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also i am getting a clear bar on all my pages, it is affecting the look. i looked through all the options and can’t figure out what it is and how to remove it. www.trinbagowebsites.com


Hi Randall,

Top black bar is wordpress default editing bar which is only visible if you are Log in admin. You can check it by Log Out admin.

Thank you :)

that was not the bar i was referring to. dont worry i figured it out, it was a bar that was appearing when there was no widgets for that page and when “full width” template is used the bar is gone.

The second problem slidebar not working! I really need your help. wordpress 3.4

Hello szamriy,

Please read help file index #15. Add Multiple Sidebars

You have to create sidebars and then select in page editor, sidebar dropdown as per help file screenshot.

Thank you :)

Themes does not work, support does not help – I want a refund.

Hi! I am seriously thinking about purchasing this theme, it looks amazing! One question, I have a moderate knowledge of HTML and CSS , how hard would it be (if even possible) to enlarge the area where the logo goes? My logo doesn’t look good under 300 px wide. Thanks!

Hi Anmnoel,

Please send your logo file (72 dpi) from our profile page form so we can test with width:300px by changes in background image of logo box and css styles and send you screenshot after applying your logo with this theme.

Thank you :)

Great theme. I have two questions, first is it possible to change the website color to one that is not listed? We are looking for a more pastel color. Second, on my homepage at the bottom my promotion text is appearing above where your’s is on your demo homepage. (you can see here: www.SuccessWithBreastfeeding.com) I have inserted into the end of my home page, should I be inserting it somewhere else?

Thank you!

Hello Rehudnall,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

You can edit footer section fonts color and size from Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > Fonts > Footer

You can add custom skin but it requires basic photoshop, html and css skill. Below are steps for skin changes..

1. Choose similar skin of the theme. For example “Bluishgray” skin.

2. Now open PSD folder > skins > 4. bluishgray

3. Open all psd files of this folder in photoshop and edit all files with new color combination and export it.

4. Copy all images and paste it in ../wp-content/themes/images/skins/bluishgray

5. Edit skin css, path ../wp-content/themes/puregift/css/skins/bluishgray.css

i think the author is on holidays spending all our money :)

Dear Buyers and Visitors,

Sorry for the inconvenience, we were on holidays for three days so we could not give you quick support. We are giving all comments answers in few minutes.

Thank you :)

lol i knew it ! i pretty much figured out my concerns by reading the help document. Great Theme, only better i know of is “flex squeeze” which is like 4 times the price !!!

Thank you Randall for your positive feedback :)

I’ve widened the content area and now I need to move the sidebar over, all the way to the right edge, where or how can I do this? I need to use 600px wide images and they are currently overlapping onto the left side/edge of the sidebar.

Hi thanson01,

Please login from the account which you purchased this theme and send same comments.

I AM signed in?? Why the jumping thru hoops just to ask a simple question?

Hi thanson01,

For current issue, you have to select “full width” template from right sidebar “Page Attributes” box. In full width template you can use image width up to 630px . You can refer help file topic #11 pages > Full Width

(There is no purchase tag on your comments like other buyers which is showing you didn’t purchase this theme from current user id. It is necessary to verify for continue free support.)

Thank you :)

Sorry maybe I wasn’t clear in my above question. I don’t need to edit the font in the footer but rather about the promotion text which appears directly above the footer on your demo site in the dotted area. Mine appears above the dotted area and not where your promotion text is showing on your demo website.

How do I get my promotion text to appear in the dotted area? To see where it currently is you can go to my website: www.SuccessWithBreastfeeding.com

I currently have inserted it at the end of my home page. Is there somewhere else I should be putting it?

Thank you.

Hi Rehudnall,

You can add content in additional footer (footer with dotted area) from

Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > Footer > Additional Footer Settings

There are two area for additional footer, one is for home page and second is for all inner pages.

Add below sample shortcode in both boxes to display in all pages.

[promotion_text button_text="Order Today!" button_link="#" ] Get 5 page website with one year free web hosting ....only for $199! [/promotion_text] 

Thank you :)

I have some problems with the gallery… when I insert the gallery on a page the pictures are not perfectly aligned. The more the pics are small the worse it gets. Please help!! Thank you :-)

Image Gallery

Hi Infovideoservice,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

Please refer help file index #9. Add Image Gallery

First you have to set thumbnail, medium and large image width from Admin > Settings > Media as per help file screenshot and then upload images from page media section.

i am trying to place an image with a shadow and i want the shadow to blend in really smooth and nice into the contact page. what is the # for the “color” on the pages ? its a sort of light grey. i would appreciate the exact # Kind regards, Randall.

Hi Randall,

Main body light grey color value is #e8e8e8

Sidebar box light grey color value is #efefef

Thank you :)

ok, great, thanks again !

hi, usually if a text is selected in a page and i add “insert link” that respective text/link would change color when the mouse is hovered over it to show/indicate that it is a link. but the text remains the same even though the link has been added. can this be changed ?

Hi Randall,

Default setting for content area link text is underline with default grey color and hover color black. (style.css > #2-Global style)

a { color:#404040; text-decoration:underline;}
a:hover { color:#000;}

You can change this settings as per your requirement.

Thank you :)

Thanks for your help with the earlier reply, that is exactly what I was asking! I am having problems with my top left menu, it isn’t centered. My top right menu is but I can’t get the top left menu to center, what do I need to do?

Thanks! Stewart SuccessWithBreastfeeding.com

Adjust Left and Right Menu

Hi Stewart,

You can move left or right menu with simple custom css code.

Go to Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS /Javascript > Add CSS

Add below code in “Add CSS ” box.

Left Menu

.menuleft {  left: 0px; }

If you want to move left menu right side then add more numbers like
left: 15px;

If you want to move left menu left side then give number in minus like
left: -15px;

Right Menu

.menuright {  right: 0px; }

If you want to move right menu left side then add more numbers like
right: 15px;

If you want to move right menu right side then give number in minus like
right: -15px;

Thank you :)

You have been extremely helpful and responsive! Great seller that I recommend to all!!!

Thank you Stewart for your positive feedback :)

Am I able to use vimeo links on the portfolio page? It does not work when I try it, it just looks like it loads forever, is there something I can do to fix this?

Sorry for any inconvenience, but you did not have a “Purchased” badge. Please login from the account which you purchased this theme and send same comments.

how do i upgrade to newer version ? i ran the “install theme” but in gave an error saying that file already exists.

Hi Randall,

You can upgrade newer version by deleting current theme otherwise it will display error.


You can rename theme to diff. name like “puregift2”, zip the folder and upload it. This will not create any issue because folder names are diff. in …/wp-content/themes/... section.

Thank you :)

This theme is working well for me. I do have one question; The sidebar defaults to Blog Sidebar if none is selected… Where can I change that default to point to a different sidebar? I’m comfortable editing any php i need to, if that helps… i’m just trying to save time by asking where the setting is. Thanks, and again, great theme. Les

Multiple Sidebars

Hello Les,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

You can create unlimited sidebar and add diff. sidebars in posts and pages. Please refer help file topic #15. Add Multiple Sidebars

  1. In the “Appearance” menu click, “Multiple Sidebars”
  2. Create sidebar by click on “Add Sidebar” button.
  3. In the “Pages” menu click, “Add New”
  4. Enter page title and select sidebar from “Sidebar” metabox at bottom area. ( below WYSIWYG editor box )
  5. Publish the page.
  6. In the “Appearance” menu click, “Widgets”
  7. Drag and drop widgets in page sidebar ( right side bottom area ) and refresh frontend page to see sidebar.

Yes, i understand how the multiple sidebars work. In fact it’s a seamless and easy to use function of your theme. But I was wondering if there was somewhere in the theme structure that defined what the default sidebar was (i.e. the sidebar that is assigned to a page when you first create it if you do not assign it a specific sidebar) Right now it seems to be defined as the “Blog Sidebar” I didn’t see it defined in the functions files. Thanks, Les

Hello Les,

All custom sidebars are defined in sidebar.php

Path: ../wp-content/themes/puregift/framework/sidebars/sidebar.php

Thank you :)