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Just bought the theme. I get error when i try to import the sampledata.

I can not see the example of slider.

no matter the Protoss example Slider

Please help!

Please contact me via PM will send you the full sample data.

I received … thank you very much.

Great. Enjoy :)

looks like a great theme. I do need the new sample data file as I’m receiving the error as well. please email it to praveeny424@gmail.com. Thanks!

Contact me via PM for support requests, will reply ASAP.

So i have to contact the author via PM too :D

I replied right there at your gmail account. Will forward you the mail into your Yahoo account too.

Ok, thanks, hope it fix the problem i have

GO ahead, let me know if you need anything, via PM. Thanks


Great theme. I do need the new sample data file as I’m receiving the error as well, and I can’t see the example of slider.

Please help!


Support via private message :)

a really, really great theme with outstanding customer support… thanks Dan

Best regards from sunny Bavaria Andi

Thanks Andi, enjoy :)

I am a complete newbie when it comes to MySQL. I have never needed to load the sample data myself so I was very happy with the assistance I received from dnp_theme. I am not familiar with CSS and bootstrap etc so having the help is important.

Thank you for the beautiful theme.

M. Daniels

My pleasure :)

We have purchased the theme and used it for www.feiap.org However, we are getting a pop up for user name and password when people try to access the site. Can you please help us to resolve this issue.

Contact me via PM.

Hi there - Is there any way to pull the theme widgets into a page? I’d like to pull the DNP News widget onto a page. Any ideas?

Thank you!

You can drop the widget into any available area and see how it looks on your front-end. Please contact me via PM for support if you need.

Hi, I try to install the plugin DNP Shortcodes, and i get the following error:

object(WP_Error)#6390 (2) { [“errors”]=> array(1) { [“plugins_api_failed”]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(221) “Ha ocurrido un error inesperado. Puede que algo vaya mal con WordPress.org o la configuración de este servidor. Si sigues teniendo problemas prueba en los foros de soporte.” } } [“error_data”]=> array(1) { [“plugins_api_failed”]=> string(2) “N;” } }

Can you help me please, Regards

Please contact me via PM and make sure you provide information in English. Thanks :)

Great theme. I just purchased it and installed it.

However I noticed a bug. When using the “boxed layout” and looking at the site on iphone (5) it looks like the content has shifted 1 inch to the right, and the slider 2 inch.

Screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ugjb765kpckldvu/iphone-error.png

In “full width” mode all the layout is correctly displayed on iphone.

My apologies. PM is now sent.

Thx for the fix! Gave 5 stars!

Thanks :)

Hello, I see that you have updated the theme, could you please tell me whether I have just to download it and replace all files without losing my current content? I don’t see any option for Update Theme here or in my Wp-admin theme page. Thank you.

Hi. There was a small issue with some plugins regarding the deprecated functions, you can just replace those. No changes to the theme as for the previous update. I only managed to get the demo up and running smooth with latest WP 4.5 now :)