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I want to purchase this theme but I want to make wedding website where more than one couple will come and create there account and share there story , events , photos . is it possible in this theme?

Support is not good, they didn’t answer any question. and also demo site options are not in theme.

I am not happy in this theme.faced many problems

Hello @bullamaiah

I am sorry. I was unavailable for 1 week from internet. I am really sorry for this.

Can you please send me your WordPress website links and admin access. So that I can check all listed issue and fix it.

You can send me the private data via my profile page or support forum.



Thanks for this pretty theme. I have questions for Gallery Carousel:

1.) How to make the same height for the thumbnails? So that the thumbnails will look neat although I upload the image with different scale.

2.) How to make the carousel repeat its scrolling and also without leaving an empty spaces?

I’m sorry about my English. I hope you understand.

Thank you.

Hello Bignet, thanks for your response.

1.) Yes the image is resized but with the same width, can we make the same height? https://www.dropbox.com/s/uzzfh65a12musos/Denyfriends-home-01.jpeg?dl=0     2.) Can you guide me which part should I change? https://www.dropbox.com/s/fum36hesnmzfauj/Denyfriends-home-02.jpeg?dl=0

Thank you.

Hello bignet,

Thank you for your response.

1.) This is a screen capture that the image carousel looks not neat. Can we make the auto resize is for the image height?


2.) The image carousel scrolling is not repeating and leave blank spaces. How to make the carousel scrolling always repeating and not leaving any blank spaces?


Thanks a lot.


The image size of the carousel have to 600×500 or bigger. For repeating can you please give me the admin access of our wordpress site. You can send the password via our support forum http://thewpdev.com/support/

Hi there, Hope you are well. I have got some problems with my website.

1. It’s running very slow. 2. It’s not showing the full URLs including the page name. 3. The menu options are showing a processing animation when you click on them and it stays there. I talked to my hosting company and they said I should contact with the theme provider. I recently updated the plugins. Here is my website www.harvestcreativemedia.com

Thanks in advance. Jai


1) I have checked your site speed http://gtmetrix.com/reports/www.harvestcreativemedia.com/YmwWSMX5 and it is really good. Page Speed Grade is 90% and YSlow Grade is 72% also the site is loading good on my end.

2) Not sure about the issue. Page slug and title can be change via wordpress nativ way. The theme does not affect the page slug

3) I checked your menu and I browse some of your pages by clicking on the menu and not seeing any problem


I’m having trouble making include sample-data.xml on my website. I go on Tools> Import> sample-data.xml, select User adm and the file begins Loading … Loading … Loading … and not out of it. If I interrupt the process after a few minutes some files are not downloaded. what should I do?

obs I am Brazilian I used google translate

I used this method http://bignetstudio.com/updating-wordpress-theme/#comment-14 to upgrade the theme but now I can’t see my homepage and other pages. I can see those pages in the backend. Do you have any idea what should I do now? Here is my website http://www.harvestcreativemedia.co.uk

Can you please send me your WordPress admin access and FTP access via my profile page. So that I can check the issue and fix it.


Hi, I have sent you the details you asked me. Could you get back to me ASAP please? Thanks. Jai

Please let me know: Is the theme accessibility ready by definition of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, level A? Thank you!