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Nice theme.

BTW – 7+21 = 28, not 29. Doesn’t make sense if the ‘correct’ answer to the math question is actually wrong ;)

ha ha, thanks man. Updated :)

Awesome job man! :) Love the background and colors. Also very legible in general, keep it up Keith!

@rohan: pwned :D

Thanks alot Fresh, really appreciate it!

Great looking theme but I don’t see how this can be usefull as an site-template. A Wordpress version I believe would make this a top selling theme.

Great Job and goold luck with saled :)

Very valid point Bluz and thanks for the comment.

I think it’s good to have a html version as someone can purchase and turn into any of the 100+ content management systems out there, Expression Engine, Wordpress, CMS made simple, Text Pattern etc etc.

But I am already working on a Wordpress version :)

Ohh, good point I didn’t think of that :)

I like this template very much and I am not a wordpress-fan so I am happy theres a html template available (wordpress templates are always more expensive).

Its a great template, thats why I purchased it, but to make it even better I recommend adding these things to an update or whatever: - More than one index, 2 or three different indexes. - Its a tutorial website, so maybe a user page (of the one who made the tutorial). - A modal box for pm’s etc.(http://ponjoh.s3.amazonaws.com/HTML%20Templates/Simpla%20Admin/index.html)

And a comment list.. You included a comment form but not a comment list (as far as I could find anywayz) why not?


Thanks for the purchase Jadove.

When you say more than one index, you mean more than one homepage layout?

I left the comment list out as the different CMS might handle the comment code differently. You’re right though, I will include this in an update.


Hi nice looking theme; live preview doesn’t seem to work though?

Cheers dude, fixed!