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The theme looks great and is easy to use!

Just a quick question regarding the subscribe form, where does the information go once it is entered? It seems to reload the original page but doesn’t confirm the information has been accepted and i can’t find where is has been stored.

Thanks for your help.


Please let me know if the images we can see in the banner are in the files you provide?


no support for this item?

To open a support ticket please send the URL of your site and explain the issue you are having in as much detail as possible via the contact form on my profile page here: http://codecanyon.net/user/TylerQuinn

A ticket will be opened for you automatically, please also include any relevant information as the more detail you send the easier and faster the support process will go. While we do our best to get back to everyone as soon as possible, please keep time zones and holidays in mind, and give a day or two for your ticket to get a proper response.

Thank You!

Thanks Tyler but i don’t need a to open a ticket i’m interested to buy your template and i just have a question: “Please let me know if the images we can see in the banner are in the files you provide?”

Everything you see in the demo comes with the template.

Hello, thanks for the theme. looks lovely. I have one problem… The fancybox overlay doesn’t work for me. not in chrome/firefox, it just goes directly to the jpeg file… the same happens on the demo site… any ideas how to fix this?

Hmmmm will take a look, this seems to be something new as no one has mentioned it before and I know it was working when the demo went live. I will have to see if any changes were made thanks for pointing this out!

The fancybox plugin doesn’t work, i sent you a message through your site including my purchase id code, and after 3 days i don’t get a reply.

I need an urgent solution to this, so probably will implement another lightbox plugin.


Hey! Thanks for purchasing a Tyler.TC item, I truly appreciate it! Support for all our plugins and products is conducted through the Tyler.TC Support Forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there a support team member will get to your topic as soon as possible (keep in mind time zones and holidays.) You will need your purchase code and as much info as possible please!

Keep in mind when making a topic you can mark the topic as private so your sites URL, and commonly required information such as wp-admin login details / temp accounts will only be seen by the support team member.

Support Forums | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

Which font was use for the logo?

Not sure! Sorry :(