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Is it possible to have the navigation menu visible at all times? Please do advise and if there are similar topics posted in the forum, please do let me know as well.

Thank you in advance.

the demos doesn’t work The server at can’t be found, because the DNS lookup failed. DNS is the network service that translates a website’s name to its Internet address. This error is most often caused by having no connection to the Internet or a misconfigured network. It can also be caused by an unresponsive DNS server or a firewall preventing Google Chrome from accessing the network.

Hello, rel100!

Our demo site works. May be you have problem with updating of DNS on your provider. Try open our site via proxy or use DNS of Google address in configuration of your network.

Best regards, GoGetThemes team. 24/7 Customer Support –

Hey, I’m having an issue importing the demo site. A lot of images and media files failed to import. Any advice?

Hello, vimulros!

Please contact our support team on forum.

Best regards, GoGetThemes team, 24/7 Customer Support –

Hey, I want the best pictures to submit in Metro 6 mode, and when you click on one of the pictures, go into a gallery with all the pictures and move in a horizontal slide. it is possible? thank you!

Hello, gabrielbotezatu!

Yes, it’s possible. You should create target galleries as you like and after this make page with template Masonry/Grid gallery list. On page you need add your galleries and here you can set images.

Best regards, GoGetThemes team, 24/7 Customer Support –

Awsome Theme!

Where is buy Model Photo?

this first model photo,

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detail link please or search words please.

Hello, h9881008!

You can search for naked girl on

Best regards, GoGetThemes team, 24/7 Customer Support –

Hi, I want to build a website like with multiple short video sequences as a home page, showing different aspects of a video photography business. Do you have a template or model for this?

Hello, websupportguy!

Pay attantion to Parasponsive theme You will be able to use youtube/vimeo video for your portfolio. All our themes you can view by this link

Best regards, GoGetThemes team, 24/7 Customer Support –

we bought this theme, however unfortunately its Mobile Responsive behaviour is not working the way it should be. on screen resolution such as 1280px, it turns into mobile layout mode… any ideas why? is there a workaround, or is there anythign we need to change to fix this issue?

Hello, Denise!

Please contact us on our support forum and provide us with link to page where you have problem with responsiveness.

Best regards, GoGetThemes team, 24/7 Customer Support –

Hi Serzh, also I notice the new update version 1.2, how do I access that? Is it included with support? Many regards Denise

Denise, the last theme version you can upload from themeforest. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on our support forum.

Best regards, GoGetThemes team, 24/7 Customer Support –

Hi, Im planning to buy this template, buf first i would like to know how it hadles images on the back end. So is there a folder on the site where if i put the images than they will automatically show in the gallery? Or is there some more complicated workaround?

Hello, Sagitor!

No, there is not. All photos are uploaded to the Media library via WP Admin and stored on special folder, which you can open via FTP. Then these photos can be uploaded to the photo gallery one by one.

Best regards, GoGetThemes team.

Hi GoGetThemes – firstly, thank you for an amazing theme! I have looked through many and decided on this due to the look and elements of the site that I know will wow potential customers! Secondly, I have an issue with the Gallery and Portfolio sections. If I edit an existing gallery or portfolio, then I don’t have a problem, however, should I add a new one to either section, then it is not showing up in the main site after I publish it. I have followed the instructions (I hope) and checked that everything is filled in as it should be, however I still am unable to understand why the gallery or portfolio I create doesn’t show up? Do I need it to have a certain tag at all? I have tried this by copying all information in an existing gallery that does show in the gallery, but the new gallery I create still is not visible. Help – I am slowly going mad and I am sure it is just a simple fix. Thank you in advance.

Hello, RikkiRok! I think, when you created galleries, you don’t added these galleries into your page. You need edit your page where galleries published and add new galleries. If this not help you, please, contact us via support forum.

Best regards, GoGetThemes team, 24/7 Customer Support –

Hey – thank you for the very fast reply – I have tried registering but not had the confirmation email just yet. I am working from the demo content and after your reply, saw that I indeed do need to add the gallery to the page! Thank you again – I will work on it now and ask again should I have any questions! :-) x

You are welcome! As for registering, please, write from you e-mail on and we’ll sent you info for access.

Best regards, GoGetThemes team, 24/7 Customer Support –

Hi, youtube link video on my template “Pure Photo” doesn’t work with android and iOS!!! I updated the last version downloaded by my account 2 hours ago, but nothing to do.

You can check here ->

Please it’s too important to resolve immediatly

Thank you

Hello, pcarlo82!
We’ll fix issue in the next update. Follow us on Themeforest. Please, register and contact us via our forum for quick assistance.
Best regards, GoGetThemes team, 24/7 Customer Support –

I work with video player. I can’t show my jobs on mobile system. That fact make me lose money, every single day. I wrote you 1 month ago for this problem….... I pretend one solution immediatly.

Sorry for inconvenience. We are working on this issue and will send you fixed version of theme after new release will be ready.
Best regards, GoGetThemes team.

please i imported demo data pure.dummy-data.xml but when finish does not appear no page only blog page, even in menu settings it appears only blog page. Can you please help me here is the link thank you

Hello, blacknail75! You should set Static page via menu Settings -> Reading.
Please be so kind and contact us on our Support Forum ( ). It is the best place to solve different questions related with template.
BR, GoGetThemes Team.

I am coming back to this theme. My support has expired but when I download and import it to wordpress, it says there is an error importing the .xml file. The file DOES upload but when I open my website, everything says ERROR PAGE NOT FOUND. As well if I open the pure.dummy.xml file itself, it says “This page contains the following errors:

error on line 2395 at column 28: Input is not proper UTF-8, indicate encoding ! Bytes: 0×00 0×22 0×3B 0×7D Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.” Therefore, I am unable to even use this theme. Could you please clear this up for me?

Hello, ajlounphotography! Our dummy content works fine. Please check the documentation to the theme. You will find detailed instruction there about theme installation and import demo data, If you have not any success, please extend your support and refer to us on our support forum .
Best regards, GoGetTheams Team.

Good afternoon, gives error when trying to access the support does not reach the verification email. I would try to solve the slow theme, and contact form can not change the data (telephone and email). To experiencing a problem with ghost links also delete gallery items and they continue. Please help me

Hello, Wladmidia! Did you check spam? By the way, I have already sent the new credentials for you. Please check your mail box.
Be so kind and contact us on our Support Forum ( It is the best place to solve different questions related with template.
Best regards, GoGetTheams Team.

Hi, I finally got around to using this theme, although it took some time to figure out, I really like the look of the metro landing page and clean gallery pages!

Just a few questions:

Can you recommend some plugins for caching/speed boost that are compatible with this theme to help the grid gallery page load faster?

Where does the information typed into photo-galleries go? How can I post information about ALL the images in the gallery? I know “excerpt” will be displayed on the grid page (but there is too much text to go there). I’m talking about when I create a gallery there is the “General” setting for display type (thumbs/masonry) and “Gallery Items” (images) then below that is the usual WP compose box but anything I type in there is not displayed anywhere. How can I tell visitors info about each gallery?

*Last, how can I have the website tagline displayed to the right of the logo? and have the menu expanded on the homepage? My old theme had the option of choosing ‘expanded’ or ‘collapsed’

Thanks for a great theme!

Hello, orionspants!
Please be so kind and contact us on our Support Forum ( ). It is the best place to solve different questions related with template.
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Customer Support –
(Monday-Friday 9AM- 6PM (UTC +03:00).

Hi There. I have posted a comment in your support forum last week, but it appears your page has been hacked. (

Hello, AngelaStefanoff!
We are solving this problem now.
Also your question on forum was answered earlier.
Best regards, GoGetThemes team.

The problem with forum was fixed. Feel free to contact us!
Best regards, GoGetThemes team,
Customer Support –
(Monday-Friday 9AM- 6PM (UTC +03:00).

Hello .. a pre-sales question .. is it possible to add the sharing icons for each single photo?

Unfortunately, it isn’t something that’s currently possible, but I’ll go ahead and add it to the official request list so it can get reviewed for a future update by our development team.
Best regards, GoGetThemes team

Ok. hope that it will be added because the sharing step is a key-feature (for me) cheers for the attention. hope to get news about it soon. cheers

Yes, you are right, it is key-feature for photo theme generally!
Have a nice day!

Best regards, GoGetThemes team

Pre-sale hello, this theme can be a marketplace photography with diferent photographers submission? Regards

Hello, ednilson! I think it can be, but it will require additional functionality. WooCommerce which comes with theme can be used only for one seller. It seems that WooCommerce Vendors can help to turn your store into a multi-vendor marketplace.
Best regards, GoGetThemes team

Pre Purchase Question,

The canvas that covers the slideshow, can it be removed ? And Can i make the Nav bar and Social Icon to stick ?

Hello, andercorptech!
Yes, the overlay pattern can be removed in page editor. You can find tips on support forum devoted to menu (we have topic like “how to make menu always visible”). Issue with social icons can be solved with several lines of custom css code, because theme does not have such settings in theme options (our support team will help you with css).
We’ll be happy to see you among our customers!
Best regards, GoGetThemes team


I downloaded the WP plugin. It’s a very good plugin and I very like it, but there are two error messages that keep you from seeing two things.

It is installed to all, but we can not display the required effect.

Hello, tsh_photo!
Please be so kind and contact us via our ticket system ( It is the best place to solve different questions related with theme.
Best regards, GoGetThemes team,
Customer Support –
(Monday-Friday 9AM- 6PM (UTC +03:00).