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Dear CreativeWS,

If i watch the site at my mobile and press to the navigation button, the menu is showing. But if i scroll a little bit to below the menu will dissepear.

How can i solve this little issue ?

Thanks in advance! BTW a great template! Thanks


Hey hagazan, so you mean submenu, not the main menu… But how do you want it to work? if the mobile menu is open, there’s no place to scroll the page it down because of the small screen dimensions. Hope I’ve got you right. Or there’s something I’m missing?

If I press the button for the main menu, marked in red The menu is poped out right? If i scroll down, the whole menu dissepeard. I would like to have it like so:

yes, but it’s native functional of the template. It’s quite a normal behavior as all mobile phones have small screens and it wouldn’t be so nice if the menu in its open state would hide the whole page while trying to scroll it down. Unfortunately we cannot help you with this as it makes no sense.

thanks! I’ve another question now. I’ve tried to setup the twitter module just like the doc says. But i cant get it work. At at line 140 of script.js there isnt a place to write the twitterusername but at line 1094.

How can i get this working? Thanks in advance!


ok, could you please give us your ftp login details so that we could login and help?

Sure, can i have youre emailadress?

here we go: support [at]

Actually ‘hagazan’ is right; please try to get your hands on an iPhone 5… It’s very difficult to navigate the menu; if not impossible in some instances.

Using your template (As is) Say you’re at ‘Home/Index’ and you want to navigate to a Blog > Single Post… you can’t do it at all.

It’s very hard to explain; but after I was able to borrow an iPhone 5; I see exactly what he is talking about.


Hey ragtech, please check your mail. We’ve just sent a solution to the above issue.

Works perfectly; thanks for the quick fix!

You’re welcome! Thank you for the detailed issue description :)

Hello! I am planning to purchase this template and a couple of questions came in:

Is it ready to zip install it in wordpress? Does this template offer the under construction option?

thank you very much

Hi, norgacast! This is HTML-version, NOT wordpress. Content->Coming Soon – we have countdown option.

Hi, I still can’t configure my Twitter. Can you please explain to me how can I do this, and also where can I download the *.doc where it all is explained in detail? Thanks in advance

Hello iliasterik, thanks for the purchase! There’s a detailed manual in the package which describes the way you can activate it. You need to edit the /twitter/index.php file and input the twitter keys and tokens. Next step is update the js/scripts.js file with your username “username:” field. That’s all, your twitter should work well. Please note, the “twitter” folder should be located at the root directory of your hosting server, so that it would be accessible using address http://yourhost/twitter/index.php Please let us know is this won’t help.

Hi, but where is the detailed manual? can’t seem to find it anywhere? could you please be so gentle to send it to my e-mail? Please

Hi! Main Files\Documentation\index.html

Hey guys, great theme. I was wondering, how can I make each slider on the main slider stick around longer? I’ve been searching through the css files, but haven’t found anything.


Hello IndelibleInk, it’s very easy to do. Just let us know which slider you’d like to edit and we’ll provide you with a solution.

Nice design i buy it. question: when i remove 1 of more social icons then all social icons are disappeared?

Easily, just edit the scripts.js file somewhere at line #42 and add this line “slideDelay: 4000”, the 4sec. delay.


:) you’re welcome

Dear CreativeWS,

After google chrome got updated, menu bar does not stick on top of the page anymore. When you scroll-down, menu-bar is being disappeared. And also when you click the pictures of feature-work area, pictures don’t pop-up as they are used to.

These problem are just in Chrome. in Explorer and Mozilla it is working fine.

Another quick question, are we able to do pinching to zoom-in on our pages on mobile phones?

Thanks in advance.

Hello akrepkamil and thanks for the purchase! That’s a really strange issue, we’ve tested it here and didn’t see the described issue. Please make sure you’re not testing it locally as Chrome blocks some scripts when a website runs locally due to some security restrictions. As for your second question, it may be easily done with some small code fix. All you need to do is to edit each html file changing “maximum-scale=1” to ” maximum-scale=3” and the pinching feature will work fine for you.

Are you going to release a wp version soon? :)


yep, February… That’s for sure.

Quick question for you – where do I change the length of time that each “Layer” in the slider stays around before moving to the next layer? For example, the template comes with four sample layers in the slider. It looks like each layer gets a default duration of about 3 seconds. I see where to alter delayin for each part of each layer, and understand how that works, but I don’t understand how to change the whole layer time. Is it in layerslider.transition.js? Thanks for your time.

Hello hgesler. It’s very easy to edit the slider delay, all you have to do is to edit the js/scripts.js file at line #45 and add this code: “slideDelay : 4000,” (the 4 seconds delay for example). That’s all you have to do.

Thanks, that is just what I needed! Beautiful site, btw. I have been very pleased with it so far.

We’re very glad to hear you enjoy our template! Thanks for you nice feedback!

I am planning to purchase this template. Now, I have a question.

In the slider on Site Single Project 1>

The slider shows two pictures in landscape format. If I will show the pictures in landscape and portrait format in one slider-show, the size of frame will be change automatically or not? If the size will not automatically change, then I think that portrait pictures are not displayed correctly.

Thank you for your answer!

I wanted to ask if the work is done? Because, then I can buy :)

Hello, unfortunately didn’t have time to do it as we’re currently busy with the WordPress version. Hopefully will be done by Tuesday. Anyway we didn’t forget about our promise and will announce here as soon as it’s done.

Hello, now the slider works just the way you wished. You may check the demo. We have it done by Tuesday, as promised.

Hi, Is it possible to get “next” and “previous” buttons in the lightbox when viewing images in the portfolio?

If yes, please tell me how..

If no, pleease tell me why

Thank you in advance

Hello shopowner and thanks for the purchase. Well, it’s not difficult to add the desired functionality to the template. Please share your email address and we’ll send you the instructions.

Hello CreativeWS, I would like to purchase your template but I require a calendar module/plugin or section with half a page dimension. Can you provide one or refer one I could integrate?

Thanks in advance.

Hello qoqayo, thank you for your nice words! Glad to hear that. Sure, just find a suitable plugin and I think you shouldn’t have any difficulties with template customization.

I’ve purchased and I’m glad I did. Its beautiful!

I wanted to opt for using the blog to display events too but I discovered that it can be easily implemented using the portfolio page and edit the ‘sort tags’ to suit the calendar idea.

I’ll send you a link when I’m done, Friday perhaps. :)

Best regards

That’s great qoqayo, thank you for the purchase! Sure, we’ll be glad to take a look at it when you’re done.

Dear Customers,

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and your families. May this new year bring many opportunities to you and turn all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievements.

CWS team.

Hello, can you create a joomla 3.0 template from this one. Please.



Hello revvilo and thanks for taking interest in our works. Unfortunately we don’t plan to create it using Joomla CMS. We’re currently finishing the WordPress version, so probably you might be interested in it.

Hey there, I finally bought the html version, can’t wait more longer, then I have a question…

on single blog post if I put a picture in the div “bwWrapper” the images shows in gray scale, same for every header image, how can I change that to see it with colors?


Hello, the marker can be easily setup using scripts.js file at line #1102, there you may edit the coordinates as well. We’re using google maps script which located here: . You may take a look into the author’s documentation to configure it according to your needs. Please share your email address so that we could send you a fix for your slider pagination question.

ok, the solution was successfully sent to the mentioned email address.

Hello there,

I have a quick question about contact form. I have installed xampp so I can run php scripts on my local machine. I changed to my email address on contact-send.php file. I fill the form and I get successfully send message but still I dont get any email to may email account. What would be the reason for this?

Thanks in advance

Hello akrepkamil, thanks for the purchase! I’m not sure you’re local server is configured well to send emails. Please check your server’s email configuration.

very good and easy editable, i wish proway wordpress thema …

Hello, thanks for your interest. No, we don’t plan to create a WordPress version.

Bonjour, Les sous menu ne fonctionne pas avec le navigateur Google chrome en version mobile, je vous ai envoyer un mail au service support, y-a deux jours !

Les sous menu fonctionne uniquement avec le navigateur internet exploreur en version mobile

Hello and thanks for the purchase. Yes, we received your email and replied the same day. Didn’t you receive it? Here’s the reply content: Hello, thanks for choosing our products.

Well, I’m not facing this issue, see screencast:

Am I missing something?

Bonjour,, J’ai tester en local sur mon ordinateur, les sous menu ne fonctionne pas avec GOOGLE CHROME dasns la version mobile uniquement !

Je vous demande de télecharger la version que vous avez mis sur Envato Market et de le tester sur votre ordinateur

Merci d’avance

Ok, thanks. We’ve just made some tests. Please move your site to the live server and the issue will be resolved.

Hi. I’m trying to setup Google Maps. It keep asking for an API. How can i fix it?

Ok, a solution was sent. Please check your email.

CreativeWS solved all my problems. Thank you!

You’re welcome! Glad to help!