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Very nice! Nice colors. Bold and cute design.

Thanks Preon!

Love your style!

Congrats , looks fantastic :)

Looking into purchasing…what do you use to edit these? Do you edit in photoshop and then upload as individual pages to server? Are there instructions on uploading so they appear correctly? Great designs!!

Thank you! Yes, you edit the files in Photoshop, slice images and do html/css for it. No instructions for PSD.

Thanks guys!

Great Job, GLWS

Amazing work! Clean and so warm (like color you’ve used)

very clean.. great job on this one!

Thanks a lot for your kind words!:)

Purchased, working on the PSD files. Where can I get some help on uploading to server and making sure the pages link correctly? I don’t know html, but can do Photoshop side of things. Beautiful, btw…I love it! :D

Thank you for purchasing! :) To upload it to the server you will probably want to do html/css for it. You’ll receive an email from us shortly.


this is very good! Happy of having it ;)

Thanks for purchasing our theme :)