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Clean and very nice theme. Good luck “CreativeWS” :)

Thanks a lot Vicky :)

Nice theme! Good luck :)

Thank you very much louiejie!

Looks great, and amaaaaazing value for money! Bookmarked it for an upcoming project…

Many thanks and glad you like it! We’ll be glad to see you as one of our customers!

I like the layout of ProWay – Responsive Multipurpose HTML5 had to pick it up for my projects.thanks :)

Thank you very much! First sale :)

Hi CWS… I gues I’m you #2 buyer…. thank you for help me to learn with your work, really I appreciate it.

I have a little question for you: In my first view to the documentation and the files that coming in the pack, I’m observing the menu at the top… and it is no sticky when open the index.html , but in your demo in Theme Forest it is sticky, may be need I to do something in the code to configure these menu as sticky?

Thank you in advance…

You’re welcome! Yes, index-v2.html file doesn’t contain the black and white script which requires remote host and this script won’t run well using local host and google chrome. So it just blocks the sticky menu script. The contact form include php files and also can be run only on a remote host. PHP files cannot be run on localhost. Have you tested in using a remote or local host?

Ohhhh….I’m so sorry…. for get it…. I didn’t read the js… I see right now the call to the php file….my excuses, please….

Thank you for the clarification regarding the top menu….

Have wonderful week end, and many thanks again…. I will write you if I have any other doubt, but I don’t think so….your code is very clean and prolix, but I’m going so fast…

Thanks, if you need some assistance – please welcome!

awesome, wordpress version?

Thanks for your interest. Yes, we planned to release WP-version 100%.

Amazing! Go on with the good work!

Thanks! Glad you like it!

Hi, VERY nice template ! I would like to buy it, but is it possible please, to integrate a capcha for me ? I’m gonna buy it if you could … please …

Thanks ;)

Hi, Popsicle! Thanks, glad you like it! Yes, we could integrate capcha for you or with next update.

:) thanks …

Did you know for when your new update?

Next week I think.

hello, I have a question regarding the blog pages that are included with the template…..Can I use those today to setup my blog or would it be better to use the wp-version when released?

Thanks for your choice! You better use your blog today, wp-version terms are not defined yet. Few months we think.

I guess I didn’t make myself clear. I’m currently setting up my site using your template. I want to use it for the blog I want to start. Can I use the blog pages in the template for use with Wordpress?

If you have enough experience to integrate – welcome. HTML-version works fine. You need to customize for your WP blog.

The Home Page has such an error; (Google Chrome Console) Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

Hi SertKafiyE! It seems like you mistyped some urls and / or file types. If you need some assistance – you may ask or send us link to your website with ftp access.

Anyway, the skin is included in the template style.css. You can ignore the 404 to skins/glass/skin.css thrown by layerslider.

How come I can’t get rid of the drop-down arrow for the ’’Home’’ menu item (I want it to look and act like the ’’Contact’ menu item)...

In-other-words… I want a single ’’Home’’ link and not a drop-down section…

It seems if I put anything other than href=”contact.html” I get an arrow.

This is strange; I think it’s something in the JavaScript, but how do I fix this… I don’t need nor want multiple Home pages.


Hello ragtech and thank you for taking interest in our products! We’ve figured out this issue. You’re right, it makes some difficulties. Today we’ll update the template and I’ll let you know as soon as we have it uploaded.

Ragtech, could you please give us your email so that we could send you the updated files. We planned to update the whole template today but will do this in a couple of days as want to add capcha and some small fixes. This requires some additional time.

My host is Windows (Windows Server 2008); every thing looks fine in Goggle Chrome; Firefox; but Internet Explorer 10 (IE 10)... it looks awful… am I missing something?

you can check out the index.html page here:

No modifications have been made to ANY files… all files are as they were downloaded from Themeforest.

Please Advise… am I missing something; some setting on this HOST?

Regards,<be /> ragtech

already replied to it.

Just talked with our Windows Admin… The Server is Windows Server IIS 7

It doesn’t depend on what server you’re using, Unix or Windows.

I will be making minor mods to the theme, but nothing that will be affecting the issue mentioned prior… basic image and color adjustments only until I get this IE issue worked out…

The issue seems to span across all IE/Microsoft browsers; at least the versions I was able to test it on (8, 9, and 10).

Sorry for the multiple post.

Hello ragtech, I’ve just tested the link you gave me. I must say that your website looks just fine using IE 10, 9 and 8. Could you please make some screenshots and send them to our email address so that we could figure out what causes the issue. I guess the issue you’ve described happens only when you try to browse the website using Windows Server 2008 which has a strict policy and blocks the js scripts. Have you tried to test the website using another then WinServer 2008 operating system? Anyway I would greatly appreciate your screenshots. Thank you.

No need for the screen shots… when I got home and tried it from my home network; all worked fine as well in IE 8,9, and 10.

Now we need to find out what is preventing the theme from displaying correctly from the network here at work.

Thanks for the confirmation and the quick assistance… I’ll try not to bug you anymore :)

Oh… and I absolutely love this theme… I know a lot of work went into it; so Thanks!


You’re welcome and thanks for your kind words :) Very nice to hear that! Anyway, if you ever have any questions, just let us know, don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here to help.

On this page: ’’portfolio_single_project_1.html’‘

Under the ’’Related Projects’’ section

Is there perhaps an easy CSS modification that instead of a Modal window opening to view an image or video… to simply link/open up a new page?

I would like to keep the same rollover effect but show a ‘Link’ icon that when clicked; opens to a new page.

Can you help with this add?


Hello ragtech, yes you can do it easily. We’ll make the changes for you and will send via email tomorrow as our working hours are up.

You guys ‘Rock’! Thank You So Much!

You’re most welcome! Email sent, as promised.


How are we supposed to edit the countdown, or is that a countdown? I noticed it is capturing the Date.Now() but I was hoping to set a countdown until the website goes live. I found the function clock(), so is there a way to edit this and make sure I don’t mess something up?

I appreciate the help.

Cheers, RadethDart

Yes, you can change the volumes if deal with this fuction. This is standart js-timer. Interval in milliseconds! If you need some assistance – you may ask.

I would like to change the values to allow me to say the website will be up in 24 hours. How would I go about changing that function to reflect that? I noticed that I could have numbers up there, but how do I make them tick down?

Send us email – we will send you .js-file for countdown

Hello I have purchased your theme few days back, could you please tell me do i enable “search” in the template as search does not work right now.

Could you please send us a screenshot so that we could understand what exactly you’d like to see.

sure could you please provide the Email Address.


this looks greaat! i think i’m gonna hit it!!


Awesome Design GLWS

Very interested in the WP version, how soon for a release. Totally dreaming but fingers crossed :)

Hey Marshian, thank you for your interest and your nice words! Actually we didn’t start working on it yet but we plan to. We have no ETA for this. You can follow us to get latest updates and will announce as soon as have it done in WordPress.

The bwWrapper (Specifically the js .BlackAndWhite portion ) class does not seem to function consistently across all browsers.

Is there a simple fix for doing away with the gray-scale/Black-White filter altogether without affecting any other functions that are part of the bwWrapper class?


Ragtech, to remove the bw script just follow this: 1) remove the whole line containing this: src=”js/blackandwhite.min.js” from every html page; 2) remove the file blackandwhite.min.js from the js folder; 3) edit the js/scripts.js file removing two functions which contain ”$(’.bwWrapper’).BlackAndWhite({” line. That’s all, your BlacknWhite script will be deactivated. Just let me know if this won’t help.

Works Perfectly! – Thanks so Much!

you’re welcome! Glad we could help!