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I have purchased this theme and am new to editing and know that some themes come with instructions. Do you have instructions available that you can send me or refer me to? Thanks!

Thank you Kristiek for purchasing the theme :)

Documentation is added with the theme. Unzip downloaded file, and click on “Help-Documentation” folders > index.html file to view instructions.

Theme Updates : Version 1.03

  • Added horizontal menu shortcode in shortcodes generator.
  • Added option for portfolio single page – Page with Fullwidth or Page with Portfolio Sidebar.

is it iPad compatible?

Hi Bunny,

PureGift theme is not made for mobile view so it will not work like responsive themes but it is working fine with ipad. You can test preview site for ipad compatibility from this url : http://ipadpeek.com/

Thank you :)

What are the Caption options for slider images? For example, can I add text to the right or left of an image (or on top of an image), similar to the screens below?

In other words, can I place image captions where I want them to explain or introduce an image? If not, what can I do? I see the screenshot of the girl with the teddie bear on the demo with a one line caption but can’t tell what else I can do from that.

Hi joshbond,

All 3 sliders have caption position in bottom of the image. You can add more text in caption and it will increase bottom to top with full width size. If you want to display lots of content in captain area then it will not look good, only few words or one line sentence will look good in the slide.

This is a good point to make caption flexible in all area of the slide, we are adding this point in our next updated list and if it will work with all 3 sliders then we will add in next updated version.

Thank you :)

Love the theme! I am having trouble with photos and the post formats. I have lots of posts with galleries and I figured out how to re-size the larger images so they look better. But is there a way to have a gallery post that shows the feature image? Every time I set a featured image it disappears from the gallery in the post. Then my “recent posts” widget shows the blank default image :( I like having an image there. Thanks!

Thanks! Works beautifully!

Do you have an idea how I can style my contact form to look like the one that comes with the theme? I need more options like dropdowns, radials and file uploads. I’ve tried styling my contact form 7 with no luck. Any suggestions?

Hi etonndesigns,

Please refer help file index #11. Pages > Contact Us page and #13 Add multiple sidebars (to add right sidebar contact widget with map)

For more options you have to add manually code in php or you can also use Formidable plugin which has many features for form customization.

Thank you :)

Terrific theme! My client picked this out for her website. I’ve used several ThemeForest WordPress themes and this has been the easiest to use, so far. Besides being very attractive, it is very well documented. I especially appreciated the table that shows the sizes of all the photo and graphic elements – It made it that much easier to size her logo to fit.

Great job.

Thank you PintSized for purchasing the theme and your best compliments :)

I really like you theme, and I may be purchasing it. Do you have any plans of making it responsive?

Hi choorel,

Our all next themes will be responsive themes but up to “desire” theme, all themes are fixed width themes. All current themes have rich graphics and it is not possible to make 100% responsive but we will try to make maximum parts to responsive after next responsive theme.

Thank you :)

Hi! This theme looks absolutely beautiful, and may be exactly what I need for a client! I just have a couple of quick questions … which may sound a little odd. 1) Could I possibly either take out the slider on the home page (and maybe add it to another page if need be), or toggle it ‘off’? 2) How flexible is the home page? Could I create a static page and set it to the home page in WordPress’s Reading settings? I need to be able to create a very flexible homepage for this client.

Thanks for your time!

Hi somnium,

Thank you for visiting our themes :)

1. Slider is only available for home page so you can’t use it in any other inner pages.

2. You can set any inner page as home page by settings – reading section like portfolio, blog, about us pages etc.

Hi, first of all, thank you for your good looking theme. I would like to know if it is any way to change the font that you are using in the menu bar, and the titles… The one that is in italic. Doesn’t match at all with the style of my content. Can you give me some suggestions please? Thank you very much!

Hi chioibasu,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

You can change top menu and title fonts with any font. This theme has default cufon font called “lora” and it is in ”../wp-content/themes/puregift/js/theme-font.js” file.

We can help you to make sample font file with your desired font for this theme. Please send us font files at our email id -> softwebmedia [at] gmail.com

Each font has different width and height so after adding new font, you have to adjust padding and margin in top menu and other areas where cufont font is used.

You can make font style italic to normal by changing style sheet code in …/wp-content/themes/puregift/style.css ( font-style:italic )

Hi, Thanks for the beautiful theme. I’m having problems trying to change the header and the home page slider background to either a gold colour or brushed gold background image for a client.

Can you please help me? Thanks

Hi carolorenge,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

Please hire freelancer for theme customization because in free support we help to fix basic issues. If you have any issue with theme setup or any feature (described in item description) is not working then we can help you to fix it.

Please tell me please if this theme has some SEO options included. I couldn’t find anything. For example an “meta description” section. Any advice? Thnaks

Hi chioibasu,

SEO options are not added in theme option panel but you can use any good seo plugin like wordpress seo for title, meta keywords and description.

Thank you :)


this is a very nice theme. it`s possible add slider on all pages? or only on homepage?


Hi bisous0003,

Thank you for your positive feedback :)

Homepage slider is only for home page but you can use same slider in inner page with two_third column like portfolio single page : http://puregift-wp.premiumthemes.in/?page_id=150

( You can also make alternate home pages with diff. sliders – nivo/skitter/pikachoose – by little custom coding. )

I’d like to edit the menu items by editing the actual html code. What is the name of the file that will allow me to edit the menu?


Hi littlesaintsllc,

You can edit top menu function script from


function #9 Top Menu, Footer Menu and Portfolio Horizontal Menu

Thank you :)

Hi, I found that on Mac my website has some bogs. http://friendlydesign.us/ One is at the bottom of the page. There is a lot of extra space between the “Go Top” arrow and the rest of the footer. And the second, witch is the worst one… in the portfolio section. All my posts are displayed chaotically. I checked this on two different Mac computers. Can you take a look please and tell what should I do about it? Thank you.

Hi chioibasu,

For top arrow issue, it looks tags are not closed properly. I checked your website with w3 validator and found below errors.

Line 250, Column 4: No p element in scope but a p end tag seen.

 Line 294, Column 4: No p element in scope but a p end tag seen.

I am not getting second issue, please send screenshot of portfolio issue from our profile page form.

Thank you :)

Thanks for the quick reply!

What I’d like to do – is have a menu item reflect within the main menu and NOT have it link to anything. I’d only like the “sub-menu” items to work.


Hi littlesaintsllc,

You can use wordpress custom menus > “custom link” box to make custom menu and then add sub links. For example “home” tag is added with custom links box.

You can refer help file index #6. Wordpress Custom Menus > screen shot’s step #4 – right box “custom links”

In URL box give ”#” and in label box enter mene item name.

Thank you :)



I’m using WPML to translate my site but the slider is not working for the translations. I’m on a deadline and really need to get this working ASAP . The WPML support have checked out the problem but we could use your help as well. They wrote the following “If you put before every line an ‘echo’ and call the homepage in Swedish, then you will see that actually for $alt and $swm_featured_image the correct Swedish slider images/custom posts are called:

Slide 3 Sve – http://…. /zuluslider3.jpg Slide One Sve – http://…./EncuentrosSlider1Ny1.png Slide Two – http://…../EncuentrosSlider2.png

However then the actual link is empty. Means the function swm_resize() is not returning anything.

At this point I think it would be good to involve the theme author. Could you find the theme file where the php function swm_resize() is defined?”

Thanks in advance.

Hi orrarah,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

You can edit swm_resize function from …/wp-content/themes/puregift/framework/general-function.php

general-function.php file function index #10) Thumbnail Re-size

Hello again,

I have some trouble finding where I edit the email in the topheader and the “Company Name” in the bottom-footer. I have attached two links to show you what I mean:



Could you please take a look?

Best regards,


Hi Orrarah,

You can edit both sections from

Admin > Appearance > Menus > Top bar Menu tab and Footer tab

Thank you :)

Thanks! Only place I didn’t look at =)

Okey, I have one last question before I can launch my website.

As you know by now I’m using WPML to translate my website and have also translated all content, but the contactform. I was wondering if you could help me with some guidelines?

Hi Orrarah,

You can change contact form label, button etc. text from

admin > appearance > theme options > contact form

Thank you :)

Yepp, that I know. But I how do I translate it to the other two langugages?

Hi Orrarah,

You can add custom code for translate contact form labels from


For example, label “Name:”

Go to line #77 and you will find below code

echo $label_name;

replace above code with below sample code

_e('Name:', 'swmtranslate');

Thank you :)

Okey, last problem..

The theme doesn’t accept ñ in español and í in guía on the frontpage. Is there someting wrong with the theme and if that’s the case, do you know any shortcode I can use?


Hi Orrarah,

Please refer Fonts section of theme options. If you want some special characters then select checkmark on first section – Headings with Special Characters

Thank you :)