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Nice theme boy… good luck with sales….

Thanks nahid29

looks very nice mate….but in chrome i see lots of bugs regarding the logo and the menu bar… mozilla it works properly. may i ask you if the theme supports selfhosted videos mp4 & flv? regards


what kinds of bugs, I have Chrome too and it looks fine?


hi…..i will send u a screenshot in your email…..what is your email?

Looks very nice! Does the Realtime Tweets widget come with the theme?


it’s not a widget, I’m using a regular Text Widget and just paste the code that you can customize and generate from the Twitter website.

So for the demo site, I simply used a widget from the official twitter website, it’s very easy to customize the look & feel on the spot on their website. Then just copy and paste the js code into a text widget in my theme. Here’s the link:

You can choose different twitter goodies here:

now looks ok in chrome…..did u fix anything? regarding the mp4 & flv video formats? thank you in advance

no, I haven’t touched anything,

I find sometimes Chrome has very persistent cache

Whoa…this is kick-ass.

One question though….is there a way I can see the Page templates?

It says there are several, just no way to see them.

Thanks….and good luck with sales. This theme should make a killing….


thanks for you interest in the PureVISION theme.

All page templates are shown in the demo:

  • “Portfolio page 1 Column” template
  • “Portfolio page 2 Column” template
  • “Portfolio page 3 Column” template
  • “Portfolio page 4 Column” template
  • Blog page template
  • Contact page template
  • Full-width page template (no sidebar)
  • Sitemap page template
  • Default Template
  • Page Template 2
  • Page Template 3
  • Page Template 4
  • Archives

If you’re talking about the ‘Page Template 2’, ‘Page Template 3’ and ‘Page Template 4’, those are basically same as the default page templates. I provided them as additional option so that people can have different widgets in their sidebars also they can have different sidebar position (left or right) from each other.


Got it….searched thru the sitemap and saw that.


Thanks for the super fast response! Good luck with sales. This should do very well!

you didn’t answer to my question :) does the theme support selfhosted videos such as mp4 & flv format? regards Takis

Sorry, didn’t see your question!!

Well, the Piecemaker 2 does, regarding the actual theme, for example if you wanted to insert it into a page or a post, WordPress supports that naively, doesn’t it?? Or, there are plugins that allow you to tweak how you embed the video in your site.



This is a great theme. The images you are using in the slider in the demo, are these provided with the theme if I purchase?



no, those images were created specifically for the purpose of the demo site.

You have to understand that it could very expensive if I purchased distribution license for all the images I use in my demo. However, you can get your own images from image banks websites like, and others, they are usually pretty inexpensive with single license.


Thanks for the reply, I understand the cost implications of distributing images. I am still going to buy the theme!

Thanks again

Great! Thanks

Love this theme :)

Glad to hear that!! :)

Very nice work,

Can I have control of how many widgets to use in the footer?


yes you can, the widgets are dynamically re-sizable, meaning if you only have one then it spans the full width of the page, if you have two then they equally span 50% each of the width available, if you have none then the bottom area disappears completely.


very nice theme, thinking of purchasing it! great job!

Thanks, I think you’ll be pretty happy with it, it’s very easy to work with and fun… well, in my humble opinion of course.. ;)

I just by your theme and after installation when I try to activate theme a got this message:

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description PureVISION-WP-Theme Stylesheet is missing.

Please help!


Thanks for the purchase. Yes, I can help you with that, it seems you didn’t install the theme properly in the first place.

You were supposed to unzip the initial zip file you downloaded after purchase onto your hard drive and then inside you would find Documentation and another zip file called ‘’ which is the actual theme. The correct path on the server after you install the theme should be:


Here’s a video on how to install ThemeForest themes:


Great support Great theme Thanks !!!

awesome theme. One thing missing are the tabs!!!! Please add tabs if possible. I would love to purchase it if tabs are added.

Thanks. Keep up the good work.

OK, I think I know what you mean, I’ve seen them implemented with other themes.

Yes, that’s not going to be a problem, I can add it

But this might be a good feature to implement. I’m currently building a wish list, I’ll add the tabs to it, and I’ll roll it in with one of theme’s future updates.

do u know how soon in the future it’ll be added, as I wanted to use this theme for my companies website. And I have to have the tabs, otherwise too much content on a single page makes it too cluttered up. Anyways, I guess I’ll have to wait. Thanks for the quick reply.

I might have an update next week, but I cannot promise you to not disappoint you. However, it is very likely that I will include it.

Here’s another idea, if you need it that badly, why don’t you check, I’m sure there are plugins for WP for nice tabs, I recall vaguely using one for a client once, can’t remember what the plugin is called though.


Just purchased this theme – very nice! Is there a way to change the background image for home page and others? Thanks.


I’m not sure which image you’re referring to, please clarify.

The home page currently has background COLOR , not image.


I just posted instructions on how you can use an image as a background behind the slider and page Titles background at the FAQ :

This is truly an awesome theme! Everything I needed and them some! Great Job!

Thank you, glad you like it!! :)

Beautiful work. Love the images! ;) This theme is on my list for a recent client. Good luck with it.


Wow, Sorry – I just couldn’t let this go. This is by far one of the best put together themes I’ve come across. Great options and very user friendly. Very intuitive. Simple, flexible and quite elegant.

Great, great Work! this theme rocks.

Thank you so much for you comment. This is exactly how I would like people to feel about it!!

Sorry for not being specific on the background image. I have a large background image that I would like to cover the entire body. When I tried to add in the css where background color is defined, it didn’t show up. I’m new to this, so bear with me…

Also, which option changes the color for the headings in the bottom widget area on the home page..??

well, with this theme things are a bit more complicated if you decide to modify css related to the custom colors. Those css properties are overwritten by a custom_styles.php file located under styles/custom/

I wouldn’t recommend you to mess with this file because you might break the custom colors functionality.

The bottom widget area is the only area that you cannot change the color through the custom colors, for that you can do it through the style1/style.css file, no problems there.

Email me through my profile page with a link to your site I’ll have a look and tell you how you can add an image there.

I gave it some thought and I decided that I’m going to make the Bottom area also to be editable and update the theme in a few days, so that you can also change the background color, link, heading and text color as well for this section.

So, stay tuned, check in a few days so download the updated theme again.


I saw the custom styles .css and thought that might be what was happening. Still playing with the theme, am thinking I won’t need that large background image; if I need it will, i’ll contact you then.

Got it on the style1/style.css, can change font colors there… thanks; beautiful theme!