intuitive, also the service is impeccable. I can’t thank Olegnax enough for their time and efforts! Congratulations on a great product

I’ve been hacked using this theme :/ Hacker created files using the thumb.php and the cache directory :(

Hi 512banque,

Very sad to hear that you are were hacked. Be sure that you are using latest version of our theme. TimThumb script have vulnerability only at early versions.

At any way I’ll upload new version of this theme soon, at which TimThumb will be replaced with native WordPress function.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

I think we were also hacked using this theme!

Hacker sent out 166,000 spam emails!

Major security issue with the theme. I have had confirmed by my server management!

Hi Kylelnsn,

Send us a more details why your are thinking that it’s theme problem and we’ll try to help you.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.