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Great site!

Is there a way to increase the size of the logo area? My logo needs more height.


Thank you for your interest. Well it’s not so easy. The background is fixed, So you will need to make a new background – add more space at the top. And edit CSS files.

Chillin – I was able to easily give my logo more width, just had to edit a little bit of CSS as well.

Inatmo, – I’m currently having issues with the menu function. I want my footer menu to be a paired down menu (only 2-3 options). I have created two seperate menus named navigation and footer. When I select ‘navigation’ for the top menu, everything is excellent. Then I select ‘footer’ for the footer menu – and it displays the primary navigation menu in the footer… as well as the top menu.

Is this a theme issue, or a WP issue and/or are you familiar with any way to resolve it?

Try to create all three menus with exact names. You may find info about these names in documentation. It should work fine if you follow the procedure. If you still have any issues send me a message and I will have a look. Thank you

Inatmo -

Thank you. Simple fix… must have missed it in the literature.

Hey, great theme! What kind of resizing options are available for the slider on the main page? I’m looking for something that can support photos that are a little more portrait oriented?

Thanks so much!

Unfortunately there are no size options at the moment. Will probably add them later, but can’t promise the exact date. Thanks

Great theme, very sharp looking and quite user-friendly so far.

One question though – does this theme support “More” tags in posts? From the summary/excerpt on the home page, readers can obviously click on the post title or image to view the full post, but I’d love to have a “(read more…)” type of link as well.

Thanks very much for any advice on how to make that happen!

Hi Thank you for purchase. Yes it does. You need to activate “Show full post on homepage” in settings page. Thus you will be able to use more tag Cheers

i am trying to display google adsense adunits in the info blocks but it won’t show them… what is the best solution to overcome this?

Well, the best way is to hardcode your google code. I’m not sure how you do that as info blocks are dynamic. Send me your blog URL in private message and I will have a look.

i hardcoded it and we’re fine… now i cant seem to find how to get the posts on each page display more than 230 – 240 chars… each post has only 2 and 1/5 lines worth of text at most

where do i increase this ?

First option is to enable “Show full post” in options page and control post limit by <!-more-> tag. Another option is to edit functions.php. IF you choose second option send me a message and I’ll explain how to edit that one.

i dont understand what you mean when referencing <!more> tag ?

Hello inatmo,

First off, I love the simplicity of this theme. I was wondering if there was a way or code to change the placement of the categories on the home screen? For example, I would like for them underneath the slider.

Thank you. Welll ,indeed it is possible. But this will require CSS /HTML editing. This is not a built-in option.

Learning the theme, and I think it’s working out OK so far.

Just wondering- is there any way to add more buttons on the social page? I know I could get a widget and do all that, but yours is so clean and tidy. Ones that weren’t included in the download-I’m noticing Stumble Upon and Technocrati are missing, for instance.

Hey, if you make an “upgrades” or add-on pack (colors? more footer options? Leaderboard?), I’ll buy it.


Thank you. I will include more icons for sure.

How do I get the slider images to display? They aren’t showing up. The previews of the articles below aren’t showing up either on the homepage.

Thank you for your purchase. Send me a private message with a link to your website. I will have a look.

I also would like to add more space for the logo. I am not as savvy with editing css. Can you please provide detailed information on how to do so? I would greatly appreciate it. Please feel free to email me at

Thank you, thank you!!


Can anyone assist me with my request above? Im just looking to increase the logo area but am not a wiz at CSS . Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!

You may email me at


What you need to do is to edit two images: bg.png and main_bg_small.jpg Let’s say you add 50 pixels just below the black nav line. Then you need to adjust CSS in style.css Just add that 50 pixels to body.home div#header – so it will be padding-top: 129px and div#header height 150px. Then you may adjust h1#logo and h1#logo a – height in style.css from 78px to 128px. Hope this helps.

I’m afraid I’m horridly clueless. I’ve downloaded the theme but haven’t the slightest idea what to do next! Is there a guide somewhere on the internet that you can direct me to which will tell me how to put this onto my Wordpress account?


Hi Thank you for your purchase. If you mean your wordpress account on – I would say that is impossible. Unfortunately, they do not allow to use custom themes as far as I know.

If you mean an installation on your hosting – there is a guide about how to install this theme in the documentation file.

Thank you

Can you tell me why “Custom Fields” is not appearing in >Edit>Posts @

Should I re-install the theme or it disabled somewhere? I sent you a private message with login details…

Great thank you! Also, is there are way to have INFO BLOCK without having it be a post below as well?

Basically, can I designate the content to only be in the info block and not appear as a post as well?

I figured it out - thank you for providing such SPECIFIC documentation. Great theme : )

No worries. Good luck.

Great design, but I have some advice for your PHP implementation. Don’t use short open tags. You’ll find that wordpress doesn’t use them, and when servers have them turned off, things break horribly and it takes just as much time to read and fix your code as it does to create a new theme of my own.

There’s also an annoying process error. When you chose a Black theme color and save, the dropdown option defaults back to Green.

Thank you for your purchase and suggestion.

Hey, can you tell me how to hide the Categories in the sidebar (under Widgets) so that it does not show HIDDEN or UNCATEGORIZED ?


Hi Thank you for your purchase. 1. You can use menu widget to control which categories to show. 2. You can use WP plugins which hide certain categories. There are plenty of such plugins around. This one for example: Cheers

Hi! Great theme. It was bought by my wife, using her account.

The feature of hidden categories works fine, but only if you have all your posts listed in the home page. If your home page is a static page and your post are being shown elsewhere, so the hidden categories doesn’t work. The same applies to recent topics.

Are there any plans to address this issue? Is this an issue?

Thank you very much!


Hi. Thank for your purchase and for letting me know. It was meant to work on the homepage and if you list posts there.

You may use wp plugin which hide categories as well. Just search WP database of plugins. Thank you

Thanks for your quick answer! I will surely do a search for a good plugin to hide categories!

Keep up the good work!


I tried 3 category plugins and they work fine, but when a category is hidden, the slider image is not showing up. If I return category visibility to true, then the image properly shows. Kinda disappointed with this behavior! :(

Send me a private message and explain in details what you want to achieve.

Hi, I just bought and installed this theme yesterday and I love it! I made a mistake, though, by installing it before editing the logo, and now I’m not sure how to change it. Also, is it possible to make the logo out of a different type of file, e.g. a JPEG or BMP one? I’m terrible with Photoshop, haha!

Hi Thank you for your purchase. Send me your website name and I will send you your ready-to-use logo.