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Quite unique looking, good luck!

Unique ideas, congrats :)

Welcome. Impressive indeed! After looking around more, no, this is slightly revolutionary! Good luck with sales. Unlike anything I have seen around here recently!

Very nice theme, congrats! I really love it!

One odd thing: on the retina ipad the blue pointers for the left side menu somehow act a bit strange. When I select one, a second one tends to highlight as well.

Question: is the blue pointer’s highlight color changeable?

Will use this one soon for a project soon :)

Cheers, Tom

As of right now there are no plans for making it Responsive.

Though, we do have plans to have another theme in the future that would be responsive with many of these features. If we have enough people who really want a responsive variation of this theme specifically we could definitely look into it.

Okay, looking forward to the other theme as well then!

Cheers! Tom

@WPEXPLORER and @Bedros, thank you very much for your invaluable feedback as a fellow author.

@thejapanobserver, my friend and I did worked hard to make it unique and usable at the same time.

nice theme Good luck with sales ;)

Thank you!

great theme. do the small boxes in home page layout 1,2,3 come without the border at the bottom, and no text? could these be just photos” in the homepage layout? thanks

Hello Web Candy,

Thank you for your interest in our WordPress theme. We didn’t think anyone would want to do that because of SEO purposes. The links get displayed inside H3 elements.

The change you are requesting can be achieved with 4 lines of jQuery and that’s something we can definitely assist you with in case you are still interested in using our theme for your project.

Nice theme! What about Woocommerce compatibility?

Hello Angelgb81,

Thank you for interest in our WordPress theme. Prototype hasn’t been tested with Woo Commerce but it is coded with anyone being able to use any plug-ins that they want so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with it.

You should rethink your bullet imagery

Love this theme! Will buy it within next days but I do agree with @aribann, it would have been much better if you gave other alternatives for the homepage content as the current bullet sells it cheaply (some people like to recreate the demo and with this look it doesnt look quite fine). The upper side of the site is way too nice to go for a similar bottom. Regards!

Hi andaluza,

Your feedback is very important to us and we take every idea into consideration. The second group of bullet points can be completely removed from the home page through the Theme Options Panel.

Additionally, we are working on making the theme compatible with WooCommerce and being able to display products on the home page, too.

Thank you for taking interest in our WordPress theme.

Hello. How do I install it in wordpress? Sorry for my English.

The others templates I’ve purchased on this site are easy to install. Could you help me to install in wordpress? It seems a very interesting template. I congratulate you, but if I can not I install avail.

Hola rgjabega,

Por favor registrate en nuestro forum de soporte técnico y le ayudare en todo lo que pueda en su idioma Español.

Gracias por su interés en nuestra plantilla para WordPress.

looks like the lon and lat on the google maps shortcodes are the wrong way round

Hi Phil,

Thank you for catching this silly error for us. It will be fixed on the next release along with being fully compatible with WooCommerce.

Thank you for your interest in our theme.

Just downloaded and installed this theme and its a little buggy. For example, I’m setting a content area background image through the options but every time I change something else in the options, it reverts back to the green color. I erase the color code, refresh and its fine again. But have to edit that option over and over again as I make changes.

Also, I made changes to the typography and those aren’t sticking either.

Also, how can you modify the color of the green “action box” at the top of the theme? I see where you can add text and a hyperlink but can’t control the color?

¿Me podrían ayudar? Necesito cambiar el color de fondo en el apartado “action button” del tema Prototype para wordpress.

Cambio el color del resto del tema pero no puedo cambiar el color de fondo en el apartado “action button”.

Can you help me? I need to change the background color in the “action button” Prototype theme for wordpress. Change the color of the rest of the issue but I can not change the background color in the “action button”.

Por favor vea el e-mail que le envie hace varias horas. Gracias!

Dentro de las páginas ¿Cómo puedo cambiar el tamaño de la letra del título de la página y el espacio entre líneas? Entre aqui y vea lo que me pasa con el título de la página:

nested items in the top header menus (the 3 drop down white ones) – seem to act a bit funny with a bit too much white space. They’re indented but it’s like there’s a paragraph spacing above it. Then there isn’t enough space before the next top level item.

*Correction – the next top level item seems to be a fixed distance below regardless of the number of nested items above it

Hi Phil, the theme doesn’t support third level menu items so it might act a bit funny. This is certainly a feature we can add for the next release along with WooCommerce compatibility.

Thanks for another great suggestion to our theme.

Continuo sin poder cambiar el tamaño de la letra del título de cada página. ¿Cómo hacerlo? Cambio el tamaño en page/post title a 9px y no varia el tamaño. Para variar el espacio entre líneas lo he conseguido cambiándolo en H1 pero no en page/post tittle. Vea

Hola, le he enviado un correo con mi diagnostico. Espero que le ayude.

Muchas Gracias. Le he dado acceso FTP. Mire el correo que le he enviado.

Le agradezco el buen soporte técnico que me está prestando y animo a las personas que lean ésto a que compren este tema.

Thank you. I gave FTP access. Look at the email I sent. I appreciate the good technical support is paying me and I encourage those who read this to buy this item.

Solucionado. Muchas Gracias por su ayuda.

Solved. Thanks for your help.

¿Es compatible el plugin “Visual Composer for WordPress” con este tema?

Yo no lo he probado porque seria imposible probar cada plug-in que existe pero Prototype esta hecho para funcionar con cualquier plug-in como WordPress lo recomienda.

This theme would’ve been good for some of my clients websites..too bad its not responsive.