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I have a couple questions:

1. In some browsers, the last parallax images is not showing (www.airanim.com) 2. How can I add 2 categories to one same item in the portfolio/works area?





1. In which browsers does not work parallax?
2. Category divide a space

Hello, thanks for the response! The 2 category option works perfect, thank you!

In PC happens with chrome. In mac happens with chrome and safari. It works great with the first 2 parallax. The problem is in the last one of my website (www.airanim.com. In the code it is “parallax3”


First off, great template, everything works great, apart from one thing; the sidebar.home doesn’t seem to have a scroll bar, well it does but it’s sat far left and flush to screen, this just doesn’t work. Can you supply correct code and directions so the scroll bar for sidebar.home is only ever sat inside that area as it should be.

Thanks in advance.

Keep up the great work.


I added 2 portfolios to my page one is at the top of the page and the second one is half way down.

however when I open an item (project) from the second portfolio it scrolls all the way to the top of the page where the firs portfolio is located and it opens there.

Is there a way to open the portfolio item under the right section?


I am experiencing the same issue as described below. Some parallax data is not visible from Safari 5.0, while running OSX 10.5.

The 2 parallax that are not showing up are #services and #parallax5.

The buttons in the menu are taking you to the proper spot on the page. The background image displays, although there is no text or data.

Please Help! Thank you!

crashmind said ” hey man i’ve to fix a big problem! template is working fine with chrome, firefox, opera and ie, working great on mobile and tablet devices but on desktop with safari it shows nothing…no icons, no services, no portfolio….obviously my client wants it on safari….any idea on how to solve this issue? thx in advantage!”

crashmind said “Edit: it works fine if users have Lion as OS but wont work if they are using leopard…any idea on how to fix this?”

Is there a way to have the portfolio default to a category instead of showing them all when the page initially loads?

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