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Everything looks perfect!

Thank you IulianN for your positive feedback :)

Good luck with sales.

Thank you WPExplorer :)

Good luck with sales, congrats :)

Thank you Bedros :)


I bought this as HTML , and I was glad to see this theme in wp. I just don’t see the s3 slider anymore which I have used in the html version for my client. Any chance it’s going to be included later? And by the way it’s a great theme… Thanks

Hi ariandh,

Thank you for your positive feedback :)

S3 slider has no arrow or bullet navigation like nivo and skitter slider so we didn’t add this slider in WordPress version. If slider author will add this feature in updated version then we will add s3 slider in the theme.

just what i am looking for. give me a few days to get some cash into paypal and i will come grab it.

Just got this theme, ready to to rock and roll!

The sub menus dont seem to be usable. Please help? When I mouse over the menu flys out but I cannot get it to stay open for me to open submenu items it closes as soon as the mouse leaves the top level menu to go to the sub menu.

Thoughts? Joseph

Hello Joseph,

Please test drop down menu by “logout” wordpress admin. (or test it in diff. browser where you are not logged in wordpress admin) We already tested in diff. servers and menus are working fine. You can test preview site drop down.

Thanks so much for all your help, great support! We were able to get everything sorted out on our site… great them.

Ok so I am having a few problems with this theme. None of the sliders are working right. So far, while I like the theme itself, it is not proving very functional. Thoughts? If not, I’d like to process a refund.

So I think I have figured out what is wrong with the menu (not the slider yet)... The submenu seems to CLOSE … WAY TO QUICK . The timer setting on the submenu needs to be change so the menu stays down much longer after hover in order to select… how do we fix this?

So I was able to fix the menu by adding a -10px margin to the top-menu ul ul in the theme style I am using. There is to much of a gap in the menu style from the top menu to sub. Do you know where the actual condition is?

Still have not solved the problem with the slider.

Thanks a lot for your help, great/quick support. :)

Great theme!

How do I get my homepage to look the same as your sample?


Thank you littlesaintsllc for purchasing this theme :)

You can make home page like preview site by importing demo xml file ( you can refer help file topic #1 Theme Installation and Import Demo content – to import xml demo content ) and then go to admin > settings > reading > front page display > select “Home” from static page > front page dropdown.

OR you can refer help file topic #7 Create Home page with Slider > Part 2 ..which has screenshots for home page settings.

Thanks!!! Again, great theme!!!

Lovely theme, I am considering buying it but looking at the css structure it seems very difficult to insert a floral background image in instead that grey.

Do you have any tips on how I can achieve this easily?

Thank you pol_ollie for your positive feedback :)

You can add floral background but for this you have to do lots of changes in css and psd files. First you have to export many images in png format so default floral background can be visible under these images and then rename background jpg images with png in css file. If you have good skill in css and photoshop then you can do these changes because it is little complex to add floral or any image background.

How do I change the text size & incorporate a graphic to match the one you have one your front page – near the bottom, that reads, “Get 5 page website with one year free web hosting…only for $199!”?


Hi littlesaintsllc,

You can edit home page prmotion text color and button image in additional footer from below steps.

1. Change text color :

Open style.css file and go to line #866 (CSS file index #11 Additinoal footer > (b) Promo Text > #content p.promo-title,#additional-footer p.promo-title {...} )

Change color value color:#000; to your website color.

You can directly edit style.css file from admin > appearance > editor > style.css

2. Change button color :

Open 06-home-button.psd file from (path : puregift-v1.01/PSD/skins/1. black/06-home-button.psd )

Change button color and export png image with name “home-btn.png”

Add this image in your selected skin folder in wordpress.. ../wp-content/themes/puregift/images/skins/skinname/

Thank you :)

Thanks for being so quick to respond!

Last question…hopefully!

What widget did you use for the first column in your footer? The one that reads, “Main Services”?


Hi littlesaintsllc

First column footer area is not widget but simple html style, below is sample code…

<ul class="footerList">
<li><a href="#">Website Designing and Development</a></li>
<li><a href="#">Search Engine Optimization and PPC</a></li>
<li><a href="#">Domain Registratrion and Web Hosting</a></li>
<li><a href="#">Content Writing and Advertising</a></li>
<div class="clear"></div>

Thank you :)

Hi, i am making different .png files to upload into the “logo” from the “theme options” and they are always looking stretched and blurry. I am making them in photoshop with the 211×96 as specified in the same “theme options” . what is causing this ?

Hello Randallcamacho,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

Please upload logo in size 270px width and 115px height. In theme options page, there is typo mistake in logo upload description so we are re-uploading theme files with correction in description text. You can refer help file topic #18 Default Images Width and Height for more info of theme images width and height size.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

ok thanks, no probs, another thing, i am catching my a** to get the home page slider to work. i am following the instructions exactly in the help doc. but still can’t find my way. does it have to have two or more images ? why set “Home” as static page for part of this procedure ? i already did that, i thought the purpose of doing that was not to have “blog” on home page. when i set the “features image” it goes into the editor part. is this normal ? so how would the text enter and why have text ? (to fit into the image?) any advice would be greatly appreciated ! thanks , kind regards

Hi Randallcamacho,

For home page slider, it requires minimum two images for slider animation and images should be uploaded from “Featured Image” box. Please send your admin login info from our profile page form so we can check and give you quick solution.

Thank you :)

Hi Randallcamacho,

You should upload slider images from “Featured Image” box on right side. Please refer help file index #7. Create Home page with Slider > Part 1 > First screenshot.

Thank you :)

ok thanks for such a speedy reply, i now sent requested info.

Hi Randallcamacho,

Slider images issue is solved, please check.

Thank you :)

top class service !!! what was the problem ?

You should upload slider images from “Featured Image” box on right side. Please refer help file index #7. Create Home page with Slider > Part 1 > First screenshot. :)

yep thats what i was doing, will give it another try, but it is doing what it suppose to do now, gonna change and add some more now to test. tell me one more thing please, the “featured image” acts as a sort of background ? and the text in the editor will appear in that image ? is that how it is suppose to work ? or is the image in the “featured image” the entire image that would be seen in the slider ? if so then why type in the editor ? where would that text go ? my original issue was that i could swear i was choosing the “featured image” button and selecting the image from the media gallery.

Hi Randallcamacho,

We are using standard format for slider “post type”.

Featured Image box : This is used to display slider image, you have to upload full width slider images from this box.

WYSIWYG editor : This is for adding single line caption text for slider image. You can test by adding few words and it will appear on image. There is no separate page for each slides so please don’t add any image in this area, because it is only for image caption text.

Thank you :)

Sorry to bother you, this is probably a really stupid question, but I am having trouble with putting images into my portfolio. I am using the sorting 4 column and I can get them in there and also in the right category and it all works. The only problem I have is with the way the thumbnail shows the picture. I cannot get it to show in a way that it makes the picture look ok. I have tried going in and cropping it, but it does not seem to publish it that way. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The website is www.jonesduolensphotography.com, if you need any other info just let me know.

Hello Chelseajj,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

Portfolio and blog images are auto re-size with image re-size function which takes appropriate dimensions as per image width and height. It’s good idea to add separate thumbnail image and large image but this feature is not available in this theme. We are adding this point in our next updated version list and inform you if this feature is perfect for portfolio options.

Please send us email from our profile page form so we can inform you theme updates.

Ok thanks for the quick reply, loving the theme and will be excited to see the next update.

Hello Chelseajj,

You can also use image height options which will fix the issue.

Go to Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > Portfolio > Thumbnails Height > 4 Column Portfolio Thumbnails Height

Thank you :)


I’m trying to change some things in the style.css file, but when I save and go up via FTP nothing happens or takes too long to change. It may be because of cache?

Thank you

Hello GabrielBrito,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

There are few reasons for this issue.

1. Sometimes due to cache we can’t see liver server changes, you can fix it by deleting temp file and “prefetch” files. ( and then refresh page with CTRL +F5 )

2. If internet speed is slow or fluctuating then it can upload corrupt file.

3. If you want to edit main css style changes like heading h1, h2, h3 or list style.. ul li etc., then you have to apply main “id” of the section, like…

for content area use #content .mynewstylename h1 {...}

for sidebar area use #sidebar .mynewstylename ul li {...}

for footer area use #footer .mynewstylename p {...}

Hello, We buy your wordpress theme PureGift and we have problem with it. This theme can’t work with UTF -8 fonts. Please fix this problem as quick as possible :stress:

how to get the “main services” that you have in the “live preview” ? ie. it seems to be a widget in the first footer but i dont see any widgets for this “main services” i thee the “portfolio” , “testimonials” etc,,

regards, Randall.

Hi Randall,

In footer, first widget area is ready css class which you can add in “Text” Widget. Below is sample html code for services list…

<ul class="footerList">
<li><a href="#">item name...</a></li>
<li><a href="#">item name...</a></li>