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Please, ignore the previous messages. I solved it! Thank you. Great template!


I need accentuation to work! I try to put the word: ação and it appears as “ao”. =/

Help me! Sent an email to you.


Hey guys, can you give me an approximate time frame on when the WP version of this theme will be ready? Thank you

Hello Tom Biber,

Approx time frame for PureGift wordpress version is 15 to 20th June, 2012.

Thank you :)

Hi! Congratulations for this theme! It’s a very nice one. I’m very happy to find that the WP version is coming soon! I can’t wait to buy it!

Hi chioibasu,

Thank you for your positive feedback and interest in wordpress version of this theme :)

“Pure Gift” Wordpress Theme

Hello Friends,

“Pure Gift” wordpress version is live on :)

You can view more details from this page :

Thank you :)

Hi, I have some problems with sliders. If the css style file is not the default’s one, sliders doesn’t work correctly. This happen with s3-sliders.

Csan you help me?

Hi, I have found what’s wrong. The problem is the img header-top.jpg. Only in black skin it is correct. Ok, I’m a web designer, so I easily corrected it. Bye and good work! This is a beautiful template!

Hi Alegogh,

Thank you for purchasing the theme and your feedback regarding header image :)

In latest version 2.02 of this theme, we fixed header-top.jpg issue in all skins by removing first slide top part image. We also added Skitter slider in this version.

Hello Softwebmedia, I have a little issue with special characters like euro (€) in headers like h1, they don’t appear. I tried instead the dollar character and it appear. I’m european, so I need euro character. Can you help me please?

PS: continue to make good themes like this, I really like the header of the template and its footer, I feel they add value to the template. Very good!


Hello alegogh,

Thank you for purchasing the theme and your positive feedback :)

All headings have cufon font script and cufon font does not support some special characters like euro symbol so you have to disable cufon font from

Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > Fonts > Cufon Font (checkbox)

What a pity! Ok, thanks for your answer.


Thank you for this realy great template and design! Have a nice Day :-)

Regards, Ralf

Thank you Ralf for purchasing the theme and your best compliments :)

I bought it, it looks nice, but I thought it to be responsive but it’s not. Any idea if you are planning for that.

Thank you Vikas for purchasing the theme :)

In recent future, there is no plan to make it responsive because this theme has high graphic which is complex to make in small resolution.

top template.. shame its not responsive, only thing stopping from buying! :-(

hi sir top template but when i try to change menu items to Arabic language its not appear my text ! i hope to help me ,my site in RTL direction and Arabic language Very Thanks Sir

Hi ALRaMaDy,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

Cufon font doesn’t support Arabic language, so you have to disable it and enable google font from Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > Fonts > Cufont Font

i need change to all fonts to Tahoma :(

Hi ALRaMaDy,

In style.css, shortcodes.css ..replace font name- “lora” and “arial” to “tahoma” to display all content to tahoma font.

Hi, I noticed your description says: Working Ajax contact form with security CAPTCHA image, but I do not see the Captcha on the demo. Will there be one on the download if I purchase this template?

Hi ppollice,

It looks you are looking wordpress version of the theme. CAPTCHA image is already in demo site (contact form – above Submit button ) :

Thank you :)

I really want to use the s3 slider because I like how the captions drop down to each side, however there is no next or previous buttons on the slider or even dots to mark the slides. Is this at all possible to accomplish with this slider?

Hi ppollice,

S3 slider plugin is not updated with any new feature by plugin author. We are also waiting for this features, if we see anything updated then we will update it. For now, if you have good skill of jquery framework then you can add it with some free scripts.

Thank you :)

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On mobile devices, all bad.

Hi awebcom,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

This theme has “fixed” (non-responsive) width layout and made for desktop resolution. So it will not display like responsive layout in mobile devices.

Hi, Thank you for this template, it’s very beautifull .. I have question.. on demo version we can change the colour of the theme, with small panel. I didn’t find the same way to change colour.. can explain me, how do I make to change colour theme easily ?

OK, I found in the import-skin css page, to change the colour theme.. but I prefere the small panel (of colour ) to change the theme…. do you have this panel of colour?

Hi 8deep8,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

Demo site color panel is only for demo purpose and it is not included with the main downloaded theme file. You can use any free source style sheet switcher like this page.

hello, before the “Pure Gift – Business & Portfolio HTML Theme” bought. For these interfaces “responsive” version available? I would like to have. What happens fee ($ =?). I’m waiting for a message from you

Hello hayrisen,

Current theme doesn’t has responsive feature. We suggest you to hire good developer from envato studio or any good freelance website to make it responsive because in recent future there is no plan to make it responsive.

Thank you :)