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Wow, this is very nice.

Please, let me know if you make an html version of this, i’ll be more then please to buy it.


Thanks Claude, yes HTML version is coming :)

html theme pls

Last two pages are very similar :)

Thx, great theme! What about html?

HTML is coming but it will take some time because I want to make it responsive and perfect :)

Thank you ajoudanian :)

Awesome layout BT, glws mate!

Thank you :)

Very nice, will you make it a WP theme ?

Thank you delweb, Yes will be but not so fast

great work.

but looking for a HTML version.

Thank you, at a time will also be HTML version :)

Great work, Please when are you releasing the html version?

wooowww .. looks great.

please give me info if you have a html version :)

Thank you hieger, I’ll let you know when it will release html version.

Great clean theme. It’s a first time since a long time, when I’m real speachless. HTML version will be my!

Thank you d0m1n1k. I really appreciate this :)

When the HTML version please ? 1 week ?

Yes something like that, about 7 – 10 days. Thank you

Hey Sorry for my bad english but i have some questions… :) 1.)So we need a wp site where people can upload their home (with/without registration) and others can buy it. We don’t want to upload evry hause one by one. I saw a “Selling Offers” button… It’s that or something else? 2.) We want to change the language from English to Hungarian. Is it possible? 3.) It looks great and is very cheap! Where’s the failure? :D Thanks!

Hi Xour,

Is not a problem with your english so do not worry :). And now to answer at your questions:

1. No I made this template that can be used by an administrator how will post offers, or every user to post your home / apartment / etc. Every buyer decide how to be according to the needs.

2. Yes it is possible, you can change everything in this template :)

3. There is no failure, so are the prices. I want to offer quality and every person dealing with this area can find in this template exactly what it wants .

I hope I could help and thank you for your questions and your time :)

Hi again, can’t wait to see your html version, can expect to see it in what 2 or 3 days ?

Kind regards


Hi Claude, Yes something like that :)

Thank you

Great theme, wait to html version.


Thank you very much.

Finally a real estate template that is done well… looking forward to the wp version.

Thank you :)


how do i upload it please, its my first time buying a theme