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Nice style, congrats, wish you the best with sales :D

Thank u so much ;)

Clean and awesome! Good luck with sales :)

Thanks. I really hope it sells well!

Thank u. Very appreciated.

Those CSS3 transitions on the front page wont work in anything less than IE10, you should really mention that in your description.

I see you have a fallback for them, but you will only cause yourself more pain with people buying it expecting them to work in ie7-9

Except for that, nice job

Hey thanks a lot for pointing that out! I’ll make sure I mention that in the description. IE is always tricky…

This is a really nice theme! Very sleak and eye-catching. Good luck with sales and keep up the good work :)

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

I can’t get the contact form to work; although I have updated line 5 in the php file. I do not see any proper reference on the contact page to any php code, which is confusing me. Help?

The last line in contact.html is 312. Hence, there is no 314 to 337 lines. The theme is great and would still purchase it. Just need to fix these minor issues and I am all satisfied :)

Managed to fix it. I just corrected the redirectionS at contact.html and scripts.js. The form seems not be working using WAMP Server on my computer, but once I uploaded the code to the actual webhost it worked. Thanks! :D

Great! The updated version is now ready to download. Have a look. And thank you for your feedback ;)

Plus, Youtube video on slider does not seem to be working, not sure why. Would appreciate your assistance.

Basically you just need to embed your video via iframe originated by youtube. I’ve just tested this and it worked just fine.

Hi, it work just with wordpress? Or if I buy I can use just the html and css to another project?

Hi there. This is a html template, and not a wordpress one, so you can use the html and css to another project ;)

I have a problem with lightbox… if gallery has many image there’s no problem… but if gallery only one image… the wrap of lightbox smaller than image….

how to solve this problem? thanks

On jquery.titanlightbox.css file lookup for line 55 and add overflow: hidden; It should be something like this: .lightbox-outer, .lightbox-inner { background: #B9C3CC; position: relative; overflow: hidden; }

Oh and thank you for purchasing this theme. Very appreciated ;)

Thanks a lot…. it’s working….

You’re welcome

hi creativusmouse,

any templete for combo box (tag select) for your theme? I want to add <select> to your contact page.


Hi there. Well, unfortunately that contact form doesn’t support your requirements. You might find something suitable if you search on google. This one seems to be a good alternative http://tutorialzine.com/2009/09/fancy-contact-form/ however I’ve never tested it so I’m not sure if it will work. Good luck then ;)

I have a doubt. it runs only on html5 or wordpress?. How do I add my future work as a developer on it?

This is a html theme therefore it doesn’t run on wordpress. Hope this clarifies your doubt. Best regards.

Hi there, I’m not even getting this theme installed. It says there’s no template and css. Could you please tell me how to get around this? Thanks!

Hi. I assume you’re installing this as Wordpress however unfortunately this is a HTML theme so I’m afraid it will not work on Wordpress. Sorry for the inconvenience. Best regards.

Yes, you’re right. I found out. Too bad. I really like this theme.

Thank you for your positive feedback anyways, very appreciated!

Hi there,

I was thinking about purchasing this but curious if I’ll be able to put your own videos in the portfolio instead of YouTube/Vimeo? As in, put direct links to my video file or HTML5 video section for the particular portfolio item?

Never mind, I was looking at the Titan Lightbox and it looks like it doesn’t work that way.

Hello, may I ask, this theme wordpress version you have

Hi. I’m afraid I don’t have a WP version of this template. Sorry about that.

How to change the map?

You just need to type the coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the new location. You can use this website to get coordinates http://www.latlong.net

contact form work? see comments in trouble. You should only change the direction of contact.html?

Yes, the contact form works. You just need to change the php file. Documentation explains how to do it.

superb! work keep it up;

Thank you!

Hi Am having trouble getting the Menu system to work on IPad and iPhone http://www.makebonsai.com/proteus/template_files/

Mark M: 0792 8051986

Hi dcruz01. First of all thank you for purchasing this template. Very appreciated! In regards to your issue may I ask you what models of the iPhone and iPad are you using as on my end everything seems fine. Also could you send me a screenshot to support@creativmouse.com so I can have a better idea of the issue you’re having. Cheers!!

I have a very simple question. I legally purchased Themeforest WP and in the process of building home page. How do I add my company logo to the left side of the main navigation menu bar? I have a screenshot that shows exactly what I mean. Thanks

Sorry about any confusion. Yes, purchased the Avada Themeforest package, and using it in wordpress. I saved my company logo as “logo.png” and uploaded in the media library. Nothing happened. Is there a way I can send you a screenshot so you can see exactly what I’m talking about?

Mmm.. I think you’re making a little confusion here as this is not Avada theme. This is Proteus html template.

hello. good day! i purchase the proteus theme for cargo and logistics. just want to know on how to change/customize the images on the sliding carousel and the thumb images on the front page. thanks!

Hi harry0013. In order to change the images you have to change the path of the default image with your new image path e.g: \\ chnage it to I hope this makes sense. Thank you!

correction: e.g: change img src=”files/images/portfolio/1.jpg” to img src=”YourImagePath.jpg”