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Nice design & graphics! Good luck with sales!

Thank you IulianN for your compliments :)

Very nice, Love it! Nice clean design, love the buttons and the dropdown menu, very elegant and corporate! :)

Thank you RubyLu for your best compliments :)

Pretty cool….The style really reminds me of ThemeFuse. It’s quite nice.

Thank you WPExplorer for your compliments :)

Very nice! Will we see a WP soon?

Thank you Roway13 for your feedback :)

It will take some time to make wordpress version of this theme because we want to add one more html theme and then we will start to convert all html themes in to wordpress.

Beautiful theme with love to details! Great!

Thank you Fireform for your compliments :)

Theme Updates : Version 1.01

Hello Friends,

Pure Gift theme is updated with lots of new features :)

What’s New :

  1. Nivo Slider
  2. S3 Slider
  3. Pricing Tables with 3 to 6 columns and Comparison Table
  4. Testimonials page
  5. Services Page
  6. Error 404 page
  7. Blog Style 2 page
  8. Blog Home page
  9. Easy Column page
  10. Popup Login
  11. Order and Unordered Lists
  12. Liquid, Rounded Corner Buttons
  13. Tooltips
  14. Pull and Block Quotes
  15. Information Pages
  16. Dropcaps
  17. Text Highlighting
  18. Left Sidebar

Thank you :)

Hi Softwebmedia

You don’t have the wordpress version of this theme, do you ?

Hello Cutest,

It will take some time to make wordpress version of this theme because we want to add one more html theme and then we will start to convert all html themes in to wordpress.

Thank you :)

Hello Dude.. Your Template is just Awesome.. and i would like to ask which editor should i use to edit it.. and how can i add more blog posts..

Hello Aayushkheterpal,

You can use any good editor like dreamweaver or notepad++ for edit theme files. Pure Gift theme is html/css theme so for adding posts you have to integrate it with wordpress files.

Thank you :)

Thanks for the fast reply.. I used Dreamweaver Cs5.5 but some content i cannot see like the ‘recent work rotation’ images and few other content too.. and i hope you’ll give some solution to this. and may i know which program u use to make these themes..

Hello Aayushkheterpal,

Please login from account which you purchased this theme and then send theme support messages so we can help you for recent work rotation content.

Thank you :)

I hope I don’t sound stupid asking this… please realize I’m not a “developer” or “designer” BUT is it possible to use this template without jquery? What specific aspects of the template use jquery?

Just wondering… because I’m trying to implement the template in a website and am being told that because of the jquery it would cost me triple to implement it into my current site.

Please let me know, I LOVE this template and would love to use it.


Hello xena4635,

In this theme we used jQuery for fadein fadeout effect on top bar, top dropdown menu, header sliders, footer testimonials and recent work rotation, image light box, hover zoom/details icon animation, popup login, tooltips,, hide info boxes, flickr photos widget, tag and toggles, sortable gallery, contact form,twitter widget, step orderlist, go top scroll etc.

You can use this theme without jQuery but above all features will not work, it will be simple html/css theme.

Thank you :)

I have purchased this template not paying attention that it is not a wordpress compatible. I got so excited that this template was what i was looking for for my website. is there a way i can get a refund for this. Thanks

Hello vmatevski,

Please contact themeforest support team for refund, we hope you get your money back.

Thank you :)

great overall theme and design. I’m not a programmer so my only concern was the contact form. How do i add more input field / select options drop down and especially a CAPTCHA to avoid being spam.

I’m not too worry about the field, but I would like the captcha options added like :

are you human? 3+1 = ? etc.


Hello laguna999,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

We are working on additional skins of this theme so after two updates we will add contact form with more fields and captcha. Please wait for few days for this update.

Hello , really really impressed by this template… It’s a wow kinda design…. Searched for creative templates in themeforest for past two hours and settled down here ;) Goin to purchase this template in few min… Best of luck wid sales… :)

Purchased…. Rock in sales…..

Thank you Vincrixfo for purchasing the theme and your best compliments :)

I don’t understand something else…please don’t laugh at my ignorance..but if this template is showing the use of a “blog”... yet there is no wordpress theme using this template… how/why is a blog being used in this demo?

It even has links to Wordpress in the demo blogroll…. so how does one use the template to incorporate their blog so it functions like the demo?

I’m lost…

Hello xena4635,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

Pure Gift theme is static html/css theme which you can use as it is or integrate with any good CMS like wordpress, whmcs, os commerce etc. If you want to integrate it with wordpress then you will need ready blog category and blog single page coding which you can copy from theme’s blog section.

It will take some times to make and upload wordpress version of this theme in the themeforest wordpress section.

If you are familier with basic php and wordpress files then you can easily integrate it with wordpress.

You can refer net.tutsplus for further guidance :

Thank you :)

Let us know when a wordpress version is available!! very clean design. love your work =)

Thank you Chrishowell for your compliments :-)

It will take some time to make wordpress version of this theme because we want to add one more html theme and then we will start to convert all html themes in to wordpress.

Thanks for template.

How can i use Russian cyr font in menu?

“Lora” – is’t shown:(

Hello Xansen,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

Please send same message from our profile page form ( ) so in reply mail we can send you compatible cufon font javascript.

Softwebmedia, Thanks for quick reply. I’ve send message with my problem from your profile page form.

Theme Updates : Version 2.00

Hello Friends,

Pure Gift theme is updated with new 21 skins :)

Here is the skin names :

  1. Black (default)
  2. Apple Green
  3. Blue
  4. Bluish Gray
  5. Brown
  6. Brownish Gray
  7. Dark Blue
  8. Dark Olive
  9. Dark Rose
  10. Deep Brown
  11. Orange
  12. Persian Blue
  13. Rasp Berry
  14. Red
  15. Rust
  16. ambuca
  17. Sanguan
  18. Teal
  19. Tiber
  20. Turquoise
  21. Verdun Green
  22. Wood Bark

Thank you :)

can it play flv videos?

Hello traxguard,

prettyPhoto does not support flv video, you can view more details from this page :

Thank you :)

Theme Updates : Version 2.01

Hello Friends,

We added security CAPTCHA image in contact us page form.

Preview site URL :

Thank you :)


Today I purchased this template.

I am trying to set the background image for this template as follows in the body tag

It did not work , Could you tell me any css files that need to be modified with changes please.

Thanks Mahindra

Hello Mahindra,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

You have to edit theme’s skin css file, please refer help file topic #5 change skin color which has details for skin css files.