Discussion on Protoss Clean Corporate Template For Joomla!

Discussion on Protoss Clean Corporate Template For Joomla!

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Hello, I buy protoss theme to joomla 3, but i see the DNP Slider Module dont work on IE11 (The laste IE) how can i solve this big problem?

Thanks Ricardo Gomes

Support via PM.


Do you adaptabilty with joomla 3.3.0 ?

Regards, Cdric

no, i was install joomla 3.1.5, i would like to know if your template was compatobility with the 3.3.0 version

I have another question, where i can found .sql file

regards, Cédric

Hi. Support questions only via PM at my profile page. Thank you

hi, ok i understand my email was sent. Regards cédric

i can’t figure out how to change the footer contact details, last line on the homepage and most content on the homepage. Help please

Hello there. Please contact me via PM for support. Thanks

Hi Dan,

We have purchased Protoss, corporate template for Joomla!. Currently we have an issue – the site stops working when we enable the SEO Friendly setting.

How do we address this issue.

Also we would like to authorizing our web design partner to communicate with you on our behalf. Please assist us in this regard.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.


Simply contact me via PM and provide link to your page with the issue and we take it from there. Thanks

Dan i have already sent an email from info@intellileapsolutions.com request for assistance…

Ok, got it, now waiting for their reply.

Hi, it is possible to use 3-columns layout (with two sidebars)? Example: http://www62.zippyshare.com/v/78168167/file.html

Sure, position-5 is left sidebar and position-7 is right ;)

It seems that DNP slider does not work in EI 10 or 11. On the whole, will not slide right in IE. I have tried Firefox and it works very well. Check yourself to open your demo in IE and you’ll see what I write about.

How should it be fixed for it to appear correctly in IE?

Works for me on IE10. Can you send a link to your site via PM to have a look? Thanks

We are having a slight problem with this template. It seems that all images that comes from a content, or joomla extension, gets a new line, which results to big difference to the desired look.

We’ve already discussed this issue with the author of the template, but have not found a solution yet. We are hoping that the community can share some insights. Thank you very much

Support is only via PM, thanks.

The demo using latest update, check this out :)

The update will be available ASAP, the review team is on it.

I just got this, and currently am using it. I’m having a problem on how to get the social network icons to show, it does neem to be a module. Can anyone point me to a guide?


Please contact me via PM, I am preparing a major update for Joomla 3 version you may be interested in.

Stay tuned for the next update: lots of new features coming with the Protoss Template for Joomla 3: the latest slider, full width and boxed layout, new modules and other features and improvements :)

Hi, Before i buy can you please advise that Protoss Clean Corporate Template For Joomla 3.X is fully supported on php version 5.4?

Thank you pete

It should work. Currently running on 5.3.6.

Hi, The template installed like a dream on 1and1 php 5.4.x no extra configs and no php.ini files needed, and it is responsive as it should be. This is how a template should install.

Thanks Pete. Enjoy :)

Hi, when I edit the “contact footer” module the little icons infront of the address, mail and number disappears. This also make the social icons disappear. Same problem when giving links to social icons in header. They disappear. Please send me the module HTML to restore this. Thanks.

The editor strips the tags, you can Google for some solution, it’s no big deal.

For those of you with similar problems go to

Site > Global Configuration > change default editor to JCE editor.

Then Go to Components > JCE Editor > Editor Profiles > Default > Editor Parameters > Options (side menu)

And then select “Yes” for

Allow Javascript
Allow CSS
Allow PHP
XHTML Inline Scripts

Fixes the problem.

Alright, thanks for posting your solution. Thanks

Hi Dan, really nice work.. but there are maybe some bugs in the slider. no matter what i do, i always get message (missing field.. sequence..label style…) by saving the slides… my other problem is.. i need to have my site in 14 languages and have do define a primary menu in your theme… is there the possibility to choose a module position called menu or something else? :-/ i´m using J3.0 that woult be great… best regards lars

Send me a PM, will send you a better version.


It’s possible to see this awsome theme support RTL. It’s possible to use my own font on it .?


Your own font yes, no RTL sorry.

Hey, Dan! I am using this template on a project proposal for a massive project (5 languages, directories with over 1,000,000 items). I am wondering if the capability exists to have a full-width slider like on the wordpress version?

Hoping to purchase my 4th dnp_theme template soon! We’ll make it 5 templates when and if Aeon becomes responsive!

Craig :)

The Protoss for Joomla could get all that functionality full-width / box layout and slider width control, but only for considerable amount of requests.

My old templates will have some time later a Joomla 3 version, responsive and with my latest slider I am currently working on.


Thanks Dan! I look forward to the updates. I have been wanting to use Aeon for so long but discovered it just when responsive sites were becoming the standard. I’ll buy the rest of your templates once they are responsive!

The full-width slider isn’t a deal breaker for me on this template. But what is a considerable amount of requests? Has anyone other than me requested it? Is there a forum I should post in here to garner support?

Consistent requests would mean 50+ people asking for it.

HI, I was just about to purchase the item when I noticed that the live preview links to the Wordpress Version and not the Joomla version. The description says that there are 5 colour choices, but on the wordpress demo there is a colour slider. So I am wondering what else is different?

Any chance you can update the preview link to point to the correct template, I have found the right one now, but it is a little misleading to be sent to the more feature rich WP version.

thanks I will continue to test the Joomla version now. Paul

Fixed, thanks for pointing out :)

Looks promising.. Before I buy can you please show me the module potions? Thanks!

Did you find this?

Hello again,

Really nice template. However I’ve got some probs with the popup (for maps). All popups for maps doesn’t work. I’ve got a big new page instead of popups.

What I’m doing wrong?

(sorry for my english) ;)


Support via PM. Thanks

hello you ve not replied me for over 3 months since the purchase of your template..i want to get rid of protoss options slide and I want more functionality on the slide eg template width adjustment

thank you


Contact me via PM for support. Thanks

hi i cant seem to see the main menu module position wanting disable the menu and put another, i can only see the menu option in template manager but doesn’t disable or show module position. Thanks

I provide support only via PM, thanks.


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