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Hiee Dankov,

On my blog, for some big posts, I want to break(split) that post into multiple pages like this >> http://puu.sh/l7YAX/0a1c6a99a5.png

But how to do this perfectly on our theme? I’ve tried all tutorials on google, but got failed!! So please help me!!

Hello. I badly understood you. Provide more info to email

Mailed you now, please check!!

In the new theme you installed there is a HOME button automatically added to the Secondary Menu. I did not add HOME to the menu nor do i want it. How do I remove HOME from the secondary nav?

ok, write me to email. I’ll remove.

Sent a few more emails. Please respond.

I wrote you an email about DFP ads. Please respond ASAP. Thanks!

I replied.

I emailed you back. The shortcode in the widget is just displaying as text. Not an add.

I emailed you again. Having trouble with getting ads to appear. It’s set up in Adsense and I’m just showing blank spaces. Please respond to my email.

I emailed about ads. They are still not working. Please respond to my email it’s been over a week.

check email.

How do I change the link color so that it constantly is blue, instead of only being blue when you hover over it?

Hello. Provide please link to site to my email. dankov.theme@gmail.com I’ll help you.


Nice theme! I’ve been customizing it for a week now, but I do need to change one thing I think you can help me with.

I couldn’t find anything in the .css, but I do want to change the link color. Not only the hover, but both. Right now it appear as white, until mouseover and it will turn the right color. But I would really like to change that white color, so I can make it more visible for readers that it is a link.


Hello. Please provide link to your site and credentials from wp-dashboard. I’ll take a look.

My email dankov.theme@gmail.com

Regards, Egor.

Hello, I have error when performed to Wordpress import demo.xml… Some files were not imported…. Failed to import Media “01” etc… Thank you!

Hello. Please, provide your credentials from wp dashboard, I’ll take a look.

My email dankov.theme@gmail.com

Regards, Egor.

Hello bro, I need a help from you for solving a problem with this theme!

Please reply to my mail! >> avinashmjdhf@gmail.com

Hello. Okay.

still waiting for ur reply! :/

Hello, I’m facing a strange problem on my site,

the icons on home page are not displaying, [http://www.tricks99.net/], check this = http://screencast.com/t/1bqSYN4NiQI,

but from the 3rd page on wards the icons are displaying properly for all of us. [http://www.tricks99.net/page/3/]

check this video – http://screencast.com/t/ZjedXUkDIv

Also, on some posts, icons are not displaying! example – http://www.tricks99.net/google-adsense-certified-partners/

For some people, they can see icons on some posts on my site but for some other people, they cannot see any icons on any posts!

So how to solve this problem? Please help me!

You install icomoon icon font. please remove it.

ya, removed it, and problem got solved! Thanks bro!

But why this icomoon created problem?

because these icon fonts is intersection

Hello. I found a bug in Prostore theme. There is a file /prostore/assets/css/bootstrap.css which imports Open Sans google-font via HTTP not HTTPS. HTTPS should be preferred method nowadays. Our website is https-only so this font didn’t load (insecure requests are blocked). Thanks.

okay. thanks :)

I’ll fix in next update.

whats is the best theme tech blog For This site – https://www.tricksbysmt.com/

Hello. You can try to use our themes: ProStore, Planer, Univermag.

Morning, Sir. I’d like to ask. is it compatible with Wordpress 4.8 version? I’ll be waiting for your answer, Sir. Thanks.

Hello. Yes, sure :)