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It’s Fresh! Good Luck!

truly nice :) good job!

Cheers) :-)


Love it! Nice design. I love my/your theme. WHen for a WP 3 .0 update?

Thanks. It does support WP 3 and no issues so far.

However, the 100% native support for the new WP release will be added a bit later along with some additional functions/options.


I purchased your template and must say it looks great.

I’m having some problems though.

Firstly, the category links (in the sidebar widget) don’t work. (Don’t know if this is a problem with WordPress rather than the theme).

Secondly, when I click on a post on the front page it doesn’t take me to a single view of that post, instead it takes me to a category view of all the items in that category, once again this might be a problem with WordPress rather then the theme.

I have coding knowledge so if fix requires coding that’s fine.

Thank you.

Hi Thank you for the purchase. Well, your problems look very strange)

Send me a private message with a link to your website. I will have a look. Thank you

Hi inatmo,

It appears that it was infact a problem with WordPress Permalink’s that was causing a conflict with category links. So luckily it was nothing to do with your great theme.

Thank you very much for your swift reply though.

Hi, I purchased your template but I’ve a problem with slides.

I have the wp 3… look

can you help me?

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Hi Thank you for the purchase. Did you set up a post images like described in the documentation? It seems to me you didn’t. If you have problems with that send me a private message and I will explain in details how to do that. Thanks

I bought this theme it wont let me download it.

Thank you for the purchase. I sent an e-mail to Themeforest support. Something wierd is hapening. Should be sorted out ASAP

I have installed your theme but i can’t get slide show images o show it shows captions pertaining to post you can click o n the post I added the custom fields they will not show.

Everything should be ok if you:

1. added custom field to mark post as a part of the slideshow 2. added custom field with the image

If you done that and still see nothing send me a link to your website and I will have a look. Thank you

inatmo, please forget my support mail regarding the slider – I did just sort out the problem.

A hint to everyone having problems with the slider: Ensure that the folder “cache” in the ”/purelight/scripts”-directory has 777 permissions, otherwise the graphic in the slider will not be shown!

No worries. Glad you’ve found that one. I think that is in the documentation. :) Cheers

This will sound really silly but I can’t find the documentation/info for setting up the header/slider thingy.


HI Thank you for the purchase. It’s in the “Adding images to the post” section. Drop me a message if you have any questions.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I was able to upload the theme to my wordpress site.

Could you please direct me to the documentation that contains the “Adding images to the post” section. Is it a PDF file?

Thanks again.

It is index.html in Docs folder. There are four folders in the archive. Docs is one of them.

Awesome. Thanks and cheers.

Am considering purchasing this theme for my first Wordpress project. I want to incorporate a shopping cart function for selling a few products. Would this theme be compatible with

Looking forward to your reply!

Well, wp e-commerce will work with any theme. Try it with default theme “twentyten” to get an idea how it will look.

But I would suggest to find a theme which was made for wp e-commerce. Especially if you have many goods to sell. Otherwise you will have to customize html/css a lot.


Nice theme!

Im a complete noob at Wordpress and themes. Just wondering can I add a small contact form, thumbnails of gallery pictures and a callender on the home page?


This theme has a wdigetized sidebar, so you will be able to place widgets. There are many widgets on the web. Just download and place it in the control panel. Thanks

Thanks for the info! :) Sure to be purchasing this one and goodstream in the next two weeks!

I’ve recently purchased, and am excited to start implementing this theme! I’ve just done a fresh install of WP 3 .0.1, and am trying to install the theme…. but it is stuck on “Unpacking the package…” It’s been giving me this message for over 45 minutes (my connection is fine, and my computer isn’t a POS )... I was wary, so I stopped it. and restarted it… it’s been over an hour at this point. Is there a better way to manually implement/install the theme on the server?


I’ve left it for another hour +, and it’s still “Unpacking the package…” is this commonplace?

Thank you for purchase. There are two options: 1. upload files on your server by ftp 2. install using zipped package.

I can’t tell you the exact problem as it probably depends on your server. Make sure you can unpack it on your desktop. Make sure the archive is not currupted.

Finally use ftp to upload files on your server.

Let me know if you have any problems.