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Awesome template. Good luck on TF :)

Appreciated! Thanks, buddy!

Great one! It’s a bit hard to look at the screenshots because they are too wide for my 17” MBP , maybe you can stick to the 1200 pixels? All the best

Thank you, MelforDMThemes! I wanted to show how it will looks in full HD resolution, in any time you can zoom and consider it :)

Nice, very nice work!

Thank you, Evgeny! :)

Inmediate purchase when the wordpress version is available.

Wordpress version will be realized as soon as possible! Thanks!

Good word mate! ;)

Thanks a lot, Koto!

Awesome design! Good luck :)

Big thanks, Temash!

I like your design decision. Very cool!

Glad you like it, Kira :) Thanks!

Great! Looking forward to the wordpress version. Don’t forget to add youtube/vimeo video possibilities ;P Good luck

Thank you man! Yes, I’ll provided this feature!

Very nice template. What is the difference in using PSD compared to just a regular html/css site or flash site? How do you edit the colors and such?



Thank you! To understand the difference please see the screenshot http://cl.ly/2M3E1F2k18421f0T3G2Z :)

This is a nice template.Thank you very muchhttp://creativetemplate.net

Thanks! Appreciated:)