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i have a problem in the 3 teasers one box (the one on the right) gets “cut” and i cant fix it too .. waiting for your answer,thanks

my site http://www.barbatmitzvush.co.il

Hi ywest,

In teaser that was cut, you have dublicate div this led to error.

Sorry, forgot to mention which one:
<div class="col3 teaser" />

In the live preview on the layout small portfolio page http://prosto.cult-f.net/portfolio/layout-small/, there is a button “view” next to each preview item, but the items with video content only take you to a page (for example http://prosto.cult-f.net/vimeo-content/) with a preview image.

Is there a way to have the video instead of just the preview image in the page that it links to?


Never mind the above question. I found the answer. I use the prettyphoto code on a page (not the portfolio page). See their website. Works and looks great!


How can i close the Comment option on the page, i have disabled all the options on the Discusion area of Wordpress setting, it is still showing, if the user would like to leave comments. (I don’t want to touch the code, )

Hi alimaserrat,

There is a tab named Screen options at the top, when you edit page. Expand it and uncheck discussions.

- i have assigned a page to “Source for content area:” of front page, and under the slider, before the content to be started, the tittle of page is showing in big font, how can i remove the title and remove that space between slider and the content (minimize the space). - also i have enabled the 3D slider, and upload the photos to the folder that the direction advised, but it is still showing the old images (i have deleted the old images, and also rename my files to what it suppose to be, still same.


1. To remove space you need to edit: /css/general.css, there pretty much changes you need to make.

2. To remove titles comment all <h2><?php the_title(); ?></h2> in home.php

3. If you renamed images and still th same then you need to clear you browser cache. But actually to add or remove image you need to edit slider xml file.

Hi there,

Is it possible to remove the 910px image from the top of the portfolio layout ?

Many Thanks


I’m having problems with the sidbars with Prosto.

I go to Prosto > Sidebars and create a sidebar. Easy

Then I go to widgets and add stuff to the new side bar.

But it doesn’t show up anywhere on the site.

Am I missing a step?

Thanks for helping.

Hi tspearin,

Please, send access to your admin panel via form at our profile page.


Is there any way to switch on the RTL of the theme without switching to a different language version of WordPress?


Hi edanm,

You need to use some plugins that allow switch to RTL without switching to a different language version of WordPress.

Some time ago we used this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/rtl-tester/ not sure if it is still relevant

Hi Olegnax,

I have a problem to translate the different english texts in french. For example in my contact page I want to change “how to find us?” and “contact form”. Moreover, I tried to change the english texts in my 404 page and now I got an error message when i reach the page…

Here is my website : http://e-imagedemarque.com

By the way, great theme, I’m very happy with it :)

Thank you in advance for your help,


Hi Hugo, You need to use .po/.mo files, to translate this text, here is the cut from FAQ :

You need to save your translation like a
at /prosto/laguages/ directory. After that you need edit file wp-config.php to set language for WP:
define (‘WPLANG’, ‘no_NO’);
Important! File name and define should be exactly same. Note: “no_NO” it’s a sample name.

Also you can find info about translation WP themes here:
http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress_in_Your_Language Delete this FAQ

Dear Olegnax, I have a big problem with your (beautiful, anyway) them, because I compiled the website (visibile here: www.farmaciapoles.it ) but I can see the homepage coin slideshow just on ONE browser ( chrome ) and presently just from ONE machine, and I really can’t figure out how this can happen, since I don’t know anything about jquery and js. The only thing I know is that when I pone the site with Safari and I check page activities, I see the browser continuously loading an “undefined” value with apparently the same refresh time of the slideshow. I have a problem too with the area immediately below this slideshow, which is intended to be gray and it’s almost always lime green instead. My website has to work properly by the end of the next week and, no need to say, I’m quite desperate. Could you please help me? I can provide wordpress access if you need.

Thank you for any help! Giorgio

Hi Giorgiobiscaro,

It looks like you didn’t set category of posts for Coin slider on Frontpage.

You can check it at Dashboard->Prosto->Frontpage


WordPress 3.3.1 will not install this theme?? I can upload and install other themes with no problems but cannot get Prosto to install. Any suggestions??


Hi Broyal,

Did you extract archive that you download from Themeforest? Actual theme files inside it.

Did you try upload theme via FTP ?


How can I remove the Facebook and Twitter icons from the lightbox pop in the portfolio pages? Is it possible to only remove individual posts, or is it an all or nothing scenario?



Hi Techdepartment,

You can disable this buttons for whole site. Just add to Dashboard->Prosto->Custom styles-> Custom CSS rules next code:

.pp_social {display:none !important;}

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

For contact us page, the content of the page is starting after the form and google map, which is not visible to visitor unless they scroll, down, how can i have the content to show just from under the google map, (I’m about to have the location of the company to be shown) here is the link:


Couple of questions please.

1) Firstly, has the TIMTHUMB .PHP exploit been patched?

2) With the teasers on the front page, I cant seem to figure out how to add posts as teasers instead of just pages?

3) The teasers on the front page render the entire post and not just an excerpt even though I’m using the “more” tag. The “read more” buttons are not showing up.

4) When using a featured image on a page, the image does not display on the page itself or on the teaser on the front page.

5) When creating posts, it doesn’t have the option of changing the template to full width like the pages editor. Where is it pulling “recent posts” and popular posts” from?


Sorry for all of the questions but I am finding the documentation difficult to understand.



1. Yes, it was patched

2. only pages

3. Teasers display full content from source pages, and read more is a custom shortcode that you need to insert in your source page for shortcode. You need to use separate pages for teasers.

4. Our theme does not display featured images for pages.

5. Posts are always with right sidebar. Recent and popular posts can be turned off in admin panel: Dashboard->Prosto->Blog.

hi! can i add swf files in portfolio like here: www.virogroup.ru ?

thank you

Hi Tramvai,

Yes, you can.


Here’s to way to translate the Prosto theme in French. Requirement (you can chose other PO editor): PoEDIT avalaible FREE at: http://www.poedit.net/download.php

Start by installing wordpress in French, it will be more easy.

Next, go to themes/Prosto/language and open the file proto.po with POEDIT and do the translation. Once it’s finish, save it. (It will update the .po and the .mo at the same time)

Finaly, just rename the name of the prosto.po and prosto.mo file for fr_FR.po and fr_FR.mo

All done, your translation will be visible on your website.

Enjoy !

I have some diffyculty to find my problem, I really like the title appear in the top of the website for page, but when i’m on a simple post, ofthen, my post title is too long and it make my title look bad.

How can I remove the bold title on single post and insert it directly in top of my content like a simple wordpress blog ? (I d’on’t want the title background color disapear, just want it empty.)

Thanks for your help.


Your theme is awesome by the way. I have turned around and attempted to use the 3D Slideshow with my own images, however I have ran into a lot of trouble regarding this.

I have basically renamed the default images from image1.jpg to image1a.jpg and so forth. I uploaded my own custom images and named them image1.jpg and so forth however the images aren’t changing. They are still just displaying your images that came with the template.

I have checked the Prosto documentation and it appears I’m doing everything right, what am I missing.

Hi Airnooch,

If you’ve replace default images with your, slideshow must work. Maybe you have a browser cache?

Best regards, Kostiantyn.


Im upgrading the theme from 1.4 to 1.7, whats the best way to do this?

I have tried installing the theme (ver 1.7) in a new theme folder and switching to it, however the design of the site if off and there is not formatting on the front end when I swap?

Hi gekkoshot,

I can only suggest you to make a backup and then copy new theme files via ftp to the same folder.


Thanks for your support so far!

With the Popular/Recent Posts widget at the bottom of each post, I want to exclude my portfolio category from this. how can I do this?

Hi gekkoshot,

I’m sorry but you can’t do this, it require code modifications.