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Yep, thanks :)

wow! sir you are now a WP developer also! You proved yourself. You are one of the best designers I have ever seen on TF. Wish you lots of sells. :)

Thanks dmsumon, I wish you at least the same :)

Did you intend to have the dropdown menus not flush with the parent item’s divider? Right now if you’re moused to the left of the menu text you lose the dropdown when you mouse down.

My purpose was to make it CSS3 only, but there are some things going on, of course if this is proven to be a fault, will implement what we currently work on.

Looks nice, good luck!

Thanks man :)

Nice theme – not so sure about the name though…

Hi man, glad you like it. I think the name is fine :)

really nice! Any possibility of a browser width slideshow with the same effect in an update? Not boxed, this would be a real standout

awesome! look forward to seeing it :)

Alright :)

How do you like my theme, any feedback so far, issues, or suggestions?

Nice WORK!! Good Luck with sales!!

Thanks MAN, U2 :)

Wow, just awesome update DNP !

Thanks wps :) Enjoy !

Dear friends: If you have purchased my theme and you get any error with XML sample data import, please contact me and I will QUICKLY provide a SQL sample data ASAP. Thank you


looks like a great theme. I do need the new sample data file as I'm receiving the error as well. please email it to info@youdoonline.com. Thanks!

OK right away !

Hey dnp!

I have this weird layout issue when I try to use the search, I am pretty sure it’s not intented.

Could you please check?

Screenshot: http://oi45.tinypic.com/29geet5.jpg

Also is it possible to use the slider without this fancy rotating arcs? :)



The issue is gonna get fixed with the next update for sure. Please contact me via PM, we can take it from there. Thanks so much :)

I am having issue with Sample Data. All failed importing.

Drop me a line via PM will send you the SQL file.

Very beatufil clean and responsive theme. I installed easily but I cannot use Turkish fonts. When I set the font in the template properties it cannot sees Turkish characters like Uppercase ? ? ? etc. How can I fix this?

I will reply in a sec, thanks for dropping by.

The problem is when “text transform: uppercase” is set in the css file then Turkish uppercase characters do not appear correctly. Any i sees I, not ?.

I will change the css text transform: uppercase to text transform: none problem solved.

Thank you very much.

Alright :)

Amazing theme from a talented individual. Emailed for help and got a response in 5 minutes. Still installing but initial thoughts are “wow”.

Thank you very much! :-)

Thanks Ralph, enjoy :)

Awesome slider, effects and overall design! You just earned yourself a follower

Thanks Cip, I wish you all the luck in the world :)

Really great theme! Had a smallish issue, reported and sorted! One very happy customer! Look forward to see what’s next in development!

Thanks so much :)

dnp_theme, I still waiting for your updated sample data. I still can’t get the slider works after import your SQL file.

I’ve replied by mail man, adding comments here won’t rush things.

Hey man, any luck on the new update?

Have patience my friend, I am a one man team doing all the stuff.

Hi Dnp,

Could you help me out with this? It seems I am missing the content background under gallery and portfolio pages :(




Hey man, please contact me via PM for support. Thanks


Just bought the theme. I get error when i try to import the sampledata. And i cant see the main menu :)

Please help!

Contact me via PM I will send you the SQL right away.