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He hecho un análisis con la herramienta SEO SITE TOOLS de la página web que he diseñado con este tema y me indica que hay muchos errores CSS. Lo mismo me dice el analisis del css en W3C. ¿A qué se debe ésto?


Los errores que veo son denotando algunas reglas que deben ser implementadas para que las versiones mas viejas, e incluso algunas modernas puedan mostrar su sitio correctamente. Por ejemplo, versiones viejas de Firefox puede que no soporten la propieda box-shadow, pero si soportan una version personalizada y creada por el autor de Firefox llamada -moz-box-shadow.

Estas propiedades que la W3C le esta mostrando son consideradas “Vendor Specific”, y como no son parte de la especificacion de CSS, se muestran como errores pero en si no causan ningun tipo de problema.

Yo personalmente nunca tuve problemas con CSS y SEO.

Hi, I like your theme and think it would be good for a new clinical website. I have some questions before purchasing it.

1. Is the theme compatible with WP 3.5 2. What forum and form plugins are compatible with your theme?

Thanks in advance

Good afternoon crossfuze,

I’m assuming you made a typo and meant WP 3.5.1. If that’s the case, yes Prototype is compatible with the latest version. The theme is set-up to work with any WordPress plugin from the repository so you won’t have any problems there.

Are you planning on using bbForums?

Thanks. I did not know that they updated again :)

I need to do more research on the forum plugin, but bbforums is on the top of the list.

Thanks again.

Hi, had one more question. Can I place 728×90 adsense banner below the top menu (black) and to the right of the logo?

Is that header area administered in the widget? I did not find it


Good morning crossfuse,

The theme is not set-up to display anything else in that area but I can help you with that request. Please send me an e-mail with your log-in information and adsense code to help you set it up.

Forgot to paste the link. Contact form is on the sidebar at the very bottom.

Will do. Thanks!

Hi there I have purchased this theme and when the browser is narrower than certain width, the background and featured items will not load properly. Would you be able to help me take a look? Thanks

Hi fcchuang, the theme is by no means responsive so it doesn’t adapt to smaller screen layouts. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Hi, Shortcodes are not connecting. What’s the issue here?

We had to connect the Shortcodes to the theme ourselves. There were a few little issues here and there. Nothing we couldn’t handle but it just sucked that Envato quality assurance didn’t catch that. Again, no biggy but the shortcodes are not connected to the theme. Also, there is Responsive code in here for a theme that’s not RWD. Again, little extra stuff that didn’t make sense or belong.

Hi Stefsterhb,

I can’t seem to understand why you would have to connect the shortcodes to the theme since they are bundled with Prototype. The shortcodes are not on it’s own plug-in or anything like that.

Believe me. We did. There were several problems with this theme. That was just one of them. Typically we should just be able to use the Shortcodes but that wasn’t the case here. We had to search through your code and connect it. It was broken. No worries though. Like I said we handled it.

Hi! I have a problem with header menus. Hover is not working.

No, I mean 3 menus under top menu. For example on demo we can see Home Page Layout 2, Home Page Layout 3, Home Page Layout 4. And on hover we see Home Page Layout 5, 6 etc.

Oh, problem is solved. Thank you))

Sorry for misunderstanding you. I would have said to set a height through the “Theme Options” in order to enable that feature. Glad you got it working now and the site looks amazing!

Desearía saber cómo puedo añadir un “Favicon” a mi página web.

Hola rgjabega,

Para agregar un favicon solo tiene que crear el .ico, y despuez agregar esta linea de codigo en el archivo header.php

<link rel=”icon” type=”image/ico” href=”LUGAR-DONDE-SUBIO-El-FAVICON” />

Have you come across an issue with “Loop Slides?” not working officially with FLEX SLIDER for home page? I have a website just about ready to go live and that’s one of the few things that is not working on the site? Fix? Known problem?

I’ll pm you direct. staging website.

Hi jbbman,

You are confusing my theme “Prototype” with another theme made by DX Themes

DUDE, so sorry. Not an amateur, but I clearly did! SOrry about that!!!

Having a responsive of this layout might just triple your sales up. Let me know if you plan on having a responsive for this.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Prototype: DISCLAIMER: I am not a Wordpress expert. I don’t understand code. I am in the process of setting up a website ( My site menu is based on Pages. When I set up the menu, the same menu appears on the top and in the space below (in white). How do I remove/ make changes to ?

Thanks and warm regards vasuki belavadi

Hi there, Vasuki Belavadi, thank you for purchasing our theme. You need to assign each menu to a different location. If you go to Appearance -> Menus and then select the “Manage Locations”, you’ll see “Top Menu, Footer Menu, Header Menu 1, Header Menu 2 and Header Menu 3”. Just assign your different menus to these locations and each “Menu” will be populated in it’s designated area.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Thank you so much! Will follow your advice. Thanks again!

Is there a way one can place facebook and twitter handles right on the landing page? Also wish they could be placed somewhere above so they are available throughout the website. Thanks!

Hello again Vasuki Belavadi, the most appropriate area to put the social media icons on this specific theme would be on the block right above the footer where the “Have any questions about us or this theme before buying it from Themeforest?” is showing right now.

You can edit the contents of this page easily by going to Appearance—> Theme Options and clicking on the “Footer Settings” tab.