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I’ve successfully downloaded and installed the theme, and it seems that all the content and functionality is available, and as far as I can tell all of the PSD files were successfully installed. BUT none of the website pages show the PSD files and formatting…how do I fix this?

Hi Cmdaggit,

Thanks for purchase.

As I understand your message, you want to setup same content like we have on preview for this theme. So you need message me via form on our profile page and I’ll send you preview data for import.

I suggest you read documentation and try setup your website from clean install, it’s a better way.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

Hey can I ask how come the home page is not in the pages list in the back end? How is someone spouse to edit the home page when the page is not listed in the pages part in the back end as I am no web designer so it would be good to add a page for the home page as well. Other than that its a good theme.

How do I update the theme from 1.6 to 1.7 without losing every thing that I have worked on?

Hi, First of all, awesome theme! It’s working perfectly and it was fairly easy to setup. Though, I encountered a problem with prettyphoto…

Is there a way to disable (the included) prettyphoto? Could you please give me instructions on how to do this?

With kind regards, BrainPulse

I may sound silly asking but how do i export the psd files after i have altered them. i just wanted to make the slideshow and background color on the frontpage a bit slimmer.

I would like to remove the comment area below my pages. Is there a way to completely remove the comments field?


bvj Purchased


I am using the Firebug plugin with FireFox browser and I can easily identify which file prosto php line 94 with Firebug. However, when I download prosto php via ftp and open it with notepad or wordpad and try to find the hex code I want to change color, I cannot find the code.

I can easily see the color change when I modify the hex code from within firebug but I don’t know how to make the change permanent using firebug.

Please help.

Thank you,


Hi David,
It’s dynamic colors and you can set them from WP admin panel, Prosto-> Custom styles.

Best regards Oleg.


First – greate theme, I purchesed it last night and really enjoy working with it.

I have a small problem: The “Learn More” button appears fine in chrome and Firefox, but using explorer (in this case – 9), it just goes to hell :)

can u pls help me fix it up?

you can see it here: http://www.transemite.com/

Hi guygolan,
You need to cleanup your markup, switch to HTML mode in editor and cleanup STRONG tags inside shortcodes.

Best regards Oleg.


I would like to change the speed of the coin slider in the homepage, is it possible ? Could not find it ..

Thanks !

Hi gabyu,
You need to edit “footer.php”

look for coinslider javascript initialization and add following lines:

delay: 3000, // delay between images in ms
sDelay: 30, // delay beetwen squares in ms

For more info, check official site http://workshop.rs/2010/04/coin-slider-image-slider-with-unique-effects/

Best regards Oleg.

I’ve just updated the theme1.63 to 1.7 and now the slider on the front page has the text bumped down.

Any ideas?



In the blog archive widget, a month shows up that has no entries and you get a 404 error if you click on it.

Technically this month does have an entry, but its category is checked as exclude from blog on the Prosto blog setting page (it is a portfolio category.)

How do I get it so that month does not show up on the archive widget?

Hi, I love the theme, it works great. I am having one issue though, in the front page teasers i placed 3 pages and these pages have links in them and each link is represented by an image. the images were uploaded to word-press and are of type .png . however, in the site the images have a white background. what do i need to remove the white background? thanks!

I tried what is written below without success. where am i meant to change this? I edited the page where i tried to imbed the image and added the border=0 to the IMG tag but that didnt work. i also tried to add a custom css command to the custom style page you provide without any luck. can you please give more directions on what to change? thanks


Sorry, I mean ADD noborders class..

With border

<img class="alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-108" src="http://prosto.cult-f.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/image4-150x150.jpg" width="150" height="150" />

Without border

<img class="alignleft noborders size-thumbnail wp-image-108" src="http://prosto.cult-f.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/image4-150x150.jpg" width="150" height="150" />

thank you that solved it!

Hi there,

I recently updated Wordpress to 3.3.1 and now the site is messed up. www.hippersonconstruction.com.

- The slider on the front page is no longer displaying text or the navigation properly.

- The twitter widget is no longer displaying tweets

- and the social widget has a large gap between it and the title.

Are there any files I need to update?

I haven’t tried reading many comments or anything yet, but any help would be greatly appreciated.



- The twitter feed is now working (footer) - The gap between the social icons and title is now fixed (footer) - The slider is still not displaying properly. This is most likely some .CSS but I was wondering if you had any other advice about what might be causing this.


You need remove line breaks in visual editor for slideshow shortcodes.


[/slide_pic_small][slide_description_bold button_link=awards/ button_text="Get Details"]...[/slide_description_bold]


[slide_description_bold button_link=awards/ button_text="Get Details"]

Thanks olegnax…totally what was wrong! Really appreciate it! Cheers!

really great theme!

the default post page layout is 1/3-2/3. i was wandering if i can make it a regular page (1 column) when i use it in portfolio and 1/3-2/3 only in the news section.

thanks for a wonderful work!

Hi arbesman,

If I understand you correctly and you want to make post page with 1 column, then you need to edit single.php

You can send access to admin panel via form at our page and I’ll change it for you.

I would like to buy your theme for wp., but I need to know if it is possible to have the posts of the blog at the front page under the head in two columns at the left and a third column at the right for widget area. Thank you

I would like to buy your theme for wp., but I need to know if it is possible to have the posts of the blog at the front page under the head in two columns at the left and a third column at the right for widget area. Thank you

does this theme support Hebrew? can i place in the header a video & a contact form next to it (above the fold)?

thanks lior

Hi lior2012,

This theme support Herbrew but only without cufon. To add contact form with slideshow in header you need to order customization.

I’m trying to change the size of the title of each page. I see that in the admin section i can control the font size and i changed it to 1em and then to 0.1em but it doesn’t impact the size of the font… what am i doing wrong? thanks for you help :)

actually now i figured it out – i updated the title.php

how can I control the size of the black background of the title?

Hi sincai,

Search following line in css/general.css to chnage size of the black background.

.page_title .wrap, body.page .page_title .wrap { min-height: 105px !important;

Prosto is a really nice theme. I purchased it because it says that it has rtl support. I see the rtl.css file, but I’m not sure what to do with it. style.css is very sparse. There’s nothing in the documentation that explains how to implement it. I’d really appreciate if someone could help me out.

Thanks! Rena

Hi RenaReich,

You need to install RTL (herbrew, arabic , not sure) version of WordPress and theme will switch to RTL automatically.