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I’m helping a friend update his site after he purchased and installed this theme. The theme and options look great however we’re having a bit of problems getting the info blocks or slider to work correctly. The previous comments refer to documentation that gives details on how to set these items up. My friend didn’t remember any documentation when he purchased the theme and there is nothing (readme.htm type files) that I found looking through the theme’s folder structure. Is there documentation somewhere specific that gives instructions on the specifics of PureLight? The site where the theme is installed is

Thank you.

Thank you for your purchase. There is Docs folder in the root of the package. Run index.html to read documentation.

Is there a way to add “Next Post” and “Previous Post” links in the template without messing up the layout? I tried adding some code but it shifts the layout around and makes the theme look broken :-s

Hi Send me please a private message and I will point you in the right direction. As I understand that’s a single.php, correct?

Hi Inatmo

I just wanted to ask what is the ” silence is golden” inside the scripts folder in index.php.

I understand that is a php comment but why ?

Also I cant make the slider work. I added custom fields in the post:

name: slide value: yes and another below name:slideimage value: image url

And still does not work.

Hi thank you for the purchase. Try using relative URL for an image instead of absolute one. Check documentation.

As for silence is golden it’s just an index file which prevents browsing this folder. You may write your own stuff there)) It’s not visible though.

Thanks for your reply Inatmo. I tried to use relative URL but still does not work.

Send me a private message with your website url and admin login/pass. I will have a look.

My blog has been live for a while now and the theme works like a dream. Thanks. I know the spec says Wordpress 3, but do you know if I upgrade to WP 3 .1.3 that it will still function correctly? Many thanks

Hi. Thank you for your purchase. Sure it should work.

Hi there,

I have just installed the theme through wordpress however I am getting, ‘purelight-wordpress-theme Stylesheet is missing.’

Can you help

Thank you for the purchase. Make sure that theme files are not corrupted. Make sure that you have uploaded theme folder only. It is in the “Theme files” folder in the package. And make sure that you have a folder structure like this. Wordpress root folder-> wp-content -> themes -> purelight -> style.css

Thank you

Just to say, This is one of the best templates I have ever purchased for WordPress. I have been using it for about a year now and it has been excellent, it is incredibly easily customisable and useable for just about any website type, as I found out.

Big thank you to the developer for providing such an excellent template.

If anyone wants to see a “live” version of this template to see how customisable it really is then contact me and I’ll be more than happy to show you.

Thank you! Glad you liked it

. Nevermind

I would like to use this theme, but your demo is missing the primary navigation.


Another place to look at the demo?

Thanks for letting me know. Fixed.

Thanks for letting me know. Fixed.


Thanks for this theme but i can’t show the slideshow with custom fields on a clean install Wordpress 3.3.

Are you sure of the compatibility ?

Thanks for your answer.


Thank you for your purchase. In the right top corner you can see Screen Options button. Click it and enable Custom fields on the screen. Cheers

Hi…I like this theme a lot! Thanks for putting together a really good product! I have a question now that I’ve got my first post up.

Is there any way to increase the size between paragraphs. It seems just a tad too small, but adding another carriage return in between is too big.

If this is a CSS change or something, could you point me to the file I need to modify? Thanks!!

Thank you for your purchase and for the feedback. Please, check styles.css line 17. Change margin-bottom value.

Sorry…just came across another question. (otherwise I’d have put ‘em in the same box).

I switched some text to “Address” instead of “Paragraph”, and it shows up different in the Visual editor, but when the changes are applied, the text looks like normal paragraph text in the blog. Thanks!

Hi. We have purchased and use the “Purelight Wordpress Theme” template on website. How can we change the language of standard text into Russian? P.s. – text like “search / in / comments / reply” and other are needed to be Russified.

Thank you for your purchase. Please, send me a private message.

inatmo Already sent. Waiting for reply.

Still waiting for an answer


I cannot change the logo of the template (i.e. it still says “purelight” when I want it to say the name of my site.) How do I change this? I am very new to this so if you could please explain it to me like a 3 year old….


Hi, Thank you for your purchase. Make sure that you’re replacing the right image – purelight/images/logo.png. If you can’t fix it, just send me a private message with your website URL. I will have a look. Thanks

Hello, have purchased this template and wonder if it is possible to switch off the sidebar (whether left or right) and have it default to full width?

Do you have some coding we could pop in somewhere to make this work? I disabled the social block and had nothing in the widgets area, yet the template still allowed for a sidebar.

Thanks for any help you can give! Much appreciated :)

Hi, Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately you can not disable sidebar in this template. This will requires some CSS coding. Basically you will need to edit all template’ files and to get rid of the sidebar first, then you’ll need to modify CSS file in order to fix content width. Thanks

I cannot get my slideshow to work.. please advise on how to do this. I added the custom field.. slide with a value of yes and the field slideimage with the URL for the value and nothing happened. Please advise.

I also cannot get my dropdowns to work correctly.. there are two >> >> Please advise.

Hi, Thank you for your purchase. Please send me a private message with URL to your site (admin login/password if possible) and I will have a look.

Hi, can I know if this template currently works fine with wordpress 3.5 ?