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very nice, visually appealing.

Is the layout a pure CSS layout or does it use HTML tables?

Many thanks


It’s all HTML tables with inline css.

I’ve tested it using Litmus across 28+ email programs and works beautifully.

You’ll be able to inspect the code once the live preview goes up, but I spent a long time on it to make sure it works on as many email clients as possible.



I like the simple and modern look of your item. :-)

Good luck with your first item on ThemeForest!

Thanks Stammi for the nice comment

Great item! Recommended!

Thanks Denoizzed. I appreciate the nice feedback.

great work…

Thanks AliA

just bought – exactly the look I wanted. I found it by searching for MailChimp – and info about how to use your theme in mailchimp?

Is very simple in MailChimp. Just create a custom template and paste the code from the template you want to use in the HTML code area.

I love this work, it works great in my mail tool. David’s support has been awesome with fast responses solving the issues I had with my mail tool. Really reccomend getting this, great author, superb design!

Thanks Electrotoad. I really appreciate the nice feedback. I’m really glad you like the templates and that I could help.

Let me know if you need any more help.

Hi! Love the idea, but I believe my customers want some pictures too. But I really like the cleaness. Can you do a version, similar to this, but with pictures? Please? Best Ola

Hi Ola, thanks for the nice feedback. However, unfortunately Themeforest won’t let me submit a new version with images as they said it wouldn’t be unique enough from other templates. You can however add images to this template with a little bit of code fairly easily. Thanks again.

I’ve already purchased this template.

Any chance you could update it to a mobile responsive design or offer that as a separate product?

Thanks for purchasing it YesCarCo. I’ve been considering doing a new version of the template for a while, but work commitments have meant I haven’t been able to yet. I will look into the options for mobile responsive design. One thing you can do with your current template is remove lines 13 and 14 from the code head section:

/The iPhone and iPad auto scales small fonts up to 12px. This bit of code makes text display as intended but means it is still scaleable./ div, p, a, li, td { -webkit-text-size-adjust:100%; }

As taking this out will mean that any font sizes below 12px on an iPhone will be scaled automatically to 12px

I am very interested in this template, but it seems a bit pricy to me. How can simple HTML with inline CSS be noticeably more expensive than other templates featuring visual design more complex than this?

The price is set by Themeforest, but I imagine it priced in the higher range because of the quality of the code and the large amount of templates you get. This template also looks the same across the various email browsers, whereas a lot of other email templates do not, which is very important to clients that want a consistent design to be seen by their intended end users.

nice job. good luck with sales.;