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Hi, there’s a problem with images on the gallery on mobile devices. On my windows phone (8.1) and my surface RT the images won’t load, and on iOS and Android images load at a reasonable width but the full image height so appear ridiculously stretched vertically. I assumed it was something that I had broken but it’s the same with the demo page. Please could you help. Thanks.

I’ll try on an iPhone again this evening. I’ve been told it’s still not workingproperly on a mac though, but I don’t have one to try on. How could I fix that please. Also I changed the nav colour and the background colour but changing the background colour only changed it half way down the page, then it goes back to white. Which file should I be editing?

(Ignore the bit abut the background, sorted sorry)

Works fine on my iPhone, iMac & MacBook Pro

Hi, I have the gallery pages set-up but can’t seem to get them to show up on page :Gallery of Work” Can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thanks Linda

I’ve followed instructions on how to set up gallery and they are not showing up.

Have you added items to the custom post type Menu item ‘Gallery’? Have you assigned the page template ‘Gallery’ to the page you want as the gallery?

Type appears at the bottom of the Gallery post that says: “Sorry, comments are closed are this post.”

How can I remove that or at least correct the sentence.


Remove comments from the custom post type.

Do you know if there is still a function on Wordpress to install this theme? I can’t find how to do it, and I don’t want to have bought something I can’t use.

Sorry to keep bugging you about this. I read what the wordpress site says as well, but I don’t see anywhere that says “Add New.” Do you know whereabouts it is on the site? Thank you.

Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload > Browse. Find the file and upload. Activate.

Where is the Add New button?

Hello, is there an easy way to embed a Captcha to the Contact form? I tried it with some plug ins, unfortuately no one works so far. Is there a Plugin that has been tested from your side and is working fine? Thanks for the help, Peter

GREAT Thanks – you safed me a least 10 hrs of research!!! – Great Support

No problem.


dyd Purchased

Wow, wow. Great work! More or less exactly what I’ve been looking for, and I’ve been looking a long time. I’m still a bit new to WordPress though, and have a few questions:
  1. Do you have plans to update for WordPress 4.0?
  2. Does the theme support infinite scroll?
  3. Is it compatible with Disqus/LiveFyre?
  4. In the demo, each article post on the homepage has a ‘read the full article’ button. Is it possible to display full posts instead? (I’m intending to have mainly text-only posts). Cheers!

Just upgraded the demo to WP 4.1, works perfectly.


dyd Purchased

Thanks! Will be purchasing once I sort new hosting out.

No problem.

Hey, all my post text has started being centered. I tried disabling all my posts and creating a new clean one but it suffers the same issue. Any ideas?

It was always centered, that’s how the theme was built. If you don’t want it like that you’ll need to modify assets/css/application.css

Find .post and change the text-align: center; to text-align: left;

Ah ok cool. It’s just the behaviour is different on the main page versus the indivudual posts, is centred text, While is left aligned text. I’ll try that fix tmrw and see how it behaves. Thanks for the fast reply!

Yeah single posts are left aligned and so are pages, only the blog index is centered as part of the design.