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Hi there. Setting up website for a client using this theme. I am running into a couple of issues:

1. I have followed you documentation but cannot get my homepage slider images to display. I have sized them 960×388 using photoshop… but has not helped. Suggestions?

2. I like the idea of the image carousel in the footer. I have images displaying, but would like theme to have a border like the demo site. How can I do this?

Thanks so much! S

Thanks for sending. I forwarded it to my host. Netago replied “All that is, is a screen copy of the phpInfo from Host gator, they do not indicate what they feel is missing from our setup. I have no idea what functions they require, they are the developers. If they indicate from our phpInfo what is missing, we can try to get the configuration changed.” and this… “NETAGO uses “Rackspace”, one of the largest hosting providers in North America. The servers come with the latest versions of PHP and MySQL.” I have paid $45 for this theme and really would like to use it. Can you please continue to work with me on this issue. I have never had theme funciton hiccups with Netago (Rackspace) service. Seems odd to me. Thanks so much. S

Host just sent this: “One thing I have noticed, is that on their info screenshot, they are using PHP 5.2.17 – This platform uses 5.3.20 Is the theme compatible with the newer version of PHP? We can also try PHP 5.4.”

Hi Sarah,

We need minimum 5.0+ for wordpress 3.5

Please send your ftp and current admin login details via email so we can do test with debug mode. We have issue with featured images – wordpress core function “image resize” function is not working.

Thank you :)

Also… :) Can you tell me what you did to give your homepage slider slightly rounded corners and the transparent border around each image.

Thanks! Sarah

Hi Sarah,

We sent you photoshop file to export slider images with rounded corner and transparent border. Please check second reply email.

Thank you :)

Now I can’t get blog – featured images to show (530px x 180px) – looks like I am having an issue with images in general.

Help please. Thank you. Sarah


Please check first reply email.

Quick question… on my portfolio page (Now Selling) I have included / allowed bread crumb. When I click on a portfolio item and then try to use the bread crumb to return to main portfolio page, I get a 404 error.

Portfolio: http://www.littlemandms.com/now-selling

Suggestions? Thanks Sarah

Hi Sarah,

You can change body grey background to other background but it requires many changes in css and background images because many elements are designed with grey background compatible.

Thank you :)

Can you tell me where in css to at least change color?

Hi Sarah,

You can change body background color from skin color css, for example for black skin …go to


and change it from > body { background:.....

Thank you :)

Hi, the theme works in firefox and chrome great but in IE it is aboslutly broken, URL: http://www.global-hair.de/

Can you maybe check it and tell me what the error is? Sliders looking borring, there are a lot of differents between ie and firefox.. (or chrome).

Maybe you have a support mail if you need login details.


In which file should i fix it? Can you tell me which part is broken or should be replaced. Maybe you can give me the correct code.

Hi pixowebdesign,

You can fix it from admin..go to

admin > appearance > menus > top bar menu >

In URL field only enter email url like “mailto:info@companyname.com” ...don’t add any anchor tag.

In navigation field you can add like “Name, info@companyname.com” ......don’t add any anchor tag.

Thank you :)

fixed :) Thanks!


The theme is just wonderful and I’ve been really happy with it since purchasing.

One thing, however, has come up which is that I have heard reports that when viewing the website I built with this theme, from an iPad using Safari, the main page formatting is not coming out correctly. All the images from the slider appear one above the other, going down the page, and there is some text overlaying some of the images. I have some photos of what it looks like which I can send you if you want. Have you encountered anything like this previously? Any thoughts on what might be the cause and solution?

The website is: www.albertsonsmortuary.com

I really appreciate your help with this. Other than this issue everything has been running really well!

All the best,


Hi, just to touch on the note above. I’ve now heard back that some people viewing the site on an ipad in Safari see it normally and others do not. I guess I cannot be sure it’s a Safari issue. It appears that some people encounter the site looking perfectly normal and others find the images of the main slider all going down the page. One person saw it normally in Chrome but then switched to Safari and it looked wrong, another saw it in Safari and it looked fine. I’m not sure what could be causing the issue but any help you can provide will be great so I can get it sorted out.

Thanks again.


Hi Brad,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

We checked your website and it is looking perfect in our iPad. Sometimes due to slow internet speed or opening many sites in same time makes image overlapping issue. Below are few tips to increase website loading speed.

1.Install plugin “W3 Total Cache”, this plugin will help to increase speed with cache method.

2.Install plugin “WP Smush.it” , this plugin will optimize all images without losing image quality and help to increase speed.

3. Add any html tidy plugin which will reduce extra white space, tab space etc. and help to load content faster.

4. You can compress all css files after your website is complete with all content.

Hi there,

Thanks for all the good advice. I really appreciate it and will begin pursuing those additions to see if that helps. Thanks again.


Hi, thanks a lot for this wonderful theme. I only have one question: The Shortcuts, for example “Last News” doesn’t come with the same title than in your example. You can look it up at www2.holledauer.at/wp. I hope, you can help us soon! Thanks a lot in advance, Lilly

Hi W4media,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

For heading you have to add headings html tag before and after title text and for skin color, apply span tag like below example.

<h3>Latest <span>News</span></h3>


I’m continuing to love the theme. I had one question though, I am trying to put some Spanish text in the additional footer and I notice that letters with accent marks do not seem to appear. Is there any way to get those letters to show up?

Thanks for your help,


Hi Brad,

You can enable “Headings with Special Characters” from admin > apperance > theme options > fonts

or you can disable cufon font to support all kinds of special characters in same section second checkbox.

Thank you :)

Hello, we are having an issue with the blog pagination. The blog currently has 4 pages however when you select page 3 or 4 a “404 Error” is returned. Page 1 and 2 return the correct content.

Hello littlejackmktg,

Please send your website admin login info from our profile page form so we can check and help to fix the issue.

Info sent. Thank you.

I keep seeing reference to a help file and documentation. Where can I find that? I am having issues with customization taking effect – ie. uploaded my logo, but it’s not showing. And tried to activate slider, but nothing’s showing.

Documentation would be helpful rather than having to read through a bunch of posts that don’t apply to me and may not be relevant anymore. Thanks!!

I deleted/uninstalled everything and started from scratch, re-downloaded the theme files, re-installed WP and reinstalled the theme. Not sure what went awry with the first download, but I have the Help files now. Yay!

Images for slider are fine, but the captions aren’t showing properly.

Hi shirahjoy,

Please send your website admin login details from our profile page form so we can check and help to fix the issue.

Thank you :)

I’ve had this theme for about 7 months and love it. But now the slider has completely stopped working and will not load. Please contact me to resolve this ASAP.

Hi netninja,

Please update theme and wordpress with latest versions and if this will not help then please send your admin login details from our profile page form so we can check and help to fix the issue ASAP.

Mike was excellent and resolved our issues immediately. Very professional!

Thank you netninja for your positive feedback :)

This is a stylish theme that would really suit a store – any plans to integrate woo commerce?

I have a question about the ribbon section at the bottom just before the footer widget. My text was blank after the demo content was loaded – is this area widgetised, where do I populate and get the required styling as on the demo?

Many thanks


Hi Softwebmedia,

This is the link for the page where it’s happening, the slider is viewable in the sidebar but not on the footer.


I have another question regarding Woo, you mentioned above about releasing an ecommerce version of Pure Gift and I already have the php file, do you have an ETA for this release? Or is any css styling for checkout and account pages available? We would love to have some of the PG style integrated on these pages?

Many thanks


Hi Kat,

Please use slider widget only single area in the page, either on sidebar or in footer otherwise two times slider with same id in javascript will create conflict and it will not display second slider.

Thank you :)

Thanks Softwebmedia, you’re right we don’t need it twice on a page, I’ve removed the sidebar one :)

Any thoughts on the Woo question above? My clients happy to pay for the additional styling as she loves this theme so much!

Hi, I have a couple questions about the slider for the home page.

1) Where is the formatting option to get the image rounded corners and transparent border?

2) When a home slide is clickable, it goes to a post that has that image in it. However, I don’t see options for how to add extra info about that picture. If I add more info about the picture in the WYSIWYG editor for the slide, it all goes into the caption over the picture. This is for an artist, so we need a way to show more info about the picture once it’s clicked on. Or, when clicked on, show a pretty photo image of it. I tried adding the pretty photo url, which works, except that it still takes you to the slide “post” page, where we still need info about the picture.

Here’s an example of the slider post you get to when you click on the home image: Slide Post

Here’s my home page: Home Page

I hope this makes sense. Thanks for your help. :)

Hi – a small update. Another problem this is causing is that since the slider size isn’t the size of any of her art, some of them I’m having to resize to fit the slider. However, when clicked on, I want that to go to the actual art work post. I’m now wondering if instead of just relying on the slide “post”, if I should create a separate actual Post for all of these and use that url for the slider? Thanks!

Hi tarynike,

1. We sent you email which has ready psd file for home page header slider so you can create slides like preview site.

2. We made slider slides with simple way so it can be easy to all people. You can create any new page and give new page link to slide and add detail information about project/image in new page. ( like this page )

You can adjust slider images by adding two images (two column display style) in single slide with photoshop and export as a single slide image. Some people are making tree images in single slide (three column display style). You can adjust height of slide but width is fixed because of layout structure.

Second comment feedback is not possible. We are using same content for other sliders option ( skiitter and nivo slider) so it has more limitation to create inner page content.

Thank you :)

All is well – I decided to create a portfolio for each image used in the home slider and then link the home slider images to their respective portfolio post – just like you suggested, so at least I know I’m on the right track. :)

Thank you for the images files – big help!

Hi – the sortable portfolio doesn’t seem to be working correctly, unless of course I missed something somewhere in setting it up.

Here is the main Portfolio page: http://wish4art.com/portfolio/

The category titles appear as buttons at the top, but clicking on them doesn’t sort the portfolio items. Some of the buttons just refresh the page and some refresh the page but leave it blank with no items showing. Please help?


Hi tarynike,

Wordpress 3.6 is using jquery version 10.2 which has major changes in jquery functions and that’ why it is creating conflicts with old scripts so we replaced sortable portfolio with isotope jquery sortable plugin in updated version 1.06.

Please replace current theme with latest version 1.06 to fix the issue.

Thank you :)

Hmm – I updated the theme, and things still aren’t working right. Please see: http://wish4art.com/portfolio/.


Hi Taryn,

Please send your website admin login details from our profile page form so we can check and help to fix the issue asap.

Thank you :)

Hi Softwebmedia

To support modifications in Woo commerce plugin, I’m trying to set up a child theme for Pure Gift so I can add the changes to the function.php file in the child theme.

I’m having problems with the admin area in the child theme – it’s not saving properly. Does Pure Gift support a child theme?

Many thanks Kat


Another quick question – about the author image. I’d like to use a plugin to pull in the author image from the user back-end. I think this is being prevented by gravatar.com image.

Can I switch off the gravatar image so my image in the user-admin is picked up? I have used this method for other developments, my client doesn’t want to register with gravatar.

Many thanks


Hi Kat,

Please contact us via our profile page form so we can send you child theme file in reply email.

For second question, you can edit author image from two files..

content-single.php line #94 and content-author.php line #19

remove <? php echo get_avatar ... line and add admin image with html img code

Thank you :)

Does this theme have an auto update or you have always to upload the new version ?

Hi viennalimos,

You have to update this theme like other themeforest themes – delete current version and upload latest version.

Thank you :)

I think you should seriously think of making this theme Responsive at least for tablets in portrait mode because it looks terrible in portrait mode . i am sure your sales will rocket after that .


Thank you viennalimos for your feedback :)

We are waiting for final decision from themeforest team for new standards – more info here

As per new rules – we can’t add shortcodes, custom post types (like portfolio, testimonilas, faq, sliders etc. ), widgets like flickr etc. in the theme – but include all these as a plugin. This is very big change and we don’t want to do anything after final feedback or standard rules by themeforest.


Is it possible to have different image galleries (medium 3 column)? Every time I insert a new gallery it takes the old images also if I add a new image to an existing gallery I can not reorder them. Thank you

Hi mf1356,

This is possible but it requires different shortcode script. Please contact us via our profile page form so we can send you new gallery shortcode.

Thank you :)

Hi mf1356,

Latest version 1.07 has this option – display multiple galleries in single page. Download and just replace “shortcodes” folder in your live website


Thank you :)


I’m using the child theme folders to support the Woo mods that are being built, but have noticed it seems to be stopping the SWM widget testimonial from sliding (when the Number of Testimonials to Display: left blank) Instead it displays them all in a long line down the sidebar.

I’ve had to select the Number of Testimonials to Display: 1 to prevent this.

Do have any idea why it’s doing this. When I revert back to the original theme it is working perfectly?

Kind regards



Please ignore my above question.

I have figured out that the problems are nothing to do with your excellent child theme but in fact the developers I have employed to do the Woo fixes!

I’m hoping they will fix it soon and sorry to have bothered you.

It’s good to see that you are still supporting and updating this fantastic theme.

Also to let you know the SEO was pretty much instant in google for my client, with a very quick (that I have never seen before) structured data mark up.

I will be purchasing more themes from you guys – thank you.


Thank you Kat for your very positive feedback :)