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Hi MagikCommerce,

Thank you very much :)

Great item Great work, good luck :)

Hi joomlastars,

Thanks !!!

nice work gud luck :)

Hi AliA,

Thank you !!! :)

Beautiful work, all the best!

Hi GfxPartner,

Really appreciate your kind words!

Great Clean Design, GLWS :)

Hi fieldthemes,

Thanks for the kind words! :)

Beautiful job, Good Luck :)

Hi Sohayl,

Thank you very much!

Hi. Great theme! Can the Single Date Picker be made to display/select only the Year?

Also, I noticed that the To-Do list on the dashboard doesn’t accept new items. Is that something that will be updated?

Hi ezimerman,

The current Single Date Picker doesn’t support Year selection but we will integrate in the next update a new jQuery plugin which will let you do it. Check out also the other option which will be available: http://eternicode.github.io/bootstrap-datepicker

About the To-Do list, YES we will integrate a functionality that when you click on the add button a new item will be added to the list.

Hope I could help.

Best regards, LoxDesign

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Hi Xemrind,

Thanks !!!

When will the other pre-built app pages be ready? especially the video and to-do apps? Need to start on an app project very soon. If those items are close to release then I will likely purchase Proteus to use on the project.

Hi literayz,

Right now we are working on a Material Version of Proteus, which we hope will come out this week and after that we will start with the Apps. Please let us know which one is more important so we can prioritize things!

Best regards, LoxDesign

Any plans on building out a front end and or AngularJS support?

Hi esheri3,

An AngularJs version is planned, but first we would like to integrate more features and improve in general the theme.

To be hones we have many plans for this theme but first we have to see if the sales will go up a bit. It really depends on our customers.

I would also like to ask our customers if they have any ideas how we could improve the theme they should let us know on our Profile Page.

Best regards, LoxDesign

Hey guy), we are going to do the admin panel and I would like to ask what sizes you use Photoshop size layout dimensions of the working obolsti. 1400px, 1440px, 1600px, 1280px. Which of them please tell plural’ll be very grateful. And what is the working area if possible, in pixels. And how many pages rimerno it was drawn.How ready PSD files? Thank you in advance for your reply I will wait with impatience.

Hi M,

These are the screen sizes used in the application:
Small screen / tablet - 768px
Medium screen / desktop - 992px
Large screen / wide desktop - 1200px
Extra large screen / wide desktop - 1408px

The working area is the whole screen size except when you set the boxed layout. Than it will take the size of the container.

PSD files are not included, maybe in a future update we will add them.

Hope I could help.

Best regards, LoxDesign

How can I use Foo table with search,sort, expand (Nested) with ASP.net controls like gridview and repeater?

Hi ChetanaTSPL,

Check our email, we replied there.


Hello, Can we use counterTextarea and autogrowTextarea for the same textarea control?


Yes, just call the plugins on the same element.


Hi, how to use switches and get the value in php

Pls respond immediately.

Hi mraaghav,

What you could do is read the switchery value with javascript and send the value through AJAX call to a php file. You can also check out the Switchery documentation for more info here : http://abpetkov.github.io/switchery/

Regards, LoxDesign

The theme seems amazing.

I have a few questions. I want to use this both as a admin page in which I can create events and moderate content only able for a few users and as a users page where they can see the content and subscribe to events. Is that possible?

Also, I want a way that only the admins of the system can create group chats. Is there anyway I can do that?

And the login/subscribe part. Does it works or it’s just the html page?

Thanks for your time.

Hi paulo_richa ,

You can use the theme however you want, all the HTML/Jade files are editable and customizable to your needs. About the chat part, you need to code that part, the theme comes only with HTML markup, the Coding part you have to do it. The login/subscribe part is only HTML but with a javascript validation plugin integrated, of course you can change, include/exclude the validation. It depends on you.

Hope I could help.

Regards, LoxDesign

Can you make admin templates like this http://goo.gl/BhJ89O and this https://goo.gl/OfxaUC ? This is very userfrendly UI and most popular service in the worlds. I first which buy it.

HI, My name is Liza and i am writing you in regard to one of your themes on themeforest , I am very impressed with the theme and would like to use it in my upcoming project , which will be a business application for my consulting customers. Is it possible for you to engage with us to design pages, mostly forms for our application using this theme, we have a decent budget of about 2000 usd. let me know your thoughts and you can reach me on admin@conbis.net or gmail address.

Hi Liza,

I replied to your admin@conbis.net email.

Regards, LoxDesign