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Hi Ed – fantastic theme :-)

I’m using my site purely as a portfolio, running from one single portfolio page (my static homepage) on which there will be 8 items.

1. Is there a way to embed a SoundCloud player inside an accordion panel? I can embed a soundcloud player OK in a portfolio item’s normal body. And i can embed a YouTube video inside an accordion panel.

2. In my Theme Options, i do not have a ‘style’ tab, as mentioned in the documentation. Therefore i cannot change the background colour/image. Any idea where my ‘style’ tab could be?

Kind regards,

Jordan Craig.

1. I got the SoundCloud embed to work inside the accordion. I found i had to leave a line break between the panel open and close tags like so:

[panel title=”Panel #1”]



2. I can get to ‘Color Customizer’ from the admin bar, is that what you mean? From here i can change Theme Skin dark or light, and I can change ‘Color – Accent’ and ‘Color – Shortcodes’ but no background alteration can be made. Still no sign of a ‘style’ tab, but i think i’ve looked everywhere!

Kind regards,

Jordan Craig.

1 – Great!

2 – That is the style tab, that line in the documentation is incorrect. You can’t choose the background color as the masks for the shape overlays are images. Any color change would require images to be created to match for the masks.

- Ed

Ahh ok, thanks Ed!

Hi there How do I get the slider working? Thanks – great theme.

Thank you – I read through the documentation – turns out the slider is only on certain posts – looking for a third party solution. Ed I did read the documentation and I still have a question: I have made 18 categories for the portfolio filterering and have to make another 12, however there are only 7 to choose from and only 7 show when I select the “all” filter, any thoughts on how I get to show them all. The documentation doesn’t say anything and I read all the comments without luck. Thanks in advance. -Ben

It will only show filter options for items that have posts, and have posts displaying in the items on the page – to avoid the chance that a user could click an item and then have it show none if it doesn’t have any results.

Hope that helps.

- Ed

excellent – that helped very much.


I’d like to change the order of my portfolio category on my portfolio page.

Any solutioons?

Thank you

Hi there,

Unfortunately the best way is to actually edit the published date! There are a few plugins, however these mess up the order when you want to view next/previous. Hopefully something the WordPress improve in the future!

- Ed

Hi again Ed,

I want to use a header image which is larger than the 158px x 75px dimensions specified.

I had this working momentarily when i uploaded a 300×300 image.

I am now trying to use a 600×200 image, but it keeps resizing to the default dimensions.

Can you advise?

Thanks, Jordan

Check my reply above :)

- Ed

Ahhh of course, duh! Thanks Ed! Working now…

Btw its just “logo” not “logo-left” for that one. In case you ever need to refer to it again! ;-)


I was referring to the config, rather than the if statement check ;)

Glad you got it sorted :)

- Ed

Hi, I bought your template which is very nice !!! I just do the 3.5.1 wordpress update and it seems that slider function in portfolio doesn’t work anymore. May i have to do an template update ? Which folders i have to update?Sorry for my english :) and thank u !! yaya

Hi there!

If you download the latest version from here, or through Appearance > Themes then that will fix the issue.

Hope that helps :)

- Ed

Thank u a lot :)))

Thanks for the continuing support Ed, it has really helped me get my head around the workings of this theme. Couple more queries below, that reference the page http://www.fuzzytapes.com/

1. The arrows at the bottom of each portfolio item that link to the next page go in the wrong direction! So when i’m on page 3 and hit the forward arrow, i get page 2 when i expect page 4.

I’ve titled my items by numbers 1 to 8 for convenience, and i have made sure they are listed from 1 to 8 under ‘Portfolio->Re-Order’

2. My second query is to do with the dimensions of media content when being used on a portfolio page, and in a slider. I’ll use this page as an example: http://www.fuzzytapes.com/?portfolio=1

I wish for the images in the slider at the top to be 300×300 (i’m ok with there being excess horizontal space) Currently they are resized to fill the breadth of the slider, and some of them have been horribly cropped leaving large grey chunks.

Further down the page, i wish to have control over the dimensions of the YouTube videos. Currently they automatically resize to stretch across the full width of the column.

Thanks for any advice!

Use this code and set the height within:

<div style="width:60%;margin: 0 auto;"><iframe src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/cU0Trxix_5U” style="width:100%;" height="400px" allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0”></iframe></div>

No idea, try searching google. I found this – http://wordpress.org/support/topic/error-service-temporarily-unavailable

Either that, or edit via FTP.

- Ed

Ed, you’re a genius! That’s all working now :-D The service error was a problem with my Dreamhost security settings.

Slider looks great. I added hspace: 25%; to the css so that it is centred as well.

Thanks so much!


You’re welcome Jordan, enjoy :)

- Ed

Hello, Congratulations for the amazing inspiration. Is that possible to have blog posts in the homepage with the portfolio style from the demo? Regards, Guga

Thanks for the kind words, we appreciate it :)

Unfortunately not as standard, although you could do this with a custom template and copy the styles, just changing what post type the template uses.

- Ed

please take a look at http://themes.swiftpsd.com/punch/pricing-tables/ I wonder why button link in price table didn’t display.

It’s happen with my local environment too. Please help.

It was a slight bug in the code. Please can you log a support ticket at http://support.swiftpsd.com and I’ll send you the latest build with the fix.


- Ed

Is it possible to set the zoom level to the map? And what about the coordinates?

Hi there!

If you go to /js/functions.js.php, you can find the map JS starting on line 274. The zoom can be set on line 279:

zoom: 15,

and if you want to set the coordinates directly, you can set them on line 277:

var latlng = new google.maps.LatLng(mapLat, mapLong);

Hope that helps!

- Ed

Thanks! But is it possible to add this as a feature to admin panel in next update? )

Sure, we’ll add zoom option to the update list :)

- Ed

sorry if this issue has been brought up already, but when i scale my site down to smaller sizes, either by dragging the browser window smaller, or viewing on a mobile device, there is a good amount of empty space off to the right side that can be seen by scrolling to the right, my question is how do i remove the extra empty space on smaller formats of my site, for reference my site is p-jalowski.com

Hi there,

Apologies, seems to be an issue with the css. Please remove the statement on line 972 in style.css:

#footer-widgets .two-thirds {
width: 620px;

That will fix your issue.

- Ed

WOW SUCH a Cool Theme!! GRT WRK indeed Curious, any chance in an update you may have (for mobile view.. iphone view is BIG deal to me, and rest of world now days) a Smooth Drop Down Menu and not the ol ‘Pop Out Bar’... would just SO compliment the rest of your gorgeous theme Let me know THNKS BEST -Sterling

Thanks for the kind words :)

We’ll add it to the wishlist for updates!

- Ed


I’m trying to upload a new portfolio item and keep getting a “sorry, there was a problem loading this video” message from Vimeo. I haven’t had this issue yet.

here’s a link: http://neon-films.com/?portfolio=annual-holiday-luncheon

Any idea what may be causing this? Any help is appreciated.

Theme has been super solid!

Cheers, Kyle

Hi Kyle,

Make sure you are using http:// instead of https://

Hope that helps :)

- Ed

Nice to see Theme Forest have added much better threaded comments.

I just have a quick question for you Ed, where can I locate this page? http://themes.swiftpsd.com/shared/promo_meta.png

Thanks, Brendan

That page is the portfolio detail page. When you add a portfolio item, you will find the meta options (seen in the left of the image) below the content editor.

- Ed

Hi again Ed!

I have a main menu on my site, which has 2 items. This menu appears at the top of every page.

I’d like to have one page without this menu. The template for this page will be ‘Default Template’. Is there a way to remove the menu for this page?

It is worth noting that I do not use the ‘Default Template’ at any other time, so i’d be happy editing the code for ‘Default Template’ (although i cannot find a .php file for this)


Is there any way to just re-upload the style.css file?

Perhaps you could send me the full original code in an email if that’s not too much hassle? That way i could just paste over what is there.

If you are OK with doing that, send it to: jordan.p.craig[at]gmail[dot]com

I’d appreciate this so much Ed!!

Ignore the above Ed, i was being stupid. I just copied and pasted from the style.css file in my original download folder… duh!

That’s everything back to normal now :-)

Thanks for your continuing support!


You’re welcome, glad you sorted it :)

- Ed

am having a problem since I updated the theme with the overlay showing on the portfolio items, any ideas? http://nlcchermantown.com/

Wow, thanks for the quick response! Didn’t even think of checking for that, will upload and fix, appreciate it!

You’re welcome :)

- Ed


awsome theme!!

my client needs to show a lot of work on the portfolio, is there a way to have more than 4 columns, more like thumbnails.. (7/8 items per lines)



Hi Loic,


Unfortunately 4 is the max number of columns, as most customers like to show off their work in it’s glory – a little hard when it’s as small as being in 8 columns!

- Ed

Hey Ed,

Really nice theme, this is a bit of a specific request, but I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a responsive slider shortcode. Basically I want to be able to put a slider in one of the column shortcodes and have it fill the column.

For example [one_half] [slide_one]<img src="#" />[/slide_one] [slide_two]<img src="#" />[/slide_two] [/one_half] [one_half_last][/one_half_last]

I installed some plugins but with all of them you had to create the sliders in the backend instead of just using the normal wordpress upload (like in my example) and then they conflicted with the theme slider.

Anyway, I know it’s a bit of a long shot but any help would be appreciated!


Hey there!

You could probably do this by simply entering the flexslider html within the one_half shortcode. Like so:

[one_half]<div class="flexslider">
<ul class="slides">
<img src="#" />

I haven’t tried it, but that should work! Hope that helps :)

- Ed

Thanks Ed, worked perfectly!

Great! :)

- Ed


When I publish a page I receive this message:

Not Found

The requested URL /over-mij-2 was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Apache/2.0.63 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.0.63 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 mod_bwlimited/1.4 PHP/5.2.9 Server at wilfredbeukens.nl Port 80

A month ago I had no problems with publishing pages.

But when you in the search area type in “Dille en Kamille” you go to the Dille en Kamille part on the portfolio page??

Anybody an solution?


Hi Wilfred,

Have you purchased the theme? It doesn’t show the purchased badge for you.

Please log a support ticket at http://support.swiftpsd.com and we’ll happily assist.

- Ed

Hi can i put a slideshow with pictures above the portfolio (Where is the Text “IT’S TIME TO MAKE AN IMPACT THROW SOME SHAPES WITH OUR NEW PREMIUM RESPONSIVE WORDPRESS PORTFOLIO THEME.” right now)?



Hi Emilia,

Not as standard, you would need to manually edit the php files.

- Ed


Is it possible to remove the social media functionality from the sticky footer so that it only displays the grid and arrow functions? If so, is is possible to move the grid/arrows to the top of the page?

Excellent theme….thanks!! Adrianne

Hi Adrianne,

Glad you like it! :)

You can use the following css to remove the icons, but it’s not possible to move it to the top of the page.

#footer-social-icons {
display: none!important;

- Ed