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Beautiful work! GLWS! ;)

Awesome work, friend! Good Luck with Sale! ;)

thanks mate :)

I’m loving the theme, but during the building process I’m confused. How do I add images to replace your place holders. Like the main slider images and the images one the page and then those in the popup slideshow.

First you have to move the pattern overlay out of the way. Then you have to double click on the image and delete it. Now you can simple drag & drop you image inside the placeholder. Or you can click on the icon that appears on the right corner. Choose: add images.

Style thank you for the help. I do have one more question, the gallery, I haven’t seen one set up like this before. How do I add images to the thumbnails and then the large image. Once I have more than 8, how do I add more. Sorry to sound like a newbie here, but I’ve only be using Muse for about 6 months.

See my first reply. And to add more images you need to click on the + symbol next to the last red trigger box. Here is a screenshot: http://partyflyers.eu/preview/Add-Images.png A new red box will appear next to to it. you can then also add another big image.

StyleWish I purchased your Puremuse – One Page Muse Theme and I’m having problems add my own photos to portfolio page and I added photo the first page which the page transitions but the first page always show 1500×600 template in gray.

I think it automatically detects the language of you computer settings. I don’t think you can change this.

So your computer is set on German?

No my computer is in Dutch, but I installed muse in English. You can go to the Preferences menu and reselect the language of your choice. The Adobe Muse CC user interface will update automatically. Maybe this will reset everything

Thanks for the theme! It’s easy to use and the design is great.

Thank you so much for your appreciation! You can also rate the theme with stars on the download page :)

Thanks for the theme, Im having no problems adding my own images and everything is great except for the fact that where it says “puremuse” in the header on the left, I cant figure out how to edit it and if I try to cover it up with a rectangle and then put my text over it, when you scroll, my text and rectangle stays and the puremuse and the rest of the header scrolls down. see http://gunnerseher.businesscatalyst.com/index.html I uploaded it so you can see. “Gunner Seher – Freelance Designer” It goes away once you start to scroll? how do i edit the original “puremuse” or how do I make mine stay. Thanks!

This is strange it should be next to the footer checkbox. http://partyflyers.eu/preview/Pin.png Do you see it when you click on the navigation?

yes I found it and the issue is fixed, thank you very much for your patients! :)

no problem :) Would you like to rate the theme on the download page of themeforest? Thanks!

Same here…cant add my own images..and there is no + sign to add few more..I am stuck here for a couple of hours..

Did you read the step by step explanation in the documentation?

Awesome Great Work :)

thanks! :)

Thanks for the theme. I have noticed one issue in particular. After submitting the contact form from an iPhone, the page seems to lose it’s mobile format and reverts to full size. I tested on an Android device and there was no issue . Any ideas?

Hi! That’s strange. Seems like it’s a bug in Adobe Muse. Maybe there is a way around if you go to the contact form options panel and change the option “After sending” from “stay on current page” to “Phone, contact”. I hope this helps! would you like to rate the theme with stars on the Themeforest download page? -> http://themeforest.net/downloads

The download file is missing the CSS style sheet and will not upload. Help please!! -Abbey

Hi, you can find the CSS style elements inside index.css. Send me an email for a faster response: stylewish.studio@gmail.com

Is there an easy way to re-arrange the order in which the pages (anchors) appear? Meaning, I’d like for the “About” to come first followed by “Services”. Or do I just have to highlight, select, and move everything manually?


Is there an easy way to re-arrange the order in which the pages (anchors) appear? Meaning, I’d like for the “About” to come first followed by “Services”. Or do I just have to highlight, select, and move everything manually?


You can only do this be moving everything manually. Make sure to move the anchors as well and to rearrange the navigation.

How does this template handle videos on the portfolio page ?

You can simply replace the images with videos. Just remove the images and paste the embed code in the html widget.

Hello, I exported my site HTML uploaded it works great but says my site is in Dutch any idea what that is all about? When i tested the contact form i received the email in Dutch? I need this in english. Thanks

I tried what you suggested to an individual earlier. preference in muse is already set to English USA and still does not work.

Do you have any updates on your template maybe I can just use a new update and make sure its in english.

Hi, It’s already converted to English. Can you send me a email with screenshots of the dutch text and your .muse file? Here is my email: stylewish.studio@gmail.com