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The footer social icons apear in the top navigation menu. here is an example http://petro-con.com/. How do I remove the icons from the top menu? Thanks


You will need to edit includes/top.php file

just remove these lines

<?php if($social_header=="on") { ?> <ul class="footer-social-icons"> <?php if($digg) { ?><li class="footer-digg"><a href="<?php echo $digg;?>" target="_blank"></a></li><?php } ?> <?php if($dribbble) { ?><li class="footer-dribbble"><a href="<?php echo $dribbble;?>" target="_blank"></a></li><?php } ?> <?php if($facebook) { ?><li class="footer-facebook"><a href="<?php echo $facebook;?>" target="_blank"></a></li><?php } ?> <?php if($flickr) { ?><li class="footer-flickr"><a href="<?php echo $flickr;?>" target="_blank"></a></li><?php } ?> <?php if($twitter) { ?><li class="footer-twitter"><a href="<?php echo $twitter;?>" target="_blank"></a></li><?php } ?> <?php if($googleplus) { ?><li class="footer-googleplus"><a href="<?php echo $googleplus;?>" target="_blank"></a></li><?php } ?> </ul> <?php } ?>

hello admin are you here ??

ok but for customization RTL this theme contains CSS files to edit what i want ??

Here you can see how it looks by default in RTL http://pulchellus.different-themes.com/?d=rtl

The theme contains CSS files.

ok i will buy it ..

thank’s alot :)

Will the drop down menu only go down 2 levels? What is the maximum?

Thank you


Yes it supports 2 level drop down. To add more, you will need to modify php and css files.

Hi, I purchased your theme and want to test a few things based on the demo content now. Would you be so kind to send me the XML file? Thanks!

Please send me your email, and I will send you the demo xml file, also the layerslider demo content.


I am creating the staff page. How do I get the MAIL option to work? The Teambox shortcode askes Social—which I choose Mail. Then there is the URL field so I enter the email address here. I have even tried to use “mailto:emailaddress” but I keep getting the 404 error page.


Thanks for purchase!

Could you please send me a live link to the page so I could check it?

I sent you an email.


is it possible to define a regular page as the homepage? I’ve tried to set up a regular page, choose the tempalte “Homepage” and would like to use that page as homepage. But nothing shows up (I don’t want to use the theme – homepage -blocks).


You can’t have other customer for this theme if you haven’t bought the extended license.

“Use, by you or one client …”

It’s for a client. But never mind. I’m using another theme.

If you have a customer then he is paying you, and that is against the license rules.

Hi DT,

I love your work and I’m thinking about purchasing this theme as well. Is it possible to make the slider image/text clickable? I noticed that none of the slider content is clickable in the demo. Please let me know.

Thanks, m

Please note that we are not providing the licenses for the images so we can’t send you them.

How do I add my own background image? I couldn’t find the option.

You can easy do it in theme management panel – > style settings http://awesomescreenshot.com/0c44jebxe0

No XML file included in this theme. Can you please include in future releases? Also I ran into several error message when trying to install the theme. For example: Parse error: ...../pulchellus-themes/includes/lib/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php on line 1140

May want to look into this for a future release. Thanks!


I think I just emailed you the demo xml and slider demo content. About the error, you will need to update your server php version to 5.4

my logo is way to big and i have resized it several times. what size should it be or what else can I do so it looks right. you can view at http://demosite.stephaniegordondesign.com/

Please check you email.

how do you add a background image to the header underneath the logo?


Please check your email.

in the mobile version / view of my site at rmt-tn.com the mobile menu is covering the phone number. can you please provide code to fix it?

Please check you email.

Hi there,

A few questions I’m hoping you can help me with.

For some reason the link button on the Home Page in ‘Featured Box’ won’t work. I’ve put a valid link in where it says ‘Edit’ in ‘Button Text’ and saved it, but when I go to Visit Site and test the button, nothing happens. I’ve also tested it on other browsers I thought it might have been a Chrome bug but its the same on Firefox too. Can you help figure out whats wrong?

Also, can you tell me what the most ideal resolution would be for the slider layer images to be for the Homepage, I find that in preview everything looks great and sharp but when I look at the actual page in Visit Site, the slider is larger on the home page and the images look slightly blurred – perhaps the resolution isn’t high enough? I just don’t want the images to be so big that there is lag time in uploading when someone goes to the website.

Is there a way to delete one of the titles on the top of each page before the content? Right now it has e.g. About Us in blue, and then under it has Home/About Us in black text. I could do without the black text under it. I saw an answer to something similar in earlier comments but wasn’t 100% sure it had to do with this.



1. Just sent an email to you there with ftp and wp-admin access for you to check the Homepage button with, hopefully it can be fixed, looking forward to your reply.

2. No retina display, just working off of a HP Pavilion laptop. I can play around with the images again with the resolution you suggested above and see if something improves for the time being. If its still a problem I can always inquire again.

3. many thanks – that worked :)


The button bug should be fixed by now, please clear the browser cache and it should work fine again.

Its fixed – many thanks!

Hello, I have a question about the homepage. I am wondering if it is possible to modify the website so that when it loads there is an ‘Intro’ page with a photograph featured, that you can click on ‘ENTER SITE’ and then it brings you to the Homepage then? Is it at all possible to modify the site to do this or tell me how to go about it?

Many thanks


I think there are lot of plugins for this that could do that.

Thanks – would you have any suggestions of what might be most compatible with Pulchellus?

How do I add a backgound image behind the logo? I see where someone else asked the question but only an email was sent no info on how to. Would appreciate the information. Thank you!


The images can be changed in theme management panel http://i.imgur.com/xTmqhgJ.png